A world-class wristwatch. Seiko Divers are in Japan

A world-class wristwatch. Seiko Divers are in Japan

A professional diver’s watch that meets the specifications required for diving, yet is a perfect fit for everyday use. It is a favorite watch that condenses elements that tickle the man’s heart.

The ancestor of domestic divers’ watches. “Seiko Divers” is a staple of Japanese boys

Now, even in biz style, sports watches have completely acquired citizenship. Among them, divers’ watches are becoming more and more popular, but when considering purchasing, “Seiko Divers” is an inevitable option. The fact that it has a certain spec that can be used in actual diving, but it has a design that looks good on a business person, and above all, it is trusted by professionals. If there are so many elements that tickle the man’s heart, there is no reason not to feel attractive.

There are many beauty points in design, but I think many people are attracted to the strength of their presence. The diver’s rotating bezel, thick strap, and large model with a case diameter of around 44 mm are in the volume zone, and when you wear it on your wrist, it has more impact than you can imagine. However, it is not just a watch that stands out, but the important point is that it follows the authentic design of “Seiko” that has been established over a long history. That’s why it’s becoming more and more popular as a perfect fit for today’s business style. Also, recently, the movement to reprint past models has become active. Models with a diameter of about 40 mm are also becoming available, and are attracting attention from vintage watch fans.

Technological innovation of “Seiko Divers” that delves into from three archives

Such “Seiko Divers” celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2020. Even in its long history, the three models produced by the 1970s, including the first generation, which is the origin, are special models that are still popular in the vintage market. First, let’s look back on these three books along with history.

The first domestically produced “original”. History of “Seiko Divers” started in 1965

The model that became the origin of “Seiko Divers” appeared in 1965. At that time, when waterproof watches were still rare, it was born as the first domestically produced diver’s watch with a water resistance of 150 m. From the following year, it was donated as equipment for the wintering crew of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition, and it became known as a tough and reliable wristwatch that was used in all harsh places such as the Arctic and Everest. To go. Furthermore, since this model was derived from various sports watches other than diver’s watches, it is still very popular as a special model in the history of “Seiko”.

The one-piece case used in the 1968 model gains overwhelming reliability in the deep sea.

Three years after the first generation, a second model that achieved 300m water resistance by adopting a one-piece structure without a back cover appeared. Of course, 300m water resistance is the first feat of a domestic watch. In addition, the high beat mechanical move (10 vibrations), which was the highest level in the world at that time, improved the accuracy and visibility, further increasing the reliability as a professional tool. As a proof, this model was used by Japanese adventurer Naomi Uemura when he achieved the first Japanese climb to Everest. After that, the late model of the photograph with the improvement was carried when the dog sled ran alone in the Arctic Circle for 12,000 km. This second model is known as “Uemura Diver” from such an episode.

“Tuna cans” that are connected to the present age are now available. 1975 model with the first saturated diving specifications

“Seiko Divers” evolves with each passing year. In 1975, the world’s first diver’s watch was equipped with a titanium one-piece case. It was a wristwatch that could withstand saturated diving, which is rare in the world, with a complete professional spec of 600m water resistance. The exterior is characterized by a unique design in which the case body is covered with an outer body protector, and its columnar shape resembles a tuna can, so it has become popular among fans as it is, nicknamed “tuna can”. This work has such a lovely synonym, but it is quite pioneering, with 23 patents included in the exterior alone. It is a model that truly represents “Seiko”, which is unprecedented afterwards.

“Umami” that you should know before choosing “Seiko Divers”

Now, what about the modern “Seiko Divers”? Although there are various models, there is a common attraction. In particular, the variety of specifications and prices is remarkable. Let’s delve into the beauty that can be called “umami” when choosing “Seiko Divers”.

Point 1

Benefits of being made by “Seiko”. Enjoy a variety of highly functional movements

The movement of a wristwatch is one of the factors that greatly influences price and ownership. However, the Seiko Divers, which have a wide price range, have various movements for each model. For example, the reprint model is the 8L35, a movement exclusively for divers made by the “Shizukuishi Luxury Watch Studio”, a studio specializing in high-end mechanical watches that manufactures “Grand Seiko”. We also actively line up solar models and spring drives that are not only mechanical but also highly convenient. If there are so many types, it’s fun just to choose.

ISO and JIS diver’s watch standards modeled after “Seiko”

Diving in a tank in the oxygen-free sea. The original role of a diver’s watch is to support such unsuccessful acts. Since it is such a life-threatening tool, the required performance is strictly determined. That is the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) diver’s watch standards. In establishing it, the performance standards that Seiko has set as the standard for technological development for many years are used as a model. It’s an episode that supports the reliability of “Seiko Divers”.

You can enjoy the soul of domestic divers in a variety of price ranges

As I mentioned a little in the above points, the prices of “Seiko Divers” vary. Some models cost more than 500,000 yen on the top, while others are reasonably priced in the 30,000 yen range on the bottom. It should be noted that even such an inexpensive model firmly meets the basic specifications such as waterproof performance. No matter what price range you choose, you can feel the soul of domestic divers.

From classic to reprint. 11 “Seiko Divers” that tickle men’s desires

So far, we have unraveled the various charms of “Seiko Divers”. From here, let’s see what kind of model actually exists. We have carefully selected 11 models, including standard models, reprinted models that are currently being talked about, and models in the affordable price range.

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First divers reprinted in a limited edition of 1,700 to commemorate the 55th anniversary of “Seiko Divers”. The beautiful marine blue of the Antarctic Ocean, which can be said to be the starting point for this wristwatch, is incorporated into the dial color to express a fresh look. By adopting Everbrilliant Steel, which has the world’s highest level of corrosion resistance, the case makes you feel a long relationship. The movement is equipped with 8L35 made by “Shizukuishi Luxury Watch Studio”.



This second model, which was used by adventurer Naomi Uemura, is very popular among Seiko fans. Reprinted as a world-limited model of 2,500 pieces, this work faithfully reproduces the original, and if you like watches, you will be surprised at the workmanship. The characteristic case that draws a curve like a turtle shell is unique that other divers’ watches do not have. It is one that I would like to recommend to those who do not want to wear it with others.



This is also a reprint model commemorating the 55th anniversary. At that time, it was a third model developed as a wristwatch that can withstand deep sea diving deeper than 300 m, but this reprint model has realized waterproofing for saturated diving of 1,000 m. While using the same materials as those at that time, such as titanium protectors, the dial is newly made of pure iron to ensure a magnetic resistance of 40,000 A / m, which exceeds the two types of magnetic resistance in the JIS standard. The specifications are suitable for professional divers.



When you hear “Seiko Divers”, you should not forget “SBDX023” in the genealogy from “SBDX001”. “SBDX001” was introduced in 2000 as one of the professional use that packed the divers trend of the time with big, thick, heavy. After that, the model, which had been nicknamed “MM300” for a while both in Japan and overseas, continued to evolve into “SBDX017” and “SBDX019”, and this “SBDX023” was announced at the end of 2018. .. The basic elements such as 300m water resistance, which is the origin of the nickname, the installation of the luxury move 8L35 by Shizukuishi luxury watch studio, and the seamless one-piece case are inherited. In addition, this model now has a diamond shield on the surface and a more modern sapphire crystal windshield. And above all, I would like to pay attention to the installation of the ceramic bezel. Not only is it excellent in scratch resistance, but its unique luster fuels a sense of luxury.



The reprint of the first model already has a premier price, and it is still difficult to obtain it. However, one of the “modern designs” based on the first model with a modern twist is available at a relatively reasonable price. Although it is affordable, it meets the standard of waterproofing for diving of 200m, the windshield is sapphire glass, and the power reserve is about 70 hours, which is perfect in terms of specifications. The case diameter is also small, 40.5 mm, which is conscious of those days, so it goes well with suits.


“SBDC105” which is a variation of the above “SBDC101”. The dial is burnt brown, and the index and bezel markers are gold, which makes a big difference from the “SBDC101”. The real thing is not as strong as the image, and you can enjoy a withered vintage feeling that suits adults. It may be said that this is more like a first diver in that it uses a rubber strap instead of a metal breath.



Similar to the above “SBDC101” and “SBDC105”, “First Divers” is used as the design source, and here is the color that appeared as the 140th anniversary of “Seiko”. It has an exhilarating look based on blue and white, and shows an outstanding compatibility with summer dresses that feature white T and jeans. Actually, not only the color but also the bezel changes. Although the material is SS (stainless steel), the ruggedness is softened by polishing the finish from the streaks, and it has a clean face.



There are divers who meet the professional specifications in “Grand Seiko”. The polyhedral case, which demonstrates the brand’s design philosophy, is combined with a sharp and masculine bezel. The movement adopts the world’s highest peak 9F quartz that “Grand Seiko” is proud of. By adopting a movement that can move thick and heavy needles, which was difficult with conventional quartz, a dignified and dignified face is realized.



A global model that has become a long-selling product, nicknamed “Sumou” at home and abroad. There are various theories about the origin of the name, but it is also said that it is due to a voluminous case and a marker at 12 o’clock reminiscent of a large ginkgo tree. The case with a low center of gravity is easy to fit on the arm and gives a fearless impression. Equipped with the newly developed mechanical movement, 6R35, the continuous drive time has been greatly increased to about 70 hours.



This item has been nicknamed “Samurai” for some time, probably because the straight-cut rugs and the neat case give it a Japanese beauty. The heavy case that protrudes greatly from the bezel creates a powerful arm. It is relatively affordable at the 50,000 yen level, but it is a highly complete piece with details such as the use of a knurled crown to prevent slipping. This is a limited edition model in collaboration with the world’s largest diving education institution “PADI”.



The so-called “turtle” that uses a round case, which is similar to the second model explained above. The turtle is said to be the guardian deity of the sea among divers, and it is one of the most popular turtles in the sense of carrying a test. This color is a campaign model that supports marine conservation activities conducted by marine explorer Fabien Cousteau. The dial pattern that imitates the waves is impressive, and the off-white phosphorescent index boosts the retro atmosphere.

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