A "charming" watch. Adult fashion watches to look for in Nixon

A “charming” watch. Adult fashion watches to look for in Nixon

A wristwatch that not only serves as a gear to know the time, but is also increasingly demanding fashion. The United States will explain the charm of “Nixon” in the air of California.

A lifestyle brand born in the United States. “Nixon” watches have a great sense

Born in California, Nixon’s watchline started in 1998, targeting people who enjoy so-called horizontal sports such as surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. Nowadays, it has grown into a brand that is supported by all streets, but the reason for its popularity is its high design and abundant variations. In addition to the original role of a wristwatch that “sees time,” it is attracting attention as a “attractive” wristwatch that is said to be “liked” by the people around it.

From California. Know the brand “Nixon”

“Nixon” was born in 1989 in Encinitas, California, USA. Initially, as a watch brand for people who enjoy 3S sports such as surf, skate, and snow, we have started selling mainly at board shops. Nowadays, the variations are expanded and formal models are also available. In addition, bags and accessories are also available in the lineup.

Adults are crazy about both authentic functions and trend-picking designs.

“Nixon” has a wide variety of lineups, including big faces that match the streets, colorful models that can be enjoyed by ladies, and 3 needles that are familiar to business. Not only the appearance but also the high functionality is solid because it originated from a sports brand. Especially in surf watches, we have established a position as a royal road brand, and we have many models equipped with various functions such as high waterproofness, GPS, tide graph, countdown timer.

From luxury-oriented to real surf. 10 Recommended “Nixon”

From the “Nixon” lineup, which has a wide variety of designs and functions, we have carefully selected 10 items that are addictive to the wrists of adults. Please find the perfect companion to accent your outfit.

Item 1


The classic model “Sentry”. This is a stainless steel model, and the contrast with gold creates a luxurious atmosphere. The SS case and breath are matte black, so there is no glossy impression. The case diameter is 42mm, which makes it suitable for a variety of outfits, from jackets to T-shirts.

Item 2


A thick bezel in a lumpy stainless steel case. Inspired by military watches, the “Corporal SS” is a simple type with three hands, but it has an outstanding presence at the wrist. The gunmetal color boosts it, while the silver index exudes a summery feel. The familiar large Arabic numerals are also truly iconic.

Item 3


This “base” is characterized by its rounded shape even in a square shape. With the attention of the 70’s style these days, it is a perfect design. Although it is a simple digital display, it has many functions such as a calendar, backlight, chronograph, and custom timer.

Item 4


“Regulus” that fed back the experience of former special forces members. The case is made of highly shock-absorbing Poron material, and shows its ruggedness along with the water-repellent and durable TPU80 strap and screw design. In terms of functions, it boasts a masterpiece of versatility such as dual time, dual chronograph, automatic calendar, and LED backlight.

Item 5


Speaking of “Nixon” watches, the first thing to mention is this “time teller”. It is good to use a silicone strap, a plastic case, and a cheap chic classic in the good sense of the bar index, but if you want to dress a little as an adult, this SS strap is recommended. The contrast between the dial and the strap is smart, but the bar index also accelerates the stylishness.

Item 6


Registered major tide data, 550 places of masterpiece. “Base Tide Pro” has appeared as a surf watch specialized for professional specifications. Highly durable and waterproof to 10 bar, which is water resistant for daily use. A double locking looper is used on the strap to prevent sudden dropouts, so you can rest assured even in active surf scenes. In addition, it has various functions such as dual time, alarm, and countdown timer, so it can be expected to be useful in various scenes.

Item 7


“Mission SS” that uses a touch screen. A case that combines a polycarbonate bezel with a stainless steel bezel and a gorilla crystal glass design that gives a rugged impression at first glance tickles the man’s heart. A smartwatch compatible with Android OS, full of functions compatible with sports such as surfing and snowboarding. By linking with a smartphone, you can get a huge amount of information.

Item 8


The model name “51” stands for 51mm in diameter, and 30 stands for waterproof 300m. Among the abundant “Nixon” lineup, this model, which is said to have a monster-class presence, is the first watch to be enjoyed in the summer. I thought that the third chronograph would be even more rugged, but the white face gave it a surprisingly sophisticated impression. It fits not only in the sea but also in urban buildings.

Item 9


“Stark” has a “unlikely” atmosphere in a good sense, with a Bauhaus-like neat facial index, a hairline-processed dial, and monotone coloring. While incorporating solid elements such as a convex bezel that takes into consideration the impact resistance to the windshield and a pseudo triple breath, it has a clean face that matches the business.

Item 10


At the end, this one that matches the trend of retro digital these days. This work “Doke Toe” is a remake model of the once popular digital watch. While acquiring a modern form, the voice notification function of date and time that can be operated with the push of a button is installed as it is. In addition, it seems that the voice is also particular about being arranged according to the date and time. The model now uses a rechargeable battery that can be powered from a PC. It works for up to 3 months on a full charge, but I’m happy to be able to charge it when I’m on the go.

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