Apple Watch Band.Introducing 15 popular brands

It is recommended that you change the band to differentiate your Apple Watch Band, which has a “fog problem” with its surroundings due to its popularity. Introducing carefully selected 15 notable brands!

Let’s change the band and show off your personality with the popular Apple Watch

Smartwatches with a variety of features are gaining in popularity. The Apple Watch is a typical example. There is a reassurance that many people are using the same thing because they have many loyal users, but there is also the aspect that they tend to be fogged with other people.

You may find yourself unsatisfied if you want to create a little more personality.

Apple Watch Band

In that respect, Apple Watch makes it easy to arrange the looks by changing the band. The variation of the dedicated band is increasing year by year.

If you have a replacement band, you can change it according to the scene, mood, and coordination, so you can use your Apple Watch more fun and fashionably. Originally, the Apple Watch comes with a band, but let’s add new items to add your own personality!

Don’t forget to check. Checkpoints when choosing an Apple Watchband

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a replacement Apple Watch band. Choosing your favorite color and design is a major premise, so here are some other important points to check!

Compatibility with Apple Watch itself

The first thing to check when choosing a band is the compatibility with the main unit. Be sure to check the size in particular. Apple Watch Series 1-3 are available in sizes 38mm and 42mm, and series 4-6 and SE are available in sizes 40mm and 44mm, so choosing a compatible band is an absolute requirement.

Apple Watch Band

Since the band is used as a set with the main body, don’t forget to consider not only the design of the band alone but also the color compatibility with the main body!

Material suitable for the scene to wear

The band for Apple Watch has a wide variety of materials as well as colors and designs.

Impressions and usability will change significantly, so let’s take a look at the characteristics of each material. The most suitable for the business scene is made of metal such as stainless steel.

The leather also has an elegant atmosphere and can be used for both on and off as it fits into casual coordination.

Apple Watch Band

In addition, the type using silicone resin or nylon gives a casual and light impression. If you use it for sports or workouts, it is hygienic to choose a band made of water-resistant material and wash it frequently.

Brands that match your taste

The Apple Watch is made by Apple Inc. and has a large selection of genuine exclusive bands. However, there are many bands for Apple Watch released by other brands called third parties. If you include them as candidates, your options will expand considerably. It also increases the chances of encountering your favorite items.

Review it just in case. How to remove and replace the Apple Watch belt

If you understand it, changing the band on your Apple Watch is pretty easy. Let’s check again here so that you will not trip over when you need to replace it. To remove the band, simply slide the band sideways while pressing the buttons near the upper and lower connections on the back of the case. The band can be easily pulled out by pressing the button firmly.

To attach the band, simply slide the band sideways to fit it. If you hear a click, it is proof that it is firmly fixed. Once you get used to it, it doesn’t take much time and effort, so you can freely change the band and enjoy the arrangement.

See by material. 15 popular brands of Apple Watch bands suitable for adults

From here, we will introduce popular brands of bands for the Apple Watch. While picking up recommended items from each brand, we will show them by material. If you find a brand or item that interests you, research other variations and find the one that suits you best!

▼ Material 1: Metal Apple Watchband

A metal band has a luxe feel that is suitable for the business scene. The mesh material, which has a slightly casual feel, can be used for almighty regardless of the scene, and the metal breath type, which is also used for luxury watches, matches the orthodox business suit without difficulty.

Apple Watch Band

If you give top priority to the sense of security, you can’t lose the genuine model of “Apple”. We have a rich lineup of designs using materials such as stainless steel, leather, silicone, and nylon.

Among them, the “Milanese Loop” made of stainless steel mesh is recommended. Although it is luxurious, it has a moderately casual feel and can be worn in any scene. The magnet type infinite adjustment specification makes it extremely easy to use.


“Elecom” which has a good reputation for digital gadgets and peripherals has also released a wide variety of Apple Watch bands. Milanese type woven with stainless steel is also available.

Apple Watch Band

It has excellent breathability and durability and is resistant to water and sweat, so it is also useful in the sports scene. Since the price is relatively reasonable, it is recommended to have it as a spare or a second one.


This is also a Milanese-type stainless mesh band. Most of the other brands are one-tone, which is a standard color, but this “SBG” has a variety of colors such as red, blue, and light pink.

Apple Watch Band

In addition, a sporty type with a red line in black is also available. Apple Watch bands made from other materials are also available.

“Case Tiffy”

“Case Tiffy” is a brand that proposes smartphone cases based in LA. It is also very popular on SNS and is used by celebrities all over the world.

Apple Watch Band

The stainless steel “metal link bracelet band” is a popular band for Apple Watch. When attached, it gives a luxe feel like a luxury wristwatch.


It is highly practical and convenient because it does not require adjustment tools. You can add and remove frames just by hand. The easy-to-find price range is also a big attraction.

“Hao Top”

“Hao Top” is a brand that handles a wide range of bands for Galaxy Watch in addition to Fitbit.

Apple Watch Band

There is a wide variety of products for the Apple Watch, and we also have stainless steel bands designed to remind you of the Casio Databank. Precise polishing technology realizes elegant luster and smooth touch.


“Synchro” has released the Apple Watch band that realizes a fit and convenience that synchronizes with the body.

Apple Watch Band

The band, which looks simple, is made of stainless steel, and its unevenness and strong neodymium magnets allow it to be easily and firmly held on the wrist. There are plenty of colors, and you can choose your favorite color!

▼ Material 2: Leather Apple Watchband

Leather bands are characterized by a wide variety of colors and textures. If you place importance on ease of wearing, it is recommended to choose cowhide or goat leather that has no peculiarity instead of exotic leather. The double-wrap type that can be used as a bracelet is also an aim!


“Nomad” is a brand that develops products based in California. We are good at digital-related goods using high-quality leather.

Apple Watch Band

This “Apple Watch Strap” uses leather finished with vegetable tannins. The feature is that the more you use it, the deeper your taste and attachment will be. The simple design fits the business scene.


The Apple Watch band of Hong Kong-based gadget brand “Macaroon” is gaining popularity due to its unique color development. This band is made of good-quality goat leather and has a light and soft feel.

Apple Watch Band

The color is beautiful, and you can create your own personality by choosing a color. If you find an iPhone case of the same color and use it as a set, it will be even more fashionable.


“AXT” has a lineup of Apple Watch bands mainly made of leather. There is a wide variety of designs and types, but if you want to wear it like an adult accessory, the standard color double-wrap type is the best choice.

If you want to strengthen your personality, check out the personality type that uses three different colors.

▼ Material 3: Resin & Nylon Apple Watch Band

Bands made of silicone resin and nylon go well with casual coordination such as sports MIX and street fashion. It is also light and resistant to water, which is useful when playing sports. Choose a relatively simple design to avoid looking childish.


“Nider” develops several kinds of bands for the Apple Watch. Above all, this band with excellent impact resistance is the best choice. The band and case are integrated to protect against impacts from all angles.

The edge of the case is designed to be higher than the LCD screen, and we have devised a way to protect the screen even if the watch falls. On the design side, it has a voluminous feel reminiscent of “G-SHOCK” and matches casual coordination.

A brand that releases Apple Watch bands that use silicone and crochet fabrics. The most typical is a crocheted mesh band made of silicone. Uses elastic silicone yarn blend recycled yarn. Light and highly breathable, it is also suitable for sports and sleeping. There are no fasteners, and it is a specification to choose a size that fits the diameter of the wrist.


“Cynthia” develops various gadgets and accessories. There are a wide variety of bands for the Apple Watch, but the so-called NATO strap type has a unique design. We are proposing a sporty type with a line instead of a military taste type. With the beautiful coloring unique to nylon materials, you can produce a light arm.

If you are looking for a sports-style design or a band to use when exercising, “Atap” is definitely an option. There are many variations of Apple Watch bands using nylon and silicon.

For example, this band is made of nylon, which is less irritating to the skin. It’s soft, light, breathable and durable, and can be washed quickly if it gets dirty. Since it can be firmly fixed with Velcro, it holds firmly even if it moves violently.

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