46 luxury watch brands. A lifelong lineup of status

A proof of the status you want to get someday, a luxury watch

A proof of the status you want to get someday, a luxury watch

It’s not something that is familiar to us, but one day we want to get one is a luxury wristwatch. A wristwatch that ticks the time of life together on the wrist is a special existence that goes beyond the function of timekeeping. Therefore, it is natural that the desire to choose good things will arise.

If the price of a wristwatch exceeds 500,000 yen, you will get a lifelong product that can be passed down to the generation of grandchildren who have the status to give confidence to the person who owns it. However, I want to avoid failure just because the price is high. When making a purchase, it is necessary to carefully examine it against your own needs. But don’t be afraid. If you hold down the points, you should be able to meet an irreplaceable lifelong companion.

Luxury watch selection criteria you should know if you don’t want to fail

Luxury watches for a lifetime are the shopping of the first generation. In order to choose a watch that you will not regret, we have summarized three points to be aware of. Think carefully and find the best partner.

Is it a gem of a reliable brand that people can be proud of in 10 or 20 years?

Is it a gem of a reliable brand that people can be proud of in 10 or 20 years?

Watches are one of the few decorations for men. It is a status item that expresses the person’s personality only by the arm. That’s why the history of the brand is so important. The mechanical wristwatches proposed by luxury brands are traditional crafts. The technology that craftsmen have built up over a long history and the background of the brand that the technology is alive will lead to overwhelming trust. In terms of status, name recognition is also important. No matter how expensive a wristwatch is, if the person in front of you does not know it, the status will be halved. For example, a brand that everyone knows, such as “Rolex,” “Audemars Piguet,” and “Grand Seiko,” will enhance that person’s value in an easy-to-understand manner. Also, by choosing brands such as “Zenith” and “Bell & Ross” that are highly evaluated by watch fans, it is one way to create a “know” feeling.

Get a design that takes into account your lifestyle

Get a design that takes into account your lifestyle

Of course, you can’t buy many expensive watches. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider and select your own wearing scene. Watches with precious stones should be avoided in strict business situations, and elegant dress watches look over for those who only watch off. Another important point is how you want to show yourself. If you want to look youthful, the elaborate model using stainless steel bracelet is good, and if you want to give a sense of trust, the leather belt model will fulfill that wish. When you go to the shop, it will be easier to imagine if you wear a wristwatch often. It’s a common story that you want to wear it at work, but the watch you’re looking for doesn’t fit your suit.

If you use it for a long time, check the maintenance cost in addition to the purchase price.

When buying a watch, the majority of people will only consider the price of the watch. However, luxury watches have to consider the maintenance price as well as when buying a car. Watches with a mechanical movement need to be overhauled once every three to five years to maintain functionality. If you have 3 simple needles, you should take a look at 50,000 yen. With additional functions such as chronograph and GMT, it may cost an additional 30,000 to 50,000 yen. Also, keep in mind that leather belts are a consumable item. Due to the scarcity of the material, genuine luxury brand products can cost tens of thousands of yen. For products that will be used for a long time, it is important to select the function and belt material in consideration of maintenance costs.

From middle price to above the clouds. Carefully selected 46 famous watch brands and their masterpieces

The brands we often hear about, such as Rolex, Omega and TAG Heuer, are just one part of the watch industry. From long-established brands with a history of more than 100 years to jewelry-shaped brands that have become more and more prominent these days, and brands that are screaming at watch enthusiasts with their cutting-edge yet reliable manufacturing, there is no end to them. Among them, we have picked up 46 brands that are worth knowing. Let’s explain it together with the masterpieces that can be purchased now.



“Rolex” is the world’s most famous luxury watch brand that is definitely respected when worn. Although it has a relatively short history, the high technology that has pioneered the modern functions of wristwatches is unrivaled. Recently, basic models with a strong dress feeling such as “Datejust” are attracting attention, but “Explorer” in the middle of sports models is still the royal road. By increasing the size to 39 mm in 2010, it has a more modern look. While the other designs follow the traditional features, the details such as the index chromalite and the movement parachrom balance spring have been upgraded. By the way, as of June 2021, the price is soaring, so if you are aiming for it, we recommend that you take some time.

“Patek Philippe”

The pinnacle of watch brands is Patek Philippe. Of course, it is one of the three major luxury brands in the world. It is a so-called “up” brand that is said to have no other watch to buy once you get Patek. The asset value is also outstanding, and antiques are traded at tens of millions of prices. Naturally, it has a long history, and its founding dates back to 1839. The brand’s philosophy is that the watches brought in will be repaired at any time. In other words, we are making watches as a brand that is premised on passing on to future generations, not just things that will last a lifetime. Now that sports watches are flourishing, “Nautilus” and “Aquanaut” are attracting attention, but if you are looking for something that will last a lifetime, then “Patek Philippe” is probably the way to go. Due to the model that set the norm for dress watches, its appearance is full of impeccable elegance and has absolute status. In addition, this work has a white gold case with an elaborate Cour de Paris decoration. This casual arrangement brings an extraordinary atmosphere to your wrist.

“Audemars Piguet

A wristwatch that can be obtained by the entrepreneurial president and popular artists. That is the royal oak of “Audemars Piguet”. If you can see the characteristic octagon bezel from your wrist, you can think of the owner as someone who has achieved something. It is a proof of success. This “Audemars Piguet” is a cloud brand that is one of the three major luxury watch brands in the world, and is a historic brand founded in 1875. It’s not well known to the general public, but it’s a super-big brand that no one knows in the world of watches. The authentic 3-needle model is currently exhausted. If you’re aiming for it now, chronographs are a solid option.


Hublot is loved by celebrities around the world. The strong extruded design that combines different materials of the masterpiece Big Bang is so unique that you can recognize this brand at a glance even from a distance. Although it is an emerging brand with a history of less than 40 years, it is now as popular and status as a prestigious brand as a member of a luxury watch brand. It has an impressive look that drives the sports watch trend, but it seems that such a model that suppresses the tone like titanium will match a wide range of dresses.

“Vacheron Constantin”

“Vacheron Constantin” is one of the world’s three major luxury brands. Its founding is proud of its long history of 1755. In 1880, the famous Maltese Cross logo, which is still in use today, was born. It is a manufacturer that manufactures everything from moves to cases in-house, and has a reputation for high technology, such as receiving frequent awards in precision competitions from the 19th century. The “Overseas” introduced this time is a sports model born in 1996. Among our brands, which have many decorative models, it is an easy-to-use model with an orthodox sense of luxury.

“A. Lange & Söhne”

"A. Lange & Söhne"

It is a brand named after Mr. Adolf Lange, the most important person in watch manufacturing in Germany, and when it is called the world’s four major brands, it is common to include this brand in it. The brand disappeared after World War II, but it revived after the integration of East and West Germany, and in 1994, it made a spectacular restart with “Lange 1”. “Lange 1” adopts the digital display, which is a traditional design of the Saxony region, for the date and gains a great reputation. Today, as a prestige brand, it has become a big name in the wristwatch world. There are many derivative models, for example, this is the “Grand Lange 1”, which is 2.5 mm larger than the “Lange 1”. The movement, which is full of “A. Lange & Söhne” -like mechanisms such as the moon phase and the familiar big date, has been reorganized as the size increases, and attention is paid to every detail.



If you are particular about the story behind your watch, we also recommend Breguet. Abraham-Louis Breguet, who has made a brilliant name in the history of wristwatches, opened a workshop in Paris in 1775. This Breguet is a genius watchmaker who is said To Have Advanced The History Of Watches By 200 Years. The Inventions Range From Practical Self-Winding Mechanisms To Complex Tourbillons To Needle And Decorative Designs. The High Fame Of The Time Can Be Seen From The Fact That Many Of The Customers Were Royal Aristocrats Such As Princess Marie Antoinette. The model equipped with such transcendental technique naturally exceeds 10 million yen. If you are looking for a relatively affordable “Breguet”, then “Type XXI (Twenty One)” is recommended.In the military design suitable for practical use, the goodness of making like “Breguet” shines. From the familiar American casual to the point of luxury style, it is one that can be widely used.


“Jaeger-LeCoultre” has many enthusiastic fans among watch enthusiasts. Since its inception in the Vallée de Joux, Switzerland in 1833, it has been extremely well received as a manufacturer brand capable of producing movements in-house. The movements we have developed so far amount to more than 1,200. Among them, “Reverso” is the core model of the brand, which features a reversible case. It was born in the 1930s when a British officer ordered a wristwatch that would not scratch the dial even during polo competitions. The elegant rectangular form is perfect for creating elegance on or off. However, in modern times, it is mainly used in business places rather than polo. In addition, if you are looking for a more hobby, we recommend the tasty hand-wound. With this “Duo”, you can enjoy both the white dial and the black dial, which is a great deal.


"Breitling" second image

The most famous pilot watch brand in the world is the Swiss “Breitling”. Founded in 1884, it gained a reputation for its precision chronograph and became popular as an indispensable companion to pilots with the development of aircraft. As a symbolic model, the world’s first chrono with a rotating slide rule “Navitimer” released in 1952 is also coming up, but if you choose now, you can not miss the masterpiece “Chronomat” completed in 1984 in collaboration with the Italian Air Force. .. The highlight is the characteristic rulobless. The breath, which is connected so that columnar parts are lined up, has been a privilege only for vintages so far, but it is also attractive for smooth wearing using modern technology, which was adopted for the new work group. In addition, it is also a point that a see-through back is adopted, which is rare in “Breitling” in this work.



“Omega” is the official timekeeper of the Tokyo Olympics. Along with “Rolex”, it is a big name that represents Switzerland, and many people know it even if they don’t like watches. Recognized by NASA for its high durability and accuracy, it is also the first brand in the world to accompany the landing on the moon. “Omega” has a strong image of such a universe, but “Seamaster”, which released a military diver’s watch for commercial use in 1948, is also known as another axis. Although there is no easy-to-understand anecdote like “Speedmaster”, the specs that have been loved as a masterpiece of diver’s watches until the present day are remarkable. James Bond, a man who wears only top-notch items, continues to nominate “Seamaster”. If you wrap such a store around your arm in the background, it will be even more emotional.



“IWC” is a Swiss brand that has gained overwhelming support among watch lovers. Since its founding in 1868, we have been manufacturing excellent movements with high technology. Headquartered in the German-speaking world of Switzerland, the brand is often described as “simple and strong.” Inheriting the spirit of German craftsmanship, the stoicism is outstanding in terms of technology and design, and it is perfect if you like a rigid wristwatch. The “Portugieser” features a simple dial, and the original pocket watch is a historic gem that was born in 1939.



“Zenith” is a brand founded in Switzerland in 1865. The brand has a good reputation for chronographs, and among watch lovers, the chrono move named El Primero is a status. This movement ticks with a high beat of 36,000 vibrations per hour. In other words, it vibrates 10 times per second, and even though it is mechanical, it can measure up to 1/10 second. In recent years, El Primero 21 has appeared as an evolutionary move that has passed about 50 years. This model is one that shocked the industry as a machine equipped with the same move following the “Defy El Primero 21”. The trend of sports luxury in recent years is inherited more strongly.



Although it is a big name in the jewelry world, “Santos”, which appeared in 1904, is said to be the world’s first men’s wristwatch, and in fact it has a long history in the world of wristwatches. At that time, the orthodox men’s watches were treated as pocket watches, and watches were treated as decorations worn by women. “Cartier” brought a practical wristwatch to the men’s world. Therefore, even among watch enthusiasts, “Cartier” is a prominent figure. It is also a “manufacture” that can manufacture movements in-house, and it is a brand that not only looks, but also has a great content and history. Nowadays, sports styles are popular, and you will feel like a metal bracelet that shines with the screw usage unique to “Santos”.

“Officine Panerai”

"Officine Panerai"

The Italian brand “Officine Panerai” has made a name for itself in the military watches that deliver watches to the Italian Navy. Therefore, it features high visibility and a simple dial. The masterpiece “Luminol” is taken from the name of fluorescent paint. By the way, the predecessor model is called “Radio Meal”, which is also derived from fluorescent paint. You can see how “Panerai” is focusing on visibility. In addition to its functionality, the beauty of Italian modeling represented by the elegant crown guard is also very popular, and it is now popular as a luxury wristwatch. Especially if you choose now, if it is a relatively small model with a diameter of 42 mm, it fits perfectly on your wrist.

“Grand Seiko”

"Grand Seiko"

As a luxury brand of “Seiko” that Japan is proud of, “Grand Seiko” is a flagship that collects the best of its technological capabilities. The gems, which are handmade by selected excellent craftsmen and carefully crafted one by one, are full of charm that can be made into things for the rest of your life. Especially recommended is the model equipped with “Spring Drive”, which is a mechanical and quartz type “good point” that can only be made by “Seiko” in the world. It is the ultimate mechanism with quartz accuracy while feeling the warm taste of mechanical movement with royal fern and gears. The watch is a masterpiece of MADE IN JAPAN that breaks the conventional theory that Swiss made watches are the best. Nowadays, “Grand Seiko” is also focusing on sports models, but that’s why there are models like this if you choose it as a lifelong product.

“Seiko Prospex”

"Seiko Prospex"

The luxury line under the “Seiko” brand was the sole place of “Grand Seiko”, but in 2019, a flagship shop opened in a prime location in Ginza, and “Lux Line” equipped with a spring drive appeared. Specs ”has also emerged in the sports watch trend. As a luxury watch that pursues magnetic resistance, water resistance, and high precision, it seems to show a different charm from “Grand Seiko”. This is the latest version of the diver’s watch in the genealogy of the masterpiece “Marine Master”. The series is loved by the name of “MM300” overseas, but as a result of pursuing professional specifications, the width is 44.3mm and the weight is 222g, which is quite heavy. However, the one-piece structure with excellent waterproof case is the move 8L35 for divers assembled by Shizukuishi Luxury Watch Studio. The surface is diamond shielded, and the windshield has been updated to sapphire crystal from this work, and the bezel insert is also ceramic. Specifications just like a luxury watch for professional use. This hybrid is hard to find anywhere else.



“Campanola” is a luxury brand founded in 2000 by Japan’s leading watch brand “Citizen”. With the image of the universe, we have created many mysterious and artistic models. Speaking of “Citizen”, in recent years it has acquired famous watch brands such as “Bulova” and “Frédérique Constant”, and the prestigious Swiss movement maker “La Jou Peret” is one of them. Recently, there is a movement to actively incorporate Japanese traditional crafts, and the beautiful self-winding movement of this “La Ju Pele” is piled up in the “Mechanical Collection” of “Campanora” to introduce, “Citizen” from inside and outside. It embodies the supreme beauty of thinking.

“Frederique Constant”

"Frederique Constant"

What kind of image do you have when you hear “Frédérique Constant”? If you know from the Book of Genesis, you may have the impression that “a brand that offers high quality Swiss watches at a reasonable price”. However, the brand is known as one of the few manufacturers in Switzerland. We are constantly developing technology and creating new technologies that even high-end maisons could not. “Frédérique Constant” has many high-end machines equipped with such unique technology (although it is still easier to pick up than other brands). Recently, the “monolithic” with the silicon oscillator set at 6 o’clock will be new to my memory. However, the models around that are still hard to come by. If you want to experience the power of the brand, why not try this one equipped with an in-house move equipped with a silicium escape wheel? The elaborate decoration of the dial, which combines guilloche and Côtes de Genève, gives a glimpse of the brand’s technological prowess.



“Chanel” is a huge fashion brand that no one knows, but in recent years it has become a hot topic in the watch industry, such as the acquisition of parts makers and up-and-coming watch brands. The model that represents such “Chanel” was born in 2000, and the “J12” that quickly dominated the world. A new work with a new caliber by Kenissi, which co-develops the movement with “Tudor”, was just announced in 2019. The feature is probably in the ceramic case and the ceramic bracelet. Although it has a sporty form with a reverse rotation prevention bezel, it has a jewel-like beauty due to the graceful luster of the ceramic, and has created a ceramic boom in the watch world.


For people over the age of 30, the “Bulgari” watch may have a strong impression of “Bulgari Bulgari” with the “BVLGARI” logo engraved on the bezel. However, today’s watches are much smarter and more intelligent, with the bubbly extrusion strength lurking. As a model that symbolizes “Bulgari”, “Octo” will be mentioned. A modern watch with a bezel that literally combines a circle and an octagon. Looking at this shape, the person who got a pinch is a considerable watch enthusiast. A product based on the design of master Gerald Genta, who also worked on “IWC” and “Vacheron Constantin”. It attracted a lot of attention as a wristwatch equipped with an ultra-thin self-winding movement with a thickness of 2.23 mm.


Speaking of “Tiffany”, it is famous as one of the world’s leading jewelers based in New York, but immediately after its establishment, it started handling watches in 1847, opened a watch studio in Geneva, Switzerland, and the finest watch brand “Patek”. It is a brand that has a deep connection with watches, such as in partnership with Philippe.

In 1868, the “Tiffany Timer”, the first pocket watch with a stopwatch in the United States, was released, and in 1945, the U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt was presented with a “Tiffany” calendar watch on his birthday. “Tiffany” is an indispensable part of the history of watches. For women, “East West”, which uses a travel clock as a source, is also popular, but if men use it simply, we recommend this 3-needle model, which gives the index font a brand-like feel. I’m glad that the design has a men’s-like military taste and the date display is casual and convenient.


Piaget, also known as a jeweler, is a brand that has a strong presence in watches. The DNA of the “Piaget” wristwatch is extremely thin. In 1957, he announced the thinnest record of the time, a movement with a thickness of only 2 mm. Since then, the recognition that “Piaget” = thin has become established among watch connoisseurs. However, the trend of luxury sports was that the brand took the helm in 2016. With the announcement of the “Polo” series, it has A New Side Shown Of The Brand That Goes Beyond Luxury. A Sports Watch Proposed By A Luxury Jewelry Brand. If You Are A Ragspo Refugee, There Seems To Be Room For Consideration.

“Franck Muller”

"Franck Muller"

The brand of Franck Muller, a genius watchmaker who has installed transcendental complications on his wristwatch one after another. In the 90’s, it became a bubble-like popularity here in Japan as well. Many of you may have seen a unique tonneau-shaped case, an index typeset across the dial. In recent years, it has gradually regained popularity and is regaining attention among watch lovers. “Tonneau Carvex” is a tonneau-shaped case that draws an arc so that it sticks to your wrist, in addition to its high zeinness and reliable technology as a wristwatch. It is a model with the aim of making watch enthusiasts say “Oh”.



As you know, “Rolex” brother brand “Tudor”. Its birth dates back to 1926, and it became a hot topic when regular sales began in Japan in 2018. While having the functionality inherited from “Rolex”, it has a higher affinity with fashion, and the brand ambassadors are Lady Gaga and David Beckham. This “Black Bay” is a diver’s watch that represents the brand announced in 2012. It is a full-scale specification with a 200m waterproof specification that catches the “squid needle” that is typical of “Tudor”. Since 2016, it has been equipped with its own movement, and its asset value has also increased. The power reserve has also increased to 70 hours, and it has specifications that are perfect for a practical watch.

By the way, here, “Black Bay Fifty Eight”, which is usually 41mm with a case diameter reduced by only 2mm and a mirror chamfer on the edge of the lug, this 2mm is actually a kimo, an archive manufactured by “Tudor” in the 1950s. It reproduces the face. Such a slight difference has stabbed the enthusiasts, and this Fifty Eight is currently showing a soaring price to the extent that it has a premiere.

“Maurice Lacroix”

"Maurice Lacroix"

Although it has a history of more than 40 years and is a newcomer to watch brands, “Maurice Lacroix” has been growing rapidly in recent years, including receiving the famous German award “Red Dot Design Award”. Check out the “Masterpiece” series, which uses an in-house manufactured movement and has an elaborate design, but these days, the “Icon” series, which is based on the past masterpiece “Calypso”, is hot. The “icon” started with quartz that is easy to pick up, but complication models with overwhelming originality are also appearing one after another. This is also a hobby that displays the current time only when you tilt your arm to see the time. Here is the pleasure that only the person who has it can understand.

“Bell & Ross”

"Bell & Ross"

A young French newcomer brand that has become more and more popular in recent years. Since it is modeled after Germany’s “Gin”, which is known as a simple and sturdy watch brand, such as being officially adopted by the military and police, it betrays its fashionable looks in a good way, and is an expert in making high precision and cases. It will be already. “Bell & Ross” is characterized by its instrumental and rugged looks, but “BR05” was the one that stood out in 2019 when the popularity of rugspo watches was booming. While retaining the taste of a brand-like square case, the elegance is cultivated by properly using satin and polish. With a thickness of about 1.1 cm, many enthusiasts were impressed by the design that does not resonate with the chords of adults who like rugs. This work is the chronograph model. The square indial matches the shape of the case, creating a good balance that does not get messy.

“Tag Heuer”

"Tag Heuer"

“TAG Heuer” is a prestigious Swiss family that has been around since 1860. Since it has supported motor sports for a long time, it has a sophisticated sportiness. It is one of the brands that is very well known and can show off its dignity For Both Men And Women. In Recent Years, We Have Developed An Unprecedented Belt-Driven Movement And Entered The Connected Watch, Creating An Innovative Image That Is At The Forefront Of The Times. Although It Is Such An Advanced Brand, Many Masterpieces Are Sleeping in authentic past models. “Monaco” was born as the world’s first square self-winding chronograph. The first was the iconic left crown, but this work with the latest caliber 02 is now a practical right crown.The case back is also see-through, so you can enjoy the retro look and the contrast of the latest movement.



Speaking of “Longines”, it is a brand that ignites the reprint watch boom. With the announcement of the “Heritage Collection” at Baselworld, the brand has had a great influence on the scene, and it is said that “Longines” has created the trend of recent reprints. We stock “Longines Avigation Big Eye”, “Longines Legend Diver” and various other models, and vintage watches continue to fascinate our favorite experts.

However, behind the reprinted model that shows the appearance of a hundred flowers, there is also a wristwatch that reigns as a model that satisfies the aesthetic eye of adults. That is this “record” series. Aiming to be a practical dress watch, we have a 3-needle model with a date and products that should be the norm. Among them, the one I want to choose as a lifelong item is one of pure gold. The personality that approaches the “Patek Philippe” of “Patek Philippe” can be said to be a benefit unique to a long-established store.


Among the Swiss brands, “Oris” is known as a hidden excellent brand. Switzerland was born in Hölstein in 1904 and became famous during World War II for its “Big Crown” with a large crown that allows pilots to operate while wearing gloves.


In the 1970s and 1980s, the quartz shock caused a crisis of survival, but it recovered brilliantly and is still popular as a leading Swiss brand. In addition, in order to strengthen the aspect as a movement innovator, in 2010, we released our own move caliber 110 to commemorate the 110th anniversary of our founding. Furthermore, in 2019, as an evolutionary system, we are developing the caliber 115, a caliber exclusively for skeleton watches that is more suitable for viewing. The power reserve of the beautiful hand-wound caliber peeking through the skeleton face is an amazing 10 days. The indicator at 3 o’clock on the dial is also displayed in days instead of hours. A small second is set at 8 o’clock, and the practicality is perfect. While picking up the trend, it is one that seems to be “Oris” that has elegance and sportiness living together.


The history of “Rado” is the history of material innovation. In 1962, the world’s first “Diamond Star” wearing hard alloy hard metal was announced, and in 1986, the world’s first “Integral”, which also incorporated high-tech ceramics into watches, was announced. As a result, it is a talented brand that has become known as an “innovator of materials” in the industry. Then, in 1993, we also developed a unique material “Ceramica” that combines the advantages of metal and high-tech ceramics. If you talk about the history of watches from technology, you can never avoid it, that is “Rado”.

The collection that expresses the cutting edge of such “Rado” is “True”.The collection, which is based on high-tech ceramics, collaborates with designers who are fascinated by the complex and mysterious production process hidden in simple looks. Has produced many masterpieces. This work is also a skeleton model in which such “true” technology is alive. A skeleton watch with a MOP (mother of pearl) on the dial cannot be realized so much.


Edox has a long history, dating back to 1884. The birthplace is the Jura region of Switzerland, the home of the watch industry. Edox is known for its strong passion for divers, and in 1961 it was a patented model for the groundbreaking double O-ring, the Delphin, without the crown being screwed in. It showed high technology such as achieving a water resistance of 200m. Among “Edox” with such masterpieces, “Skydiver” is one with a unique anecdote. It was unearthed as a mysterious sketch from the brand’s factory books, and the testimony of a craftsman who had worked for many years revealed that it was a wristwatch for a parashooter unit that the colonel of the Swiss army requested in secret. A wristwatch that is water resistant to 300m and controls land, sea, and air. Such a “Skydiver”, but this “Skydiver Neptunian” is a more special one. Not only is it the first in the collection to have a saturated diving water resistance of 1,000 m, but it also has sufficient specifications such as a ceramic bezel that boasts high scratch resistance and a highly accurate Swiss-made in-house move. With the help of the 44mm big face, it will have an outstanding presence at your wrist.


The establishment of “Blancpain”, which is said to be the oldest existing watch brand in the world, was in 1735. Born in the Jura region of Switzerland. It is also known for commercializing the world’s first self-winding wristwatch in 1926. The brand’s representative model “Fifty Fazomus” is a diver’s watch released in 1953 for underwater operatives of the French Navy. Even the current model is attracting many watch fans by adding various arrangements while incorporating the original design at the time of announcement.

This is a limited model announced in 2020. The dessert color, which is familiar to the wearer, shows a fashion advantage, while ensuring a unique 300m water resistance and magnetic resistance. The sail canvas strap, which makes you feel the sea from the material, is also a unique choice. In addition, the amazing 120 hours power reserve. The place that has high practicality is like “Blancpain”.

“NOMOS Glashütte”

"NOMOS Glashütte"

In 2014, “NOMOS” joined the ranks of manufacturers that develop and produce movements in-house, and there is a remarkable improvement in technological capabilities. The features of the lineup are simple in one word. The round case has a large dial with an extra-fine bezel, and the shape that pursues visibility is common to all models. “NOMOS” has a lot of classic and simple features, but in recent years, we have released a series of modern models that follow the sports watch trend. “Neomatic” is a series that gives a glimpse of the outlook for the new “NOMOS” equipped with a self-winding move. The brand’s seriousness is packed, such as the waterproofness, which was basically 5 atm, has been increased to 30 atm.

“H. Moser”

"H. Moser"

H. Moser was founded in St. Petersburg, Russia by Heinrich Moser in 1828. After that, he returned to his hometown of Schaffhausen in Switzerland to do business, and then started manufacturing watches at Le Locle, the holy land of Swiss watches. Currently, the base is relocated to Schaffhausen, and while sticking to completing the complicated mechanism by hand, we are producing high quality gems that are popular. To describe its characteristics in one word, the word “elegant” would be perfect. All models use leather belts, most of which have 3 hands. With a simple design that does not look strange and features a fume dial that gives off its own luster, there are masterpieces full of “good feeling” that compete for quality.

“Roger Dubuis”

"Roger Dubuis"

It is a brand established in 1995 with the name of Roger Dubuis, the founder and watchmaker who has a good reputation for technology. With the integrated manufacturing of wristwatches, the avant-garde design including the “Excalibur” series, which can be said to be the face of the brand, is predominant. The in-house developed movement that makes full use of transcendental technique is also popular, especially the model equipped with the flying tourbillon. The tourbillon, a super-complication mechanism that evens out the gravity on the watch, is a surprising model that looks like it’s floating in the air. But quirky looks aren’t the only strength of the brand. In the chronograph model full of elegance like “Monegasque” which has roots in the past masterpiece “Sympathy”, you can see the simple quality because it is handled by a genius.

“Richard Mille”

At the time of writing in November 2021, the price was 49,500,000. It’s not a mistake. “Richard Mille” is an ultra-high-priced brand that you can buy a house if you are not good at it. It is also famous that tennis player Nadal wears it all the time during play. The feature is that it is light anyway because it uses the latest high-tech materials. You can play sports while wearing it like Mr. Nadal. In addition, since each screw is developed in-house, the quality is of course the highest! In addition, you can also see the decorations that stick to the luxury layer. This work is also based on white gold, and is still studded with diamonds. It is now a brand with asset value.

“Harry Winston”

"Harry Winston"

American “Harry Winston” has a strong image as a jewelry brand, but it is also famous as a watch brand. Of particular interest is the series named “Opus”. This is an annual announcement of a super-complex wristwatch that surprises watch enthusiasts in collaboration with an independent watchmaker representing the times. With this “OPUS”, the name of “Harry Winston” as a wristwatch brand became widespread. However, “OPUS” is a super limited model, and here we will introduce “Midnight”. Although it is a full skeleton, it is made thin by using a micro rotor, and you can feel the brand-like side that is modest but properly asserted.


“Girard-Perregaux” is a long-established Swiss brand whose origin can be traced back to 1771. Famous as one of the few watch makers that can develop and manufacture movements in-house, all assembly and decoration are handmade. “Neobridge” is one of the models that fully demonstrated the technological capabilities of “Girard-Perregaux”. The tourbillon, which is synonymous with the brand, is provided at 6 o’clock, while the movement that allows the microrotor to be observed from the dial side is adopted at 10 o’clock. Together with the titanium case with high texture, it is finished in one that you can fully feel the technical power of “Girard-Perregaux”. Far from being appreciative, it is worth paying for the perfection of the movement, which is no longer a work of art.

“Glashütte Original”

"Glashütte Original"

Glashütte in the Saxony region is a sacred place for German watches. Regarding the brand name, the brand that inherits the tradition of German watches is “Glashütte Original”. The characteristic big date that moves each digit with a different dial, the asymmetrical dial, and the Glashütte stripe on the case back are truly witnesses of German watches. It is not possible to make a simple comparison because it is made differently, but while the German watch brand “Lange & Söhne”, which has its origin in the same Glashütte, costs a million yen, you can buy a classic German watch for less than 1 million yen. Is also attractive.



The jewelery watch brand Jacob, which captivated celebrities, started in 1986 in New York with Jacob Alabo. Initially it was a complete jewelery brand, but when it was announced, it made a big break, and many people now recognize it as a watch brand rather than jewelery. And that watch is the “Five Time Zone Watch” announced in 2003. In addition to the main time in the center, it was an amazing clock that displayed the time of a total of 5 cities at the same time with 4 sub dials. This watch quickly became a hot topic and became a staple of celebrities around the world. Here is a “ghost” that digitally shows the time in 5 cities to make it even more stylish. Nowadays, more than 10 million transcendental mechanism models are being released one after another, but if you want to get a feel for the brand’s world view, you may start from this area.


“Corum” was founded in 1955 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The characteristic of the brand is its high design, which can be said to be novel. In the past, attention was paid to innovative designs such as the “coin watch” with a movement embedded in gold coins, the world’s first model “Romulus” with an index engraved on the bezel, and the “feather watch” with real wings on the dial. I’m collecting.

The flagship is “Admiral” announced in 1960. This model was made with respect to the British yacht race “Admiral Cup”. At that time, it was a square model, but in 1983 it was renewed to a dodecagon. Even today, this dodecagonal bezel has become an icon of the brand so much that it is recognized as “Corum”. At first glance, some people may shy away from saying that they have a strong habit and do not know how to see time. However, the more I look at it, the more addictive it becomes. There is no better fit for a wristwatch that makes people talk about “where is it?”



“Chronoswiss”, created by watchmaker Gerd R. Lang in Germany in 1983, is a brand that sticks to the old-fashioned mechanical type. Authentic craftsmanship that makes heavy use of traditional guilloche in decoration has captured the hearts of watch fans. The regulator made the company famous. A regulator is a clock in which the hour, minute, and second hands are placed in independent locations. “Chronoswiss” produced the first mass-produced watch with a regulator. The introduced model is not a regulator, but it is a gem like “Chronoswiss” that strongly embodies European watch culture such as craft guilloche and onion crown while following its design.

“Jake Draw”

"Jake Draw"

It was in 1738 that Jake Draw opened his first workshop in Switzerland. He had a high level of technical skill and incorporated an automata (mechanical doll) into his watch to create a movement among aristocrats. After that, he traveled around the world such as Spain and France, and expanded his business in China and Japan. Even in the current flagship model, the two overlapping dials, which are the image of a pocket watch made in the 18th century, are design icons, and you can feel the long history in your arms. Although there were twists and turns as a brand, we have been making watches without blurring since our founding, such as using the enamel used in pocket watches at that time for the dial and announcing an automata model.

“Parmigiani Fleurier”

Michelle Parmigiani, the founder of Parmigiani Fleurier, was a well-known watchmaker. And it gains a great reputation for restoring the historic masterpieces of the Patek Philippe Museum. In 1996, he launched his own brand, Parmigiani Fleurier, in order to preserve the Swiss watchmaking tradition.

"Parmigiani Fleurier"

In 2004, the brand collaborated with the automaker Bugatti to announce an avant-garde engine-type wristwatch, and in 2006, formed a partnership with Hermes. , All leather belts of the same brand are made of “Hermes”. Taking advantage of the strengths that can be designed in-house, “Parmigiani Fleurier” has grown into a coveted brand of enthusiasts who manufacture original and extremely elaborate watches. This model also has a complicated mechanism that rotates without hitting the oval-shaped case with hands that expand and contract with time. The elegance and playfulness of a watch can be said to be unique to a luxury wristwatch.

“Cuervo y Sobrinos”

"Cuervo y Sobrinos"

The origin of the brand is the Cuervo clan, who has been running the luxury jewelry store “La Casa” in Havana, Cuba since the latter half of the 19th century. This “La Casa” was a well-known salon-like store with customers such as Mr. Hemingway, Mr. Churchill, and Mr. Einstein. The Cuervo family, who later entered Europe, began making watches in Switzerland and created Cuban-style Swiss watches. In the 1950s, the Cuban Revolution put the brand into a dormant period, but it revived in 2002. “Prominente” is one of the three models first announced in 2003 after the brand was revived, and is the face of the brand. It expresses Art Deco in a rectangular case and creates a sophisticated adult’s arm. If it’s all black, it’s even more modern.



“Graham” is an emerging brand founded in 1995, named after the 17th century British genius watchmaker George Graham, who is said to be the “father of chronographs”. The theme is British watches, but production is done in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, where it is based. The main force is of course the chronograph. The representative work is this “Chrono Fighter”. The trigger at 9 o’clock is the biggest feature of this model. It was inspired by a Royal Air Force watch that allowed bomber pilots to operate the chronograph with their thumbs while wearing gloves during World War II. A unique piece with a mechanic gimmick and form that tickles the man’s heart.

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