The ultimate in practical watches produced by the United States. Functional beauty that dwells in Ball Watch

Tough, accurate and unrivaled, and anyway, a rugged design. “Ball Watch” is a wristwatch brand that meets the requirements for a wristwatch that makes every man feel good. Let’s thoroughly verify its appeal. Functional and therefore sophisticated. “Ball Watch” is popular with adults who know the “real” of watches “Ball Watch” has been gaining popularity among watch lovers … Read more

Not just an update. Tissot’s modern PRX becomes a new innovation in Rugspo Quartz

“Luxury sports” has become one of the main categories of watches. The solid form of the seamless case and bracelet is also a familiar element. However, the new work released by the prestigious Swiss “Tissot” has thrown a stone into the “Ragspo” scene, which is maturing with overwhelming perfection. Its name is “Tissot PRX”. This work, which revives the … Read more

What is a digital watch that adults should have? 16 brands I would like to recommend now

Be active and light in your mind and outfit. A digital watch that updates your wrist functionally and freshly comes in handy in such a season. Pick up 16 brands that need attention! Adults also need an easy-to-use digital watch Watches are analog and mechanical. Surprisingly many adults think so. That value is important, but on the other hand, … Read more

12 popular Skagen watches. What is the charm of the pioneers of minimal watches?

“Skagen” introduced to Japan a slim and simple wristwatch unique to Scandinavian design. Introducing the charm and recommendations of brands that can easily enjoy minimalist designs from Denmark. A pioneer of minimalist watches. What is the unique charm of “Skagen”? A watch brand that was born in Denmark in 1989. That is “Skagen”. The brand name is derived from … Read more

An ant that comes into play from business to the outdoors. Gaze at the collaboration watch of Q & Q x The Suit Company

Now that watches are becoming more popular among adults than ever before, it is inevitable that we want to wear “good things”. If you are particular about the design, form, specifications, price, etc., the wristwatch is not sharp, but if it is easy to use and the price is modest, everyone will want to invite it … Read more

A feeling of the near future. Star Wars is a good match for the masterpiece Digiana Watch

The 80’s style is in the limelight as second-hand clothing fashion shows unprecedented excitement. The pop style that makes you feel the connection with music and technology is nostalgic and fresh, but as a timepiece that shines on your wrist, the nostalgic Digiana watch is also enthusiastic. At the core of this is the retro watch collection … Read more

Do you go that far? A Victorinox watch that fascinates adults with its overwhelming toughnes

  The Swiss brand “Victorinox” watches have an overwhelming toughness that sets them apart from the rest. Let’s review why watches were born from the same brand and how they have evolved. “Victorinox”, a Swiss brand male who has entered the wristwatch world The world-famous “Victorinox” is now rooted in the workshop. In 1884, Karl Elsner opened … Read more

Once again, Swatch. Get a popular model that shocked the watch industry

The symbol of fashion watches, “Swatch,” created an unprecedented boom around 1990. Innovative designs and values ​​are still fresh and arouse our desire for ownership. A brand called “Swatch” that stimulates the playfulness of adults In the 1970s, cheap and accurate quartz watches made in Japan became widespread, and the share of Swiss watches quickly … Read more

A new work that is a modern update of classic digital. Timex 80 is here

Watches, which give a glimpse of people and hobbies, play a more important role in coordination than other fashion items. Even if you keep silent, you speak eloquently about yourself, so it’s best to choose carefully. One of the brands that has watches that can express masculinity and sense is “Timex”, which has a history of … Read more

With a G-Shock analog clock, you’ll always be happy whether it’s on or off.

With a G-Shock analog clock, you’ll always be happy whether it’s on or off. “G-SHOCK” has built up the concept of toughness in wristwatches and now has fans all over the world. The image of a digital clock is strong, but in fact, there are many masterpieces that attract adults even in the analog type. The … Read more