An activity meter to accompany sports Watches. 14 stylish books that I would like to recommend to first-time users

The world is an unprecedented health boom. In response to that trend, the activity meter has become a hit item. We will introduce the advantages of using this item and recommended models.

Our strong ally for exercising. What is an activity meter?

Our strong ally for exercising.  What is an activity meter?

An activity meter that is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Also known as an active tracker, this item is a gadget that records all user activity. Many models measure steps, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep data to visualize user activity. By doing so, you can see your condition at a glance, which helps to motivate you to exercise and manage your health. High-performance models have various exercise menus, for example, GPS overlays the running log on the map in walking mode, and measures the altitude gained and climbing pace in mountain climbing mode. It is used for a wide range of purposes, from light people who want to solve lack of exercise to full-fledged athletes who want to know their own strengthening points.

What is different from a smartwatch? Check along with what you can do with an activity meter

In recent years, many people recognize that “activity meter = smart watch”, but is there a difference between “activity meter” and “smart watch”? Strictly speaking, products that specialize in activity records have been called activity meters. However, with the birth of smartwatches, almost all smartwatches have the function of an activity meter. Therefore, the recognition that “activity meter = smart watch” is not a mistake.

What is different from a smartwatch?  Check along with what you can do with an activity meter

However, there are smart watches that are closer to the active tracker, which is convenient for taking action records, and those that are closer to the smart watch-like function that allows you to check emails and SNS and manage schedules, so you need to select them according to the purpose. there is. For example, items closer to active trackers are characterized by their light weight and long battery life. On the contrary, the smart watch-like type represented by Apple Watch has a slightly larger battery life of less than one day.

The basic “ki”. Measurement of steps, distance traveled, and calories burned

The basic "ki".  Measurement of steps, distance traveled, and calories burned

The most basic function of the activity meter is pedometer. Steps are the basis of your daily activities and are equipped with any cheap active tracker. It is also possible to calculate the stride length from the height, weight, and age to determine the distance traveled, and to calculate the estimated calorie consumption. If you want to know the distance traveled more accurately, you should choose a model that can obtain location information by linking with the GPS of the smartwatch, or a model that has a built-in GPS.

Because you can’t see it yourself. Measurement of vitals such as heart rate and blood pressure

Because you can't see it yourself.  Measurement of vitals such as heart rate and blood pressure

Heart rate monitors are often not installed in inexpensive models under 5,000 yen. Heart rate is a very important indicator for training and managing your health. During training, you can know your exercise intensity and your limits by heart rate, and from the research results that your heart rate rises before you get sick, you can use it for health management by constantly monitoring. If you want to use your active tracker more for training efficiency and health, choose a model with a heart rate monitor.

“Visualization” of sleep time and sleep quality

"Visualization" of sleep time and sleep quality

One of the benefits of choosing an active tracker with heart rate is that you can do sleep analysis. This is because sleep analysis is measured from heart rate. The content of the sleep analysis is to measure sleep stages such as REM sleep and non-REM sleep in addition to sleep time. You will be able to objectively look back on the quality of sleep that you could only understand by feeling. This analysis is surprisingly accurate, and the numerical visualization of sleep quality makes it possible to understand the causes of physical condition and fatigue.

To you who will not be disappointed during your workout. After all the notification function is convenient

To you who will not be disappointed during your workout.  After all the notification function is convenient

As mentioned earlier, smartwatches and active trackers are almost synonymous these days. Even smart watches that are closer to the active tracker will link to your smartphone and display incoming calls, emails, and calendar notifications on the screen. The notification function, which allows you to know various information at your wrist, is a convenient function when you need to concentrate on work or training because you do not have to take out your smartphone one by one.

Covered by 3 types. Pick up the latest type of activity meter

From here, we will introduce recommended models. The first two categories are both models commonly referred to as smartwatches, but their personalities are very different. Let’s add a model specialized for activity meters and explain in detail what kind of person should choose what.

▼ Type 1: Lightweight and long battery “band type” that can be layered with a wristwatch

Let’s start with the band type that is most suitable for active tracker applications. The band type is an integrated model that literally has a tracker body built into the band. It’s compact and lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the weight of your watch while exercising. This band type is especially recommended for those who want to collect sleep data. Because the existence of the clock is most worrisome during sleep. The monitor is compact because it is small, but you can also use notification functions such as incoming calls and emails on your smartphone.


“Garmin” vivosmart 4 Regular

"Garmin" vivosmart 4 Regular

Click here for the band-type active tracker from the world-famous professional instrument manufacturer “Garmin” in the United States. Lightweight at only 16.4g, it is in a band type with many resin cases, and aluminum is used for the bezel, giving it a luxurious feel. It can be said that it is the highest peak in its class in terms of functionality, and it is possible not only to collect basic activity data such as steps and heart rate, but also to measure blood oxygen concentration, body energy amount and stress value. Of course, it is also equipped with a notification function, so you can know the contents of emails and calendars with your wrist, and you can also control the music of your smartphone. In addition, the battery life that is worrisome is one week, so it can be said that the performance of the activity meter is sufficient.

“Huawei” Band4 Pro

"Huawei" Band4 Pro

Compared to other companies’ models, the band-integrated type of “Huawei” has a larger monitor and uses an organic EL panel, so the color expression and the amount of information are very excellent. In addition, it is extremely rare that the band is integrated with GPS, which is a major feature of this model. Naturally, you can collect basic biometric data such as steps, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep, and it also has a notification function. Furthermore, it is a big attraction that the battery lasts for 10 days even though it is a large monitor.


“Oppo” band style

"Oppo" band style

“Oppo” shows remarkable growth worldwide. The ring-shaped lugs placed around the vertically long body that fits around the arm make it a very stylish “band style” model. Although the price is less than 5,000 yen, it is equipped with an optical heart rate sensor and an optical blood oxygen level sensor, and can measure blood oxygen concentration in addition to heart rate. Equipped with an organic EL touch screen, the screen is beautiful, and above all, the long battery life of 12 days is also the reason for its popularity.


“Fitbit” Inspire 2

"Fitbit" Inspire 2

“Fitbit” has been an active tracker since before the appearance of smart watches and is still very popular as a top brand of activity meters. The band-type tracker of “Fitbit” is “Inspire 2”. Although the screen is small, you can also receive notifications from your smartphone, and it has a reputation for being extremely accurate in its activity meter function because it is a prestigious tracker in the world. In particular, it has a good reputation for the accuracy of sleep analysis, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the best in the industry in terms of usability, such as scoring the quality of sleep.


“Amazfit” band 5

"Amazfit" band 5

“Zepp” is an up-and-coming brand in China. The biggest feature of this “Band 5” is that you can use Amazon Alexa, a voice assistant that is unusual for the band type. It also has a very good battery life of up to 15 days. Of course, the tracker function is also substantial, and it is possible to track swimming as well as step count, heart rate, sleep analysis, and because it is highly waterproof. The ability to measure stress levels and score your health is also a popular secret.

▼ Type 2: For those of you who can’t wear a watch. “Smart watch type” is easy to use

Next, we would like to introduce models that everyone thinks of as a smart watch, with enhanced smart functions in addition to the activity meter function. With a large monitor and a high-performance processor, there are many things you can do. There is also a model with an electrocardiogram sensor as an activity meter, a unique center for stress measurement, and a skin temperature measurement function, and it is characterized by considerably higher performance than the band type type closer to the active tracker. However, it is larger in size and has a shorter battery life than the band type. However, the convenience of having a microphone and speaker, using a voice assistant, and navigating with the built-in GPS is attractive enough to make up for that weakness. Choose this if you want to use it hard not as an activity meter but also in business.


“Fitbit” sense

"Fitbit" sense

It can be said that the “sense” of “Fitbit” has the highest activity meter function among the existing smart watches. In addition to basic measurement such as step count and heart rate, it is packed with unique advanced functions such as the function to measure the stress level from skin sweat at the sensor level and the measurement of skin temperature. Also, only “Fitbit” can use Google Assistant and two major voice assistants for Amazon Alexa. If you want to experience the cutting edge of smart watches, this “sense” is the perfect model.


“Garmin” Phoenix 6S

"Garmin" Phoenix 6S

The “Garmin” smartwatch is an authentic brand loved by professional athletes for its toughness and accuracy. “Phoenix” is the flagship model of such “Garmin”. Especially GPS accuracy is with origami. After all, Garmin is a global authority on GPS devices that once provided GPS equipment to the US military and is still developing flight instruments. Therefore, it is possible to take navigation and accurate movement records in various activities such as mountain climbing, golf, and skiing. Also, at the marathon, Pace Pro, which proposes a pace that matches the person’s ability, is also available. Suica’s touchless payment is also possible, and it will be useful not only for training but also for every aspect of daily life.


“Garmin” For Athletes 55

"Garmin" For Athletes 55

The “Phoenix” of “Garmin” that I have already introduced is a flagship model that costs nearly 100,000 yen. But with this model, you can enjoy the high performance of “Garmin” for the 20,000 yen range. In addition to step count measurement, distance measurement, calorie consumption measurement, and sleep analysis, the GPS function for sale allows you to accurately record various activities such as running, walking, and swimming. Even though it has such high performance, it has a battery life of 2 weeks, which is comparable to that of the band type.


“Huawei” GT2 Pro

"Huawei" GT2 Pro

Click here for the high-end “GT2” series of “Huawei”. The luxurious case that combines titanium, ceramics, and different materials is attractive. Equipped with more than 100 training modes such as running, skiing, and golf, it is also possible to measure blood oxygen concentration. It is equipped with GPS and can also perform navigation. In addition, you can install your own voice assistant and music data on the main unit, which makes it useful for everyday use.


“Apple Watch” series 6

"Apple Watch" series 6

“Apple Watch” is synonymous with smart watches. The focus tends to be on smart features such as the presence of the smart voice assistant Siri and the ability to install third-party apps, but it also has first-class performance as an active tracker. The latest model can measure electrocardiogram and blood oxygen concentration, and can perform highly accurate health management by combining with basic data such as step count and heart rate. “Apple Watch” overwhelms other brands with smart functions such as Apple pay, which is a pioneer of cashless payment, and an outstanding number of apps. In recent years, it has been increasing its presence in the field of activity meters.

▼ Type 3: I don’t want to wrap anything around my arm! If you think, “pocket-in type” is better

Finally, let me introduce a proper item that specializes in activity meters. In recent years, active trackers are becoming quite rare because the wristwatch type is the mainstream, but it is recommended for those who want to wear a normal watch with their arms but want to record their activities. The disadvantage is that you can’t measure your heart rate because there is no part that sticks to your body, but the biggest advantage is that the battery lasts for several months because of its simple function.


“Tanita” Calorism"Tanita" Calorism

“Tanita” has released various measuring devices such as weight scales. “Calo Rhythm” is an active tracker that can measure the number of steps, the amount of fat burned, the amount of calories burned, and the distance traveled. Actions can be classified into “walking”, “running”, “life”, and “rest” stages, and calories burned and fat burning amount can be displayed for each action. In addition, the measurement data is transferred to the smartphone via Bluetooth, and the graph can be displayed with the dedicated app, which is useful for health management. It is also attractive that the battery lasts for about 3 months.


“OMRON” Calorie Scan

"OMRON" Calorie Scan

A compact active tracker with eye-catching vivid coloring. The feature is that the barometric pressure sensor and the acceleration sensor automatically determine the running on flat ground and stairs, and the number of steps taken up the stairs can be measured separately. Also, if you set the weight you want to lose in 4 months, it will automatically propose the daily activity target amount, and when you reach it, a special message will be displayed and you can maintain your diet motivation. Battery life is enough for about 3 months.


“Yamasa Clock Instrument” My Calories

"Yamasa Clock Instrument" My Calories

“Yamasa Clock Instrument” is famous for pedometers and weight scales. This model can judge various situations such as “commuting”, “desk work”, “walking”, “housework”, and measure the calorie consumption for each scene. In addition, in order to clear the amount of exercise that is a guideline for health, the health management function performed by a unique index that combines exercise intensity and exercise time is also a major feature. The battery life is as long as about 10 months, so you can use it without worrying about the remaining battery power.


“Doritech” Daily Partner

"Doritech" Daily Partner

“Daily Partner” of “Doritech” is an item that you can get a precise activity record even if you can get it for less than 1,000 yen. Equipped with a 3D sensor, this model that can record activities even if you put it in your pocket or bag can measure the number of steps, distance display, calories burned, and fat burning amount. It weighs only about 24g and has a battery life of about 6 months, which is convenient enough.

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