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A gold watch that is suddenly in the limelight among fashionable seniors. One that has a strong presence, good quality, and luxury is a power item that promises to outperform the surroundings and upgrade the dress.

Riche hobby … What an old story. Incorporating a gold watch for a higher-grade adult

Riche hobby ... What an old story.  Incorporating a gold watch for a higher-grade adult

In the world of wristwatches, the sole government of silver watches has been around for a long time. However, in recent years, signs of the reinstatement of gold watches have finally begun to appear. The number of fashion snappers in the city, select shop staff, and fashionable seniors who dare to choose gold watches is increasing rapidly! Its appeal is its overwhelming presence that surpasses silver. Even with the “light” styling of a single T-shirt, wearing a golden wristwatch on your wrist not only gives you a fresh and eye-catching accent, but also doubles the overall personality and mellowness of your outfit. ..

Riche hobby ... What an old story.  Incorporating a gold watch, a second image for a higher-grade adult

High versatility is also a weapon of gold watches. You can add an elegant essence to a beautiful outfit, and create a luxurious feeling for casual wear. In the first place, gold is the most classic material and color for wristwatches, and at the same time, it is a color that is familiar to Japanese skin. If you choose a combination color that is combined with another material or color, you can easily incorporate it into your outfit. Just by putting one point in the styling, you can cultivate an aura of fashionable advanced people. A watch that is well worth adding to the collection.

Impression changes drastically due to the difference in color. Gold is roughly divided into three types: yellow, pink, and white.

There are various types of gold used in watches. The main ones are the familiar yellow gold, reddish pink gold, and white gold with a white glow. The image changes depending on the color, so be sure to understand the characteristics of each before making a selection.

Color 1

Speaking of gold we imagine. “Yellow gold” that insists on gorgeous air

Speaking of gold we imagine.  "Yellow gold" that insists on gorgeous air

Yellow gold with a personality and luxury that sets it apart from other materials. In terms of color and texture, nothing beats real gold. However, due to the impact of soaring gold prices, gold watches that make full use of “gold PVD” are becoming popular in recent years. The process of applying a gold color coating to the surface of stainless steel can reduce the cost compared to pure gold. Furthermore, in recent years, the processing technology of manufacturers has advanced, and the number of models with realistic colors and textures that look like the real thing has increased, making gold watches more familiar.

Color 2

“Pink gold”, which is easy to fit on our skin, has an elegant shine on your wrist.

"Pink gold", which is easy to fit on our skin, has an elegant shine on your wrist.

Alloys made by mixing pure gold with other materials are called colored gold. The most popular of these is pink gold, which is reddish by mixing copper. In addition to its gorgeous and elegant image, it is said to be a color close to Japanese skin even in gold, and it is surprisingly familiar to the skin. It goes well with beige and brown, so it’s one of the strengths of this color that it’s easy to get hooked on styling in the fall / winter season. In recent years, rose gold, which is slightly less reddish than pink gold, has also become popular.

Color 3

gold……? Although suspicions arise, “white gold” that only experts can understand its value

gold……?  Although suspicions arise, "white gold" that only experts can understand its value

White gold is a type of gold that has the same color as pink gold. Generally, pure gold is mixed with silver or palladium and the surface is coated with rhodium. It has a soft shine that makes you feel warmth, which sets it apart from silver, and is a perennial favorite among discerning watch fans who can tell the difference. This article focuses primarily on yellow and pink, but be aware that white is also an option for gold watches.

From cloud brands to practical brands. 10 Recommended Gold Watches

Once you discover the unique charm of gold watches, let’s take a look at some of the most popular models. We have a lineup of models in a variety of variations and price ranges, from expensive ones in genuine yellow and pink gold to easy-to-reach gold PVD coatings.


“Rolex” Submariner Date

"Rolex" Submariner Date

The monumental “Submariner Date” of the diver’s watch that appeared in 1953. This model, which appeared in 2020, is a luxury specification with 18K yellow gold used for the case and band. While giving off the dignity unique to “Gold Rolex”, the tightening effect of the jet-black ceramic bezel and dial makes it easy to incorporate into everyday styling. Equipped with a new in-house movement, 3235. YG case, size 41 mm, self-winding.


“Tudor” Heritage Black Bay

"Tudor" Heritage Black Bay

One of the flagship “Heritage Black Bay” whose premiere is accelerating is this model, which uses a combination of yellow gold and stainless steel. Champagne gold with a slight yellow tint adds a luxurious essence to the style of traditional divers watches. The gold crown is bas-relieved with the icon Tudor Rose. Equipped with MT5612, a movement made in-house. YG x SS case. Size 41 mm, self-winding.


“Grand Seiko” Heritage Collection

"Grand Seiko" Heritage Collection

The case, dial, band, and hands are all in gold! One of the “Heritage Collection” equipped with the 9th floor caliber, the finest quartz movement that “Grand Seiko” is proud of, gives off an aura of 18K yellow gold luxuriously used for the case and band. Taking advantage of that impact, it is also a good idea to use it as a haze for street styling. The lion’s coat of arms is relieved on the back cover. YG case, size 35.5 mm, quartz type.


“Bulgari” Oct

"Bulgari" Oct

“Octo” is characterized by an octagon case that combines a square and a circle. The form of the case, which was inspired by the Maxentius Public Hall of the Roman Empire, has 110 faces and changes its expression like a jewel depending on the angle of light irradiation. Furthermore, in this model, 18K pink gold is luxuriously used for the material of the case. It is finished in one that blends strength and grace. PG case, size 38 mm, self-winding.


“Longines” record

"Longines" record

From the collection “Record” with the most elegant look in the diverse lineup of “Longines”. The case is 18K pink gold, combined with a sunray-processed silver dial and applied indexes to enhance the elegant image. The simple look with no habit goes well with suits and jacket styles. Equipped with caliber L888.4 equipped with a monocrystal silicon balance spring. PG case, size 38.5 mm, self-winding.


“Hamilton” Ventura

"Hamilton" Ventura

“Ventura” makes a name for itself in the history of watches as the world’s first battery-powered wristwatch. This gold x black is a reprint model that reproduces the appearance at the time of debut in 1957. Also known as one of Elvis Presley’s arms in the movie “Blue Hawaii,” the bellows-style flex band was born out of his customization of his “Ventura.” Produces a gorgeous feeling of pulling out from the American casual to the suit. SS case, size 32.3 mm, quartz type.


“Citizen” Atessa Eco-Drive

"Citizen" Atessa Eco-Drive

The pioneer brand of titanium watches has an unusual gold watch. This is a new color of Duratect MRK, a unique technology that protects the watch from scratches by hardening the surface of the material. The calm impression of ash gold reminiscent of the moonlight is further enhanced by the combination color with black. Equipped with an eco-drive that moves the clock in the sunlight and does not require battery replacement. Super titanium case, size 44 mm, quartz type.


“Oris” Classic Date

"Oris" Classic Date

If you want an elegant gold watch, the standard model of Oris. The three-hand model with a simple face that can be worn to match is characterized by a silver dial with a donut-shaped guilloche carving and a three-dimensional index with excellent visibility. The aim is to have a stainless steel case with rose gold PVD processing. The slightly reddish gold adds a touch of glamor to the classic style. SS case, size 42 mm, self-winding.


“Edox” Chrono Offshore 1 Chronograph Special Edition

"Edox" Chrono Offshore 1 Chronograph Special Edition

One of the popular collections that expresses the world view of power boat race called “F1 of the sea”. The model with tough details such as a highly waterproof, scratch-resistant ceramic bezel, and a light and tough carbon fiber dial is eye-catching with the “1” index, which is the champion number. The combination color of gold and black by PVD coating gives a masculine sex appeal to such a masterpiece of luxury sports. SS case, size 45 mm, self-winding.


“Patek Philippe” Patek Philippe

"Patek Philippe" Patek Philippe

A masterpiece of the century that has attracted many mechanical watch fans, saying, “One day, Patek Philippe Cala.” Yellow gold is the royal road, but if it’s good, this model with 18K rose gold on the case and bezel is second to none. Rose gold, which is slightly less reddish than pink gold, further enhances the elegance of “Patek Philippe”. The case back is a hunter case that can be opened and closed. RG case, 39mm, self-winding.

You can enjoy the real thrill of gold watches. 5 excellent works under 100,000 yen

Gold watches made of real gold are naturally expensive, but gold watches with PVD coating and IP finish are often excellent works under 100,000 yen. Introducing the first choice of gold watches and 5 recommended for those who want to enjoy casually.


“Tissot” Heritage Banana

"Tissot" Heritage Banana

A famous watch of “Tissot” born in 1916. The unique naming comes from the shape that curves like a banana along the wrist. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the brand’s birth, this model features a classic logo on the dial, Art Nouveau spade hands and a deformed Arabic numeral index. In addition, the yellow gold PVD coated case enhances the retro image. SS case, size 49 x 27 mm, self-winding.


“Bulova” Classic

"Bulova" Classic

The classic American watch has a three-dimensional Roman numeral index, a skeleton dial that allows you to see the movement, and boasts a luxurious look that you can’t think of in the 50,000 yen range. In addition, the combination color of rose gold and navy with PVD coating creates an elegant mood. The see-through back is also a point where you can appreciate the appearance of the self-winding movement with a 42-hour power reserve. SS case, size 43 mm, self-winding.


“G-Shock” AWM-500

"G-Shock" AWM-500

G-SHOCK’s first analog / digital combination model “AW-500”, which was born in 1989, is fully metalized. A retro-futuristic mood is created by combining a stainless steel case with IP (ion plating) processing that deposits a metal film on the surface, a bezel with a mirror and hairline finish, and a band that draws a smooth curve. increase. Equipped with Casio’s original solar charging system, tough solar. SS case, size 51.8 x 44.5 mm, quartz type.


“Bering” Scandinavian Solar

"Bering" Scandinavian Solar

Updated the “Bering” solar watch founded by Danish adventurer Rone Kerskov. The minimalist design with a three-dimensional mortar-shaped dial and bar index is unique to the Scandinavian brand. The rose gold color case and 18mm wide mesh band are also the reasons why it is easy to fit on the Japanese wrist. Uses scratch-resistant sapphire glass and medical stainless steel that does not easily cause allergic reactions. SS case, size 39mm, solar type.


“Nixon” Facet Collection

"Nixon" Facet Collection

If you want to enjoy gold watches quickly, we recommend the “Facet Collection” developed by “Nixon” born on the west coast of the United States. The model, which has both a sporty taste and a sense of luxury, features a three-dimensionally cut hard mineral crystal glass and a crown on the left side. The pinkish gold color is also very familiar to the skin. A unisex model that can be shared with a partner. SS case, size 42 mm, quartz type.

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