Advanced technology for domestic watches that can be enjoyed for less than 900 dollars. Introducing Atessa is a new interpretation of the solar watch

Advanced technology for domestic watches that can be enjoyed for less than 900 dollars. Introducing Atessa is a new interpretation of the solar watch

“Atessa” is a part of domestic watches and symbolizes the advanced technology of “Citizen”. The new work released to celebrate the 35th anniversary is a more innovative model than ever before.

What was released for the 35th anniversary was one that made us feel the new horizon of “Atessa”.

“Atessa” will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the brand in 2022. “Atessa”, which means “expectation” in Italian, is a brand with high-performance models that represent “Citizen”. If you like watches, you will be familiar with them as a part of domestic watches. It is a brand that has acquired outstanding reliability in the business scene by incorporating the advanced technology of “Citizen”. In 2019, we will flexibly respond to diversifying lifestyles, such as announcing the “Atessa Actline” that crosses work and private life. It is a reliable brand that tightens casual style from the wrist as well as suits.

And what appears in the 35th anniversary year is the “new innovation” that belongs to such “Atessa Actline”. The “Actline Triple Calendar Moon Phase” has a unique design that destroys the crisp image of “Atessa” while maintaining the high functionality of “Atessa”. I will thoroughly read “Atessa” and, by extension, the same model that makes me feel the future of domestic watches.

The past and present of “Atessa”, which symbolizes the technology of “Citizen”

As mentioned earlier, “Atessa” is a brand that collects the best of advanced technology that “Citizen” is proud of. In addition to its highly sensitive design, the new “Actline Triple Calendar Moon Phase” is a model that allows you to fully enjoy the technical aspects that the brand has accumulated so far as it bears the name of “Atessa”. While looking back on the history of “Atessa”, let’s introduce the technical aspects of the “Actline Triple Calendar Moon Phase”.

▼ “Expectations” that we put in 35 years ago. “Atessa” which was also the start of domestic high-tech watch

* The image is an archive of “Atessa” released in 1993.

Titanium is now commonly used as a material for wristwatches. It is lighter than stainless steel, rust-resistant, and allergy-free, which is suitable for wristwatches, but it is difficult to process. In fact, it took a long time to put it into a wristwatch. What to hide, “Citizen” was the first in the world to create such a titanium watch in 1970. “Atessa” was born in 1987 with its technological superiority brought to the fore. “Atessa” was born as a symbol of technological breakthrough, and has been equipped with various advanced technologies since then. As a result, the brand will grow into a representative of “Citizen.”

In addition, the titanium used in the current “Atessa” gives off a luster that can be mistaken for stainless steel, and boasts a surface hardness that is more than five times that of general stainless steel due to its unique coating technology. Moreover, not only the material but also the contents have greatly evolved. In addition to the “photovoltaic eco-drive” described later, it has been equipped with high-tech functions such as radio wave reception and GPS satellite radio wave reception one after another, and has definitely grown into a world leader in this field.

▼ Inherit to the new model. What are “Citizen”‘s specialty “Eco Drive” and “Super Titanium”?

“Atessa” whose technology is often noticed. In particular, there are two major advanced mechanisms that are mentioned.

The first is the “photovoltaic eco-drive” mentioned above. Photovoltaic power generation, which does not require regular battery replacement and is a sustainable mechanism that suits the times, is a technology that can be said to be a specialty, when “Citizen” developed the world’s first analog photovoltaic power generation watch in 1976. The biggest feature of “eco-drive” is “efficiency”. It can generate electricity not only from sunlight but also from a small amount of indoor lighting, and if it is fully charged, it can be used for more than half a year even in the dark (* Some models have a drive period of less than half a year). And the highly efficient power generation of “Eco-Drive” has made it possible to further expand the range of wristwatch designs. In the model equipped with “Eco-Drive”, there are physical restrictions such as stacking a dial that emphasizes design rather than transmittance on the solar panel, and arranging a ring-shaped solar panel on the outer periphery of the dial. Can be minimized.

Titanium is a suitable material for wristwatches because it is light, allergy-free, and rust-resistant. However, titanium is also a soft metal. Therefore, it has the disadvantage of being difficult to process and easily scratched. However, “Citizen” overcomes this problem with its unique processing technology. Titanium has been transformed into a strong and beautiful material named “Super Titanium” by the processing technology that does not go out of the gate. This “Super Titanium” weighs about half that of ordinary stainless steel. Moreover, the unique surface hardening treatment “Duratect” achieves a surface hardness that is more than five times that of stainless steel. You no longer have to worry about small scratches that will inevitably stick while you are wearing it. Of course, the “Actline Triple Calendar Moon Phase” also uses this “Super Titanium”.

Let me give you an example of how excellent “Super Titanium” is. The private lunar exploration program “HAKUTO-R” developed by the Japanese space startup company “ispace”. When you hear that it is also used in some parts of the legs of the moon lander, does it convey the excellence of “Super Titanium”? The reason for its adoption is that it is extremely lightweight while having sufficient strength to withstand the impact of landing, and because the surface is smooth, there is little friction. Most of the space materials to which the latest technology of the era is introduced are very expensive because they are not on the market or even if they are mass-produced. However, anyone can get it by buying “Citizen” products such as “Super Titanium” and “Atessa”. I am surprised at the high level of technology that can mass-produce such materials, and I am happy to feel the romance of wearing space materials.

A wristwatch that feels the “future”. Unraveling the new work of “Atessa Actline” from three perspectives

So far, we have focused on the technology that Atessa has accumulated, but that is not the only attraction of the brand’s 35th anniversary new work, Atessa Actline Triple Calendar Moon Phase. In terms of design, the finish is very appealing.

▼ Viewpoint 1: A new interpretation of the triple calendar + moon phase hidden in the spacey features

As the model name suggests, this new work is equipped with a triple calendar and moon phase. The triple calendar is a convenient practical function that displays the month, day of the week, and date, and the moon phase is a function that visually expresses the phases of the moon. Usually, the more multifunctional watches you have, the more appealing it will be and the more traffic jams you will see on the dial. In addition, the moon phase has a strong classical image, and it tends to determine the impression of a wristwatch by itself. However, this model successfully drops the multifunctional display between the design eye points such as the metal ring placed at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock and the index with a three-dimensional effect, and expresses the moon phase in metallic monotone. Produces a modern beauty. Coupled with the sporty taste that it originally has, it has a look that matches the active and luxurious contemporary sensibility.

By the way, as an aside, it is the first time in more than 10 years that the “ATTESA” brand logo has been engraved on the dial. This is an episode that shows how special this work is.

▼ Viewpoint 2: A multi-layered dial with a high-quality feel that overturns the premise of solar watches

▼ Viewpoint 3: Covers from business to casual. Three variations that you won’t regret no matter which one you choose

“Atessa” has been loved by many business people because of its exceptional practicality. Of course, the “Actline Triple Calendar Moon Phase” has inherited that tradition and is finished as a model that will play an active role in the business scene. In addition to its functionality, the three-dimensional dial that can be seen from the sleeves of the jacket is also effective as an accent for coordination. In addition, the elaborate and luxurious looks will give you the impression that you can work and trust. On top of that, there is only one “Atessa Actline” that has sportiness, and the point of this model is that it can be used casually. “Actline Triple Calendar Moon Phase” has a design that is perfect for the times when diverse work styles are recommended. Let’s explain each of the three models.

A black dial model in which silver titanium, which gives off a high-quality shine, upgrades various styles.

The most versatile color that can be used in both business and off-scene situations is the combination of silver and black. The multi-faceted sporty case and band give an active and youthful impression. The black dial highlights the shiny silver parts of the metal ring and index, creating a crisp look. Its cool looks will play an active role not only as a suit but also as a tightener for casual styles.

Gray dial model that has acquired the calmness of adults by adopting a leather band

Models with calf leather bands are also available for the “Actline Triple Calendar Moon Phase”. The leather band has a classical image, but by choosing leather with a matte texture that is close to urethane material, we are particular about adding a sporty taste. Based on the gray dial that changes its expression depending on how the light hits, the technical design is also perfect, such as combining the band and black, which is a similar color, to create a sense of unity. Even if you wear it in a formal place, you will not forget the activity while having a dignity that will not be out of place. It is one that stands out as an “Atessa Act Line” that crosses on and off.

Seasonal gold x black combination model that also captures luxury air

What to hide, “gold” has emerged as one of the recent watch trends. In particular, the model using pink gold, which is easy for Japanese people to adopt, is in the middle. Pink gold, which gives off a softer shine compared to yellow gold, has a glaring impression and insists on a moderate luster. This model is a casual and sporty one that is multiplied by black. By adopting the original surface hardening treatment “Duratect DLC” for the case and band, in addition to high scratch resistance, the smooth and elegant shine unique to the same processing is obtained. Of course, it also contributes to the upgrade of casual style. From the protagonist of a masculine rugged outfit to the tightening role of a relaxed style, it will be useful for a wide range of coordination “high-looking”.

Enjoy the near future of solar watches for under 100,000 yen this winter

The “Actline Triple Calendar Moon Phase”, which appeared on the 35th anniversary of the brand’s birth, has become a model that opens up a new horizon for “Atessa”. Until now, “Atessa” has gained popularity due to its functional convenience and high reliability packed with the latest technology of “Citizen”. The new work has added the new value of advanced design to it. And what makes me happy is that such a model is priced at 100,000 yen including tax. The “Actline Triple Calendar Moon Phase” has undergone changes that not only pursue technology, but also adapt to the changing lifestyles of people. Not only “Atessa” fans, but also those who have never picked up “Atessa” should know this model

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