An ant that comes into play from business to the outdoors. Gaze at the collaboration watch of Q & Q x The Suit Company

Now that watches are becoming more popular among adults than ever before, it is inevitable that we want to wear “good things”. If you are particular about the design, form, specifications, price, etc., the wristwatch is not sharp, but if it is easy to use and the price is modest, everyone will want to invite it as the second and third. If so, the one you want to check is born this time. It is a collaboration work of “Q & Q”, a watch brand that boasts the best cost performance in the industry, and “The Suit Company”, which has a strong presence in the recent business scene.

The base watch is the “Smile Solar” in “Q & Q”, and the “20BAR series”, which has a good reputation for its activity. Since solar power generation is driven by sunlight or light, there is no need to replace the battery. With a continuous drive time of about 3.5 months on a full charge, you will not have to worry about running out of battery.

The functionality is not limited to that, and it is fully equipped with a water resistance of 20 bar that can be installed in marine sports. The specs that support tough environments such as the rainy season, outdoor scenes where the weather changes easily, and activities at the waterside are really attractive. You can’t miss the fact that it has a lightweight body of about 31g while being equipped with these functions.

Let’s take a look at the design again. The diamond-shaped design at 12 o’clock, the index that expresses the phosphorescent paint that has turned brown due to aging, and the extra-thick bezel based on matte black make it a feature that will make divers love. By adding a NATO belt, a slight military feel is added. The fluorescent paint on the needles will look great in the camping scene. By the way, “The Suit Company” is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The index is casually decorated with the letter “20”, giving it a special feeling that is unique to a bespoke model.

This work can be worn comfortably in the recent business style and can be actively used outdoors on weekends. I think it’s expensive … but that’s “Q & Q” with trust and achievements. Affordable price of 7,480 yen including tax. The definition of “good thing” in a wristwatch is broad, but this collaboration watch, which has both functionality and design, is definitely one that should be noted.

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