A feeling of the near future. Star Wars is a good match for the masterpiece Digiana Watch

The 80’s style is in the limelight as second-hand clothing fashion shows unprecedented excitement. The pop style that makes you feel the connection with music and technology is nostalgic and fresh, but as a timepiece that shines on your wrist, the nostalgic Digiana watch is also enthusiastic. At the core of this is the retro watch collection called “Record Label” launched by “Citizen” in 2021. Speaking of “Citizen”, it is the pioneer of “Digiana” who created “Digiana” in 1978, which is the first full-scale combination quartz wristwatch made in Japan that can display both analog and digital time. is. In this “record label”, a model inspired by the company’s former masterpiece is released. Freshly seasoned collector’s coveted masterpieces such as the “Ana Digitemp”, which was released in 1982 and became a big hit overseas, and the “Eco Drive Proto”, which became the cornerstone of eco-driving, equipped with the latest photovoltaic power generation technology. It has been revived with the present age. Introducing this time is the long-awaited new work. If you hear that there are a limited number of 6 types that incorporate the characters of the movie “Star Wars” as a design motif, you can’t help but move your index finger.

This time, all 6 models called “Star Wars limited model” have appeared. The multi-functional square design peculiar to the base “Ana Digitemp” is kept as it is, and coloring and motifs that make you feel familiar characters such as R2-D2, his C-3PO, Darth Vader are incorporated everywhere. increase. In addition to digital and analog time display, the “Ana Digitemp” itself, which incorporates a sensor to measure temperature, is designed to remind you of the face of a robot in the first place, but the scooping that is not too close to the character that became the motif is also exquisite. I feel a sense of how to drop this, which makes me think “something like C-3PO”. Both “Star Wars” and “Citizen” Digiana watches are running side by side in the same era, and they have an outstanding affinity for both worldviews, which also enhances the charm of the watch itself. You can’t miss the point.

One of the highlights is the illustration of the character engraved on the back cover. All 6 characters, R2-D2, C-3PO, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, and BB-8, which are the motifs, are drawn with the movie logo. By the way, if you look closely at each model, it is quite a maniac to make details. For example, in the Darth Vader model, the sub dial on the upper right is the Death Star motif, and the beam emitted from the launch port acts as the second hand. The sub-dial of the R2-D2 model depicts the R2-D2 as seen from above. In each case, even the desires that the men who love Star Wars have sealed for a while are likely to re-boil. The only source of trouble is having to fight the temptation to complete Type 6. Then, let’s do it with the Force.

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