Adults who seek "beauty" in their watches have a Citizen Campanola.

Adults who seek “beauty” in their watches have a Citizen Campanola.

Knowing the exact time is not enough. I want to appreciate the beautiful appearance created by the craftsmanship. “Citizen” “Campanola” is a watch brand that fulfills the wishes of greedy adults.

“Beauty in the sky” that strikes the hearts of the viewer. Why are adults attracted to “Campanora”?

“Citizen” has many masterpieces of high-tech watches such as “Eco-Drive One”, “Satellite Wave” and “Exceed”. Among the brands developed by such talented manufacturers in Japan, “Campanora”, which debuted in 2000, stands out.

The name comes from the town of “Nora” located about 25km east-northeast of Naples, Italy. Since the 5th century BC, Nora has had a church bell that tells the time, and this bell is said to be the “founder of the clock” that made the community share the concept of time for the first time since history.

“Citizen”‘s technological capabilities are poured into “Campanola”, which pays homage to such historical heritage. The first model, which was announced in the year of its debut, attracted attention for its elaborate design that shows the essence of decorative technology. The design concept of “Campanora” is to confine the infinite universe in the clock with the keywords “universe” and “wa”. Certainly, the delicate multi-layered structure and dome-shaped curved sapphire glass found on the case and dial make the viewer feel the “beauty of the sky”. The microcosm called “Campanora” that dwells on your wrist gives an adult’s outfit a mysterious personality.

Bring the lost craftsmanship to your arm with “Campanora”

The lacquer-finished dial embodies the keyword “Japanese”, which is the design concept of “Campanora”. The dial, which is overlaid with lacquer by skilled craftsmen, is characterized by its moist texture and fine luster, giving it a dignity like a craft. And the attention to decoration is also invisible. The movement is decorated with a corrugated coat de Geneve, but it is rare for a brand to give such a decoration to a quartz movement, regardless of whether it is mechanical or mechanical. This kind of Japanese concern is also one of the reasons why watch lovers are fascinated.

Great achievement of sublimating “quartz” into a complex watch

One of the reasons why the first model of “Campanora” mentioned above surprised watch lovers is that it was equipped with a perpetual calendar (perpetual calendar) even though it was a quartz type. It can be said that the greatness of “Campanora” is that it overturns the common sense of the watch industry that “it is technically difficult to mount a complicated mechanism on a quartz watch” and gives it a sense of luxury comparable to mechanical watches. In recent years, models equipped with a mechanical movement from La Jou Pele of Switzerland have been developed, but there are many watch lovers who are particular about the quartz type, which is the essence of “Campanora”.

Seeing is believing. The mysterious scenery expressed by 10 “Campanora”

There are several collections in “Campanora”, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021. “Complication” with complicated mechanism, “mechanical” with mechanical, “Cosmosain” that reproduces the sky, “Eco-drive” driven by sunlight, “Moon phase” that can be used in unisex, and so on. Below are 10 books that you can enjoy the aesthetics of “Campanora”.


Minute repeater Rukon AH4080-01L

The popular models in the “Complication” collection are equipped with four complex mechanisms: minute repeater, moon phase, perpetual calendar, and chronograph. The minute repeater of the famous mechanism has been devised to change the tone of the alarm in the morning, noon, and evening, and the sound is also a clear tone reminiscent of a real bell. The dial has a dark blue lacquer finish, which is also a brand color, and the color close to black makes you imagine the depths of the universe. SS case, size 43 mm, quartz type.


Minute Repeater Hoshino Shizuku AH7060-53F

“Hoshizuku” from the “Complication” collection is a work of conscience where you can enjoy the aesthetic sense of the brand. The highlight is the dial that makes full use of transcendental skill. The appearance of the star of Raden in the night sky expressed by the lacquer-finished dial is like a starry sky. The part that displays the day of the week is decorated with white pearl oysters, expressing the waterscape that reflects the moon. In addition to the minute repeater, it is equipped with functions such as a perpetual calendar and a 24-hour display. SS case, size 42.5mm, quartz type.


Perpetual calendar AG6250-50A

“Perpetual calendar” of “complication” that creates an elegant mood with a tonneau (barrel) type case that combines cubic curved surfaces. This mechanism, also known as a perpetual calendar, automatically changes dates by month or leap year. You can easily display the year, day, and day of the week for the 200 years from March 1, 1900 to February 28, 2100. The details that embody the “beauty of the sky”, such as the floating hands and the smooth curves of the dial, are also highlights. SS case, size 41 x 52.8 cm, quartz type.


Mechanical Collection Kasanekyo NZ0000-07L

La Jou Pele, which provides movements to many high-end brands. This is one from the collection “Mechanical” equipped with the mechanical movement. The highlight of the model commemorating the 20th anniversary of the debut of “Campanora” is the dial with the transcendental skill of traditional craftsmen. Cut shells are sprinkled on the overcoated lacquer, and the carefully polished dial and the delicate mother-of-pearl work on the outer circumference create an overwhelming sense of luxury. The big date at the top of the dial also has an outstanding presence. SS case, size 42 mm, self-winding.


Mechanical Collection NZ0000-58W

At first glance, it looks simple, but when you look closely, the dial has an elegant motif. The wave pattern reminiscent of a sand pattern drawn by electroplating technique creates a special sense of luxury. The blue skeleton hands that shine on the white dial also give an elegant accent. The mechanical movement of La Jou Perret, which achieves high precision with 28,800 high-beat vibrations per hour, is also a strong point of this model. SS case, size 42 mm, self-winding.


Cosmo sign CTV57-1231

“Cosmosain” is a collection with the strongest image of “universe” among the many models of “Campanora”. The biggest feature is that the movement and phases of the stars in the sky are expressed in the actual orbit. On the constellation board, where the position of the constellations changes with the passage of time, 1,027 stars of different sizes for each grade are displayed in four colors for each spectrum. If you look into it with a loupe, you can enjoy the scenery like a planetarium. SS case, 44mm, quartz type.


Cosmo sign AO4010-51E

One of the most popular models in the “Cosmo Sign” collection. The jet-black dial accurately lays out 1,027 stars found at latitude 35 degrees north and 166 nebulae and clusters such as the Andromeda Galaxy. It is also a point that the visibility of the constellations is higher than the conventional model due to the directional altitude line colored in gray and the windshield with 99% clarity coating. The belt is the first metal band specification of “Cosmosain”. SS case, size 44 mm, quartz type.


Cosmo sign AA7800-02L

One of the “Cosmo Sign” collections with the theme of “Moon”. The dial, which boldly displays the phases of the moon, is an excellent design that allows you to read the age of the moon at a glance, as well as a high-impact visual. In addition, the position of the sun at the displayed time is also displayed by the annual trajectory showing the position of the sun. The moon graphic accurately expresses the position of the crater, and you can feel the particularity of “Campanora”. SS case, size 45 mm, quartz type.


Eco-Drive Amairohoshi BU0020-62A

Citizen’s original “Eco-Drive” equipped model is also available. This is a drive system that moves the needle with sunlight and does not require regular battery replacement. Furthermore, thanks to the flexible solar that absorbs light with the ring-shaped cell of the dial, high charging efficiency is achieved in a small area. The popular model “Tensaisei” has a sunray-finished indial at 12 o’clock that expresses the sun, and a lacquer-finished indial at 6 o’clock that expresses the night sky. It creates a sense of luxury that you can’t think of as a solar-powered watch. SS case, size 43.5 mm, quartz type.


Moon phase Yuzuru EZ2000-06A

The collection “Moon Phase” that can be used even in unisex. The well-balanced 36mm case can be used not only by men but also by women. “Yuzu”, which has a dial that expresses the waves of the moon in a radial pattern, pays attention to the sub-dial with elaborate technique. The sub-dial, which expresses the night sky with lacquer and Raden, has a moon phase with the Venus of the moon. The taste that the expression changes every month is also stylish. SS case, size 36 mm, quartz type.

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