12 popular Skagen watches. What is the charm of the pioneers of minimal watches?

“Skagen” introduced to Japan a slim and simple wristwatch unique to Scandinavian design. Introducing the charm and recommendations of brands that can easily enjoy minimalist designs from Denmark.

A pioneer of minimalist watches. What is the unique charm of “Skagen”?

A watch brand that was born in Denmark in 1989. That is “Skagen”. The brand name is derived from the port town located in the northernmost part of Denmark, and develops a collection inspired by the area. Underlying this is a commitment to quality and functional beauty that eliminates waste.

Functional and rational. The style of “Skagen” is very simple, and it seems to symbolize “less is more” which is the basis of Danish design. The attitude of pursuing rationality creates high visibility and ease of use, which is why it blends into everyday life. And the mild curves, inspired by the coastline called Grenen in the town of Skagen, give a hint of warmth and bring sophistication to your wrist.

The reason why “Skagen” is loved in more than 80 countries around the world is largely due to the craftsmanship that supports the design, in addition to its exceptional looks. The 233 series, which debuted in 1992, surprised many watch lovers with its precise time-keeping internal structure in an ultra-thin case. The series, which has been stripped of waste and has functionality, became the origin of Scandinavian watches and still reigns as a masterpiece of “Skagen”.

The ideal fusion of design and function brings many benefits to everyday life, sometimes as a tool and sometimes as an accessory. Various color variations, utilization of various materials, and now smart watches are also in the lineup. Although it is a masterpiece that brings together all the thoughts, traditions, and modern atmosphere, the price range is very reasonable. That’s also the reason everyone picks it up.

From classic to latest work. 12 popular watches from “Skagen”

You will surely understand the reason why “Skagen” is loved all over the world. In the history of the brand for about 30 years, many models have been born and brought a lot of joy. A comprehensive list of 12 carefully selected works, including representative models and the latest models that should be noted now.

Item 1

Grenen T233XLTMN

“Grenen” is a brand symbolic existence that houses the mechanism of a wristwatch in an ultra-thin case. Created with the theme of Danish nature, the deep blue dial and titanium-made jet-black body that are inhaled implicitly convey modernity and masculinity.

Item 2

Grenen Slim SKW6461

The image source is the coastline that draws the gentle curve of Cape Grenen, which is located at the northernmost tip of Denmark. It is a model that enhances the fit and lightness to the wrist while finishing the “Grenen”, which is characterized by its beautiful streamline, even thinner. Impression that the fine mesh breath is even lighter. The size of 38mm diameter is also useful in unisex.

Item 3

Horizont SKW6538

The dome-shaped crystal windshield gives it a three-dimensional appearance, just like a celestial body. The “Horizont”, which also hides its individuality, follows the functional aspects firmly by docking the multifunction dial. With a quick release pin, you can easily change the belt.

Item 4

Hagen SKW6471

This model name, which means “port”, has an amazing 6.5mm case thickness. The mother-of-pearl dancing on a jet-black dial reminiscent of the deep nights of Denmark is beautiful, and because of its natural materials, its brilliance is unique. It has a simple yet elegant atmosphere. The dress-like looks without the second hand accelerate the air.

Item 5

Holst SKW6607

“Skagen” is also known for its many long-selling models. “Holst”, which conveys the aesthetics of Danish design, is one of them, and this item is arranged in a chronograph style. The combination of the Sunray silver dial and the brown leather strap is also exquisite.

Item 6

Holst Automatic SKW6613

Similar to the above, it is based on “Holst”, which has been highly popular for a long time due to its timeless design. The most eye-catching thing is the movement with a complicated structure that can be seen from the center. Its bold and impactful appearance and elaborate movement give off a presence from the arm.

Item 7

Holst SKW6710

Silver corrugated guilloche and matte black. The one with a classical contrast is also a variation of “Holst”. It’s not a skeleton like the above model, but I hate the open heart from 7 to 8 o’clock. While showing the joy of having a mechanical system, he does not overstate it. The exquisite balance seems to be “Skagen”.

Item 8

Aalen SKW6605

Here is an update of the “Aalen Color” collection mentioned earlier. From the pop and colorful aspect that is the feature of the collection, it has a refreshing clear finish. The nylon case, polyurethane strap, and white dial give a fresh impression.

Item 9

Allen Color SKW6545

The “Aren Color” series has an impressive vivid color scheme and a wide variety of variations. There are a lot of color variations this season as well, but this time we picked up the trend color green. The 41mm aluminum case has good coloring, and the sandblasted dial does not feel cheap.

Item 10

Lyle SKW6619

The elegant appearance of “Lyle” is a romantic model whose model name is inspired by migratory birds flying to the Skagen region. The Roman index on the rectangular case gives it a classic feel, giving it a mature impression.

Item 11

Yawn Hybrid Smart Watch SKT3002 JORN

The smartness of “Skagen” is not limited to design. Oblid smartwatches, which sew between smartwatches and analog watches, are also the brand’s specialty. The design is minimal anyway. While having the functions of a general smartwatch, the fact that it has a diameter of 42 mm is a stone’s throw. In addition, unlike the touch screen type, the product power is not as intense, so a long-life battery that can operate for two weeks on a single charge is also attractive.

Item 12

Falster 3 SKT5202

“Skagen” is a touch screen smart watch “Falster” that is named after Falster Island, an island that actually exists in Denmark. This is the third release in 2020. It also has a waterproof function that matches the sports scene, and is also equipped with four modes that reduce battery consumption, making it highly functional as a smart watch. Since it is driven for 24 hours even in normal use, it is reassuring for daily use.

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