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It’s cheap but “usable”. 14 high-cost adult off-watches to look for up to 100 dollars.

I want a wristwatch with an adult atmosphere even on a small budget. In order to meet such needs, we carefully select Best Cheap Automatic Watch and excellent ones that can be purchased for up to 100 dollars.

It’s cheap but looks great. Let’s find such an ideal watch

Adults want to use a wristwatch instead of a smartphone to know the time. However, if you look at the top, you can see that the wristwatch is not sharp. If it is difficult to spend a generous budget, I would like to choose a low-priced item that looks and functions well and is not embarrassing for adults to wear. Recently, there are quite a few brands that can fulfill such selfishness. If you don’t make a mistake in choosing a watch, you can get a watch that is cheap but of high quality.

What are you particular about? What you can’t give up when looking for a cheap watch up to the 100 dollars range

Just because it’s a low-priced watch, it’s NG to compromise everything. After all, by choosing the parts that you should be particular about, you can meet a more satisfying one. Here are three points to focus on for that purpose.

Basic and simple functions and design

The number one point in choosing a watch on a low budget is not to be greedy. Even up to the 100 dollars level, there are many wristwatches with designs that are full of functions, but they look cheaper and have the opposite effect. Best Cheap Automatic Watch that use excessive design costs for movements and materials can be selected with higher quality and elegance under the same condition of fewer than 200 dollars.

Identify those using high-quality materials

Even if they look the same when they are sold, the difference in the quality of the materials becomes apparent over a long period of use. Specifically, the baldness of the paint on the case and metal band, and the cracks on the leather and synthetic leather band are often noticeable, so you should choose a material that uses a certain amount of material for each part. By doing so, you can choose a higher-grade watch that will benefit from it for a long time.

Rely on a reliable brand because of its low price

Even if the price is low, a wristwatch that does not break down and keeps time accurately can be used for a long time. To that end, it is still important to have a reliable movement and a sturdy case. Because it is a low-priced watch, choosing a watch brand with a proven track record will make it one of your favorite Best Cheap Automatic Watch that can be used for a long time.

Cheap but has no compromises. 14 watches that match adults and can be obtained for up to 100 dollars

Not only the specs and quality, but also the brand can be trusted, but there are not many watches, but you can always find them. If it is less than 100 dollars, it is very few, but if you expand it to the 100 dollars range, that is, less than 200 dollars, the options will be expanded and it will be easier to meet models with high quality and cost performance.

“Timex” original camper / 90 dollars(tax included)

"Timex" original camper

Speaking of “Timex”, it is a pioneer who developed a military watch at the request of the US military in the 1910s. One of its masterpieces, the “Camper” can be expected to have high-priced performance in terms of specifications such as visibility and durability. This is one that was reprinted as a Japanese project in 2015. Since the drawing was lost, it was an effort to faithfully reproduce the details such as the dome-shaped plastic windshield, index, and back cover by 3D scanning.

“Orient” / 134 dollars  (tax included)

"Orient" Mako

The overseas models that “Orient” deals with are said to be a treasure trove of good works, and this “Mako II” is one of them. It is a model that divides the popularity of the “Boy” of “Seiko”, which is also a reimported diver’s watch, into two, and is equipped with a self-winding movement in a case of 41 mm, which is neither too large nor too small. Evolved from the first model, in addition to the manual winding function, a hack function that stops the second hand when the crown is pulled has been added. It is also attractive that it is more practical.

“Skagen”  / 200 dollars (tax included)

A treasure trove of high-quality daily-use watches from Scandinavian brands. The “anchor” of “Skagen”, which is minimal and warm, is a perfect example. The sleek design of the rug and the thick leather strap adds a touch of sophistication, while the date display at 6 o’clock makes it perfect for practical use.

“Citizen” Eco-Drive  / 150 dollars (tax included)

"Citizen" Eco-Drive BJ6480-51B

“Citizen”‘s unique eco-drive that converts even the slightest light in the room into electricity and stores the surplus electricity in a secondary battery. In fact, you can enjoy the charm of a wristwatch equipped with this innovative spec from the 100 dollars level. With a dress-watch-like look, this model features its technology in a sleek, thin stainless steel case. The sense of security that it will operate for about 6 months even in places where it is not exposed to light when fully charged has an appeal that cannot be obtained anywhere else.
“G-Shock”  / 100 dollars plus (tax included)
As a tough and practical watch that Japan is proud of in the world, “G-SHOCK” must not be forgotten. This work is a combination model that realizes a digital-analog display while inheriting the octagonal form that symbolizes the first model “DW-5000C”. Reliable specifications such as shock-resistant structure and water resistance to 20 bar are alive and well, and while it is packed with functions such as 31-time zone and world timer with daylight saving time setting function, it is finished in the thinnest case of 11.8 mm with advanced carbon core guard structure. ..
“Seiko” / 150 dollars approximate (tax included)


Speaking of the military series of “Seiko 5”, which is a reimported model of “Seiko”, the special feeling of being equipped with a self-winding movement that has not been adopted in models for Japan since the 1960s is attractive. In addition, this latest model has more elements that you can enjoy with your eyes by adopting a see-through back. Although it is in this price range, it boasts a water resistance of 100m and is equipped with a day-date calendar at 3 o’clock. The movement is of course made in Japan, which is reliable.

“Diesel”  / 150 dollars approximate (tax included)

The edgy design of the “Diesel” watch, which has been favored by fashion-conscious people, is actually an excellent work that can be purchased for under 200 dollars approximately. The skill of incorporating the trendy retro design into a metallic and sporty atmosphere is a stone’s throw. The nylon strap is also firmly embossed with the “DIESEL” logo, giving it an omnidirectional presence.

“TRIWA” Time for Oceans Submariner / 150 dollars approximate (tax included)

In the watch industry, efforts to deal with marine plastic waste are becoming more active, and one of the brands that have a strong presence is “TRIWA”. This model uses a material that upcycles marine waste for the case, and the strap is also made of recycled canvas. By installing a quartz movement made in Japan, reliability in terms of performance is also with origami.

“Furubo Design”/ 200 dollars approximate (tax included)
Furubo Design

“Furuno Design” has a brand name that means “smart” in Italian. I think this model is also a minimal 3-needle model, but the case size is as large as 44 mm, and combined with the high-quality leather strap, it sits elegantly like a sophisticated accessory on the wrist. The installed quartz movement is made in Japan.

“Fossil”  / 150 dollars approximate (tax included)

The “Commuter” series of “Fossil”, which has a casual leather strap as an icon, is also attractive because it is affordable and you can easily enjoy the real pleasure of owning a wristwatch. This model is a chronograph that has a vintage taste and elegance. The satin-finished dial, carefully polished cases, and rugs are alive with the company’s technological prowess in producing timepieces from well-known brands.

“MVMT” / 150 dollars approximate (tax included)

The new MVMT (Movement), which appeared in LA in 2013, has already been deployed in 160 countries around the world. While focusing on the value zone from the latter half of the 100 dollars range to the 200 dollars range, we are good at solid features that do not show that in design and finish. Although this model is also less than 200 dollars, the matte finish case and index reminiscent of a military vintage watch are the highlights. The 22mm wide pseudo triple breath also tickles the man’s heart.

“Q & Q” Smile Solar Series 004 / 50 dollars approximate (tax included)

"Q & Q"

“Q & Q” has been developing watches that do not require battery replacement at a low price since its introduction in 1976, using photovoltaic power generation, which is the specialty of “Citizen”. It is a brand that is useful for gifts and outdoors because of its abundant designs and ease of picking up. It looks cheap, but the case back that is integrated to achieve 10 atm is also a white eyebrow, and the strap is also made of polyurethane resin, so it can be expected to be useful in a wide range of scenes.

“Casio Standard”  / 10 dollars approximate (tax included)

"Casio Standard"

“Casio Standard” is a long-selling collection that pursues the standard for everyday watches and is nicknamed “Cheap Casio” among minimalists. Despite the surprising price, the design with the decorativeness removed has a sense, and the ultra-lightweight design, which weighs 20g, is also on sale.

“Rad Weather” Solar Master 2 / 20 dollars approximate (tax included)

Rad Weather

There are still good works that are reasonably priced for radio-controlled solar-powered watches that do not require battery replacement. This work of “Radweather”, which mainly deals with toughness watches for outdoor scenes, is a good old military watch, but when fully charged, it can be driven for about 4 months even in a place without light. The knitted fabric of the nylon strap is robust, and the hour and minute hands and indexes are made of phosphorescent paint to enhance visibility in the dark.

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