Calvin Klein's wristwatches are also highly sensitive. Reasons to suit adults and 10 recommended selections

Calvin Klein’s wristwatches are also highly sensitive. Reasons to suit adults and 10 recommended selections

The watch line is also popular with the American brand “Calvin Klein”. We will focus on the masterpieces with highly sensitive design and reliable mechanism to introduce the charm.

Clean and minimal. “Calvin Klein Watch” that attracts adults

It was in 1968 that designer Calvin Klein launched the brand under his own name. In the 1970s, in addition to the high-end apparel line, sportswear, cosmetics, perfumes, denim, and underwear started. It has grown into a comprehensive fashion brand that represents the United States. Since 1975, it has won the “Coty Award”, which is called the Academy Award in the fashion world, for the third consecutive year, and has been recognized as the hottest brand in the scene since then.

In 1992, the casual second line “CK Calvin Klein” made a big break in the world. Here in Japan, “CK Calvin Klein” became a big hit from the 1990s to the early 2000s, and “Calvin Klein” is gaining popularity as an affordable and stylish brand rather than a luxury collection brand.

For such “Calvin Klein”, one of the items that is highly evaluated is the wristwatch. Raf Simons (retired in December 2018), a major designer in the fashion world who became the chief creative officer from 2016, was involved in the design of “Calvin Klein his watch”, so it is a hot topic. Sex is enough. Let’s dig deeper into the “Calvin Klein Watch”, which is not only a minimalist fashion watch but also a high-quality watch.

The greatest weapon is a minimalist look that can be used from suits to casual wear

The word “minimal” is an important keyword when talking about “Calvin Klein Watch”. It’s versatile because it’s a design that doesn’t make a naive claim and has a subtle sense. It is useful not only for suit styles but also for upgrading off-the-shelf casual styles.

Also on-style

Sophisticated features are also suitable for business style

You should choose a simple wristwatch that does not give a bad impression to any person in the business scene with the other party. In that respect, “Calvin Klein Watch” is not only optimal, but also makes you feel the more value of “sex appeal”. The watch of “Calvin Klein Watch” is outstandingly good at the slightly sexy detail processing that fascinates with light, such as polishing the polish and satin separately, and the sunray processing that changes the expression depending on the viewing angle. Yes, the secretly shining finish from the wrist is the secret to making the wearer look like a sexy adult.

If you match it with a rough casual outfit, the dress will be sublimated elegantly.

With a minimalist look with as few dial elements as possible, the sophisticated design of the NY brand “Calvin Klein Watch” is, for example, a casual outfit featuring sweatshirts and spring knits, and a beautiful tailored jacket. Excellent compatibility with casual wear. However, the reason why “Calvin Klein Watch” is popular because it does not fit into a simple watch. If you choose a dial that casually plays with the line or a model with a three-dimensional and unique dial, it will function as a moderate accent in casual outfits.

From “Calvin Klein Watch”, pick up 10 adult favorite

Although the simple design is basically the axis, the appeal of “Calvin Klein Watch” is that it also has a swing range that makes you feel the fun of choosing. Pick up 10 good works, from classic to playful ones!

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Item 1


The representative model of “Calvin Klein Watch” is “City”. Although it has a simple three-hand structure, the long bar index and brushing skillfully insist on the individuality of this watch. And the decoration with silicon that matches the dial color, which is placed on the sesame seeds inside the bracelet, is a casual accent. Gray coloring is recommended if you want to enjoy a more urban taste.

Item 2

City chronograph

A chronograph whose dial tends to be messy. However, the “City Chronograph” has a clean and simple impression. This is because all the indexes are made up of bars, and the thickness is also exquisitely balanced so as not to reduce visibility. The three indial set in the center are each treated with sunray to give a different sparkle and give off an indescribable beauty. The leather strap has a matte rubber touch on the surface, so it is attractive that it does not become heavy even in a gold case.

Item 3

City extension

The “City Extension” is a wristwatch that can be matched to a suit and can show its individuality even in casual outfits. The lower half of the dial has a border pattern, and the index bar is characterized by a strong artistic look, extending from the top to the bottom of the dial. Although there are many design elements, they are all made up of straight lines, so they are not noisy and can be applied to the business scene without any discomfort.

Item 4

High Noon

The new model for 2019 is “High Noon”. The bezel made of R and the dome-shaped mineral crystal glass are inspired by good old vintage watches. While maintaining the simplicity of its own, it is a modern interpretation of the historical design without making it look old-fashioned.

Item 5

Even extension

A two-hand watch with the ultimate in minimalism, omitting the second hand. The design of the bar index, which looks like a cross, is inspired by the natural world. The Milanese bracelet, which has a large range of motion and fits on the arm, is thin and provides a comfortable fit.

Item 6


This “time” is the standard piece of a 3-hand watch. The dial, which consists of a bar index and extra-fine hour and minute hands, is simple and has no gaps, and its versatility is attractive to match any outfit regardless of person. In addition, the five bracelets are familiar to the arm and have an excellent fit. The case size of 40mm is an exquisite size that is not overstated when matching with a suit.

Item 7


The “minimal” has a soft, rounded shape, but the indexes and straps are combined with simple elements to give it a modern look. The polished triple bracelet with wide sesame seeds adds to the urban atmosphere. The case size of 40 mm and the relatively small size of about 7 mm make it easy to fit on the Japanese wrist.

Item 8


Raf Simons, who was the chief creative officer of “Calvin Klein” until December 2018. The adoption of a unique cushion case and the retro-modern color scheme not found in previous “Calvin Klein watches” were born from a creative interpretation of “America” ​​that is typical of Raf Simons. The case is fully polished and satin, and is full of attention to detail.

Item 9

City Unlimited

Among the many items with a minimalist impression, “Calvin Klein Watch”, “City” has a particularly sophisticated look. However, there is also such a unique one in the series. In a relatively large case with a diameter of 43 mm, the 12-hour counter, 24-hour counter, and minute display are neatly seated like an instrument. I am amazed at the fact that the design creates an artistic atmosphere while simply writing out the time.

Item 10


At the end, a self-winding model with a bold open work that catches the eye. Although it has a small diameter of less than 40 mm, which matches the Japanese arm, the design with the tricks of multiple circles is made in it. You can fully enjoy the high-precision mechanism of ETA, a prestigious Swiss movement maker, from the back and front. The all-black arrangement also creates a contrast with OpenWork.

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