atmosphere Longines’ specialty, reprint. Silver Arrows pointed to a realistic 1950s atmosphere Longines’ specialty,

The reprint boom that continues in the clock scene. As TASCLAP readers know, the archives that have made a name for themselves in the history of watches, and products that are a modern interpretation of them, have been constantly released by each brand for the past few years. The realistic vintage mood as a design is also an element that invites a sense of sizzle, but the “real feeling” is also a big attraction because it has a unique anecdote and a solid background. It is probably the man’s saga that is attracted to him like a summer insect invited by a moth lantern. A genre called “reprint” that is known but irresistible. The brand that has taken the lead in wristwatches is the long-established store “Longines”, which was founded in 1832. From the “Heritage Collection”, which revives the masterpieces scattered throughout the long history with modern specifications, a new masterpiece has appeared again this year.

Longines' specialty, reprint. Silver Arrow pointed to a realistic 1950s atmosphere second image

This “Longines Silver Arrow” is a reprint of the archive released in 1956 under the slogan “Youth Clock”. The model made in 1955 was named in the form of an in-house recruitment to make a wristwatch with an avant-garde design. “Silver Arrow” was named based on the selection of one from more than 450 applications. This name is reminiscent of the nickname “Silver Arrow” given to the prestigious brand cars that swept the motorsport world at the time. From such a place, you can get a glimpse of the side of “Longines” that had a strong connection with the scene in the 1950s.

This work “Longines Silver Arrow” faithfully reproduces the features of those days. The case diameter is modernized to 38.5 mm, which is easy to fit on thin arms, but the silver opaline dial that gives off a bitter shine, the index with stripes, and the clean arrow-shaped hour and minute hands are the archive itself. In fact, the index stripe was not seen during the 2009 reprint. Although it is equipped with an automatic movement, it does not have the notation “Automatic” on the dial, it does not have a date display, and the back cover is engraved with an emblem with the motif of a supersonic aircraft flying in the starry sky as it was at that time. From this point as well, you can feel the overwhelming commitment to the reproduction of “Longines”. Box-shaped sapphire glass with multiple anti-reflective finish is a nice detail that you can fully enjoy without disturbing such a face. The matte brown leather strap, which insists on a vintage taste from the color and texture, is also very familiar.
By the way, the installed exclusive caliber “L888.5” is the latest automatic movement of “Longines”. In addition to a 72-hour long power reserve, it is a highly functional mechanism equipped with a silicon balance spring that is not easily affected by the magnetic force that is the natural enemy of wristwatches. In addition, a 5-year warranty is also added to this work. It’s an episode where you can get a glimpse of the deep trust in the movement of “Longines”.

Even though many reprints continue, “Longines Silver Arrow” is one that I can confidently recommend. The model has already been released, and it is available not only in stores but also in the official brand online shop. How about putting it in the candidate as one of the uses of the summer bonus?

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