Carefully selected 12 solar radio clocks. Recommended from 4 brands that Japan is proud of.

For busy business people, the solar radio clock that always displays the accurate time without the hassle of battery replacement is a reassuring ally. We have carefully selected masterpieces from highly reliable Japanese brands.

Crystal of technology, solar radio clock. Its features and merits to choose

“Radio solar” has become a popular standard for choosing watches. For those who like the analog feel of mechanical watches, there are some things that are unsatisfactory, but once you get used to it, you will be addicted to the hassle.

In the first place, a radio-controlled clock is equipped with a function that automatically adjusts the time by receiving standard radio waves operated by the Communications Research Laboratory.

The “solar radio-controlled clock” is equipped with a function to generate electricity when the light transmitted through the dial hits the cell.

The two features of time accuracy and semi-permanent drive that lasts unless it breaks down are the best benefits for busy business people.

There are various usage scenes. Solar radio clocks are useful in such places

It is a big merit that you can always know the exact time in the business place. However, solar radio clocks are often equipped with + α technology.

For example, solar radio-controlled clocks such as “Atessa” and “Astron” have a world time function that adjusts the time with a single push when you land at an overseas airport.

 Owning a radio-controlled solar-powered watch is a great advantage for people who travel a lot because it automatically responds to daylight saving time.

For models that receive only domestic radio waves, you can turn off the radio wave reception function when you go abroad and set the time manually. Naturally, solar power generation systems show their power both domestically and internationally.

In addition, when it comes to solar radio-controlled watches, you may think that the translucent dial spoils the sense of luxury as long as it is necessary to transmit light through the solar cell under the dial.

However, as a result of efforts to improve each manufacturer’s mechanism, it has evolved enough to obtain sufficient power if it is placed in an inconspicuous place such as the flange part inside the bezel or the in-dial part.

Since the transparency of the dial does not have to be considered so much, it looks not much different from a normal analog watch. In other words, you can wear it without hesitation even on informal occasions.

Whether it’s an important business meeting or a fancy party, you should be able to accept the functionality of the solar radio clock without hesitation.

Carefully selected by talented manufacturer. 12 popular brands of solar radio clocks

In terms of brand power and history, European brands will be the winners. However, in terms of technological capabilities, Japanese manufacturers surpass the watch powerhouse Switzerland.

 The same is true in the field of solar radio waves, and the four companies of Japan, “Seiko,” “Citizen,” “Casio,” and “Seiko Epson,” are unrivaled. From here, let’s unravel the popular models from the brands belonging to the above manufacturers.

▼ Manufacturer 1: “Seiko” has created numerous “world firsts”

With the global expansion of “Seiko Presage” and the luxury of “Seiko Prospex”, “Seiko” is already highly evaluated overseas. Speaking of the company’s solar radio clock, “Seiko Astron” and “Seiko Brights” may be mentioned.

 The stoic and mechanical looks that match the function and the habit-free design that is typical of the same manufacturer will support on / off regardless of which one you choose.

“Seiko Astron”

The bezel with the city name engraved on it is made of titanium, making it simple and solid, and the case has a sharp specification that skillfully uses the mirror surface and hairline.

The “Global Line Sport” of “Seiko Astron” is smarter than the conventional model, such as the shape of the push button that does not break the silhouette and the facial features that suppress the color.

The functionality derived from “Seiko Astron” has been further refined, and the movement uses 5X53, the highest performance in the history of bridging.

In addition to the “Super Smart Sensor” only for “Seiko Astron” that automatically adjusts the time up to twice a day, you can instantly switch between home and local time by pressing and holding the button at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock.

It is equipped with “unique” specifications such as “time transfer function”. In this work, the size is also suppressed to 42.9 mm diameter, and as of August 2018, it is the world’s smallest and thinnest GPS solar watch.

“Seiko Brights”

Seiko “Seiko Brights” is a high-tech watch of “Seiko” that is a perfect match with “Seiko Astron”. The cost performance is somewhat high, so it is a good idea to compare it with “Seiko Astron” while consulting with the necessary functions.

However, this is also equipped with a radio wave correction function as standard equipment for solar power generation. As the country name notation on the bezel shows, it also has a world time function.

It is water-resistant to 10 bar and has a surface hardening treatment called diamond shield on the case surface, so it can be expected to work more than the price in terms of performance. The case diameter of 43.2 mm and the thickness of 11.4 mm is also familiar to the sleeves of the jacket.

“Seiko Spirit”

The black dial with a sunray finish is stylish and elegant, and the contrast with the SS case is beautiful, making it a design that deserves to be called the standard for wristwatches.

“Seiko Selection”, to which “Spirit” belongs, is a line that has a large number of such basic watches. This is also water-resistant to 10 bar, which is water-resistant to enhance daily life.

There are many functions that are useful in business situations, such as overcharge prevention and power saving, as well as a time difference correction function.

The material is titanium, and it is comfortable to wear. If you are new to solar radio-controlled clocks, you may want to pick them up to find out “what is this?”

▼ Manufacturer 2: Crystal of cutting-edge technology. “Casio” solar radio clock

The Japanese brand “Casio”, which was predominant in the 1990s with “G-SHOCK”. It seems to be a manufacturer that has focused on the field of digital watches ahead of time, and we have a lineup of highly functional models in the field of solar radio waves.

Such a “Casio” solar radio-controlled watch is characterized by an elegant yet sporty design, as represented by “Oceanus”.

Many models are waterproof, so if you’re looking for a watch that you’ll be dating for a long time, it’s a good choice.


“Oceanus” has its name derived from the god of the sea. The two brands that represent the brand are “Casharo” and “Manta”. In addition to regular models that are perfect for business use, unique models are released from both series every year.

And here is the one announced by “Manta” in 2021. The dial is decorated with white pearl oysters, and the back surface is colored with rich indigo extracted by the precipitation indigo method.

It was named “Awa Ai White Butterfly Dial” and was released to the world. Of course, the specs are based on the usual “Oceanus”.

In addition to standard radio wave reception, it is also possible to adjust the time by linking with a smartphone by installing Bluetooth.

The material is titanium with rough polishing and surface treatment. Hard sapphire glass is used for the windshield, and the surface of the making is perfect.

“Oceanus” OCW-T200SB-1AJF

“Oceanus” is equipped with the world’s first GPS hybrid radio wave solar as a full metal watch and keeps accurate time everywhere. The mechanical chronograph model is familiar to us, but we have also released such a simple 3-needle type.

The 41.4mm size case, which makes a reasonable claim, is treated with black IP, and the index of “Oceanus Blue” is combined to form a very stylish look.

The matte texture is expected to play an active role not only in the on-scene but also in the off scene. Of course, in addition to the tough solar function of “Casio”, it is equipped with a time adjustment function that can be used with the wristwatch alone.

Furthermore, by linking with a smartphone, you can use various functions such as setting the time zone, checking the battery level, and receiving notifications from your smartphone. You can’t miss the fact that you can buy it for the 50,000 dollars range while having the latest specs in a sophisticated appearance.

3rd”Casio” Wave Scepter 

If you want to get the company’s technology such as “Oceanus” more affordably, the “Wave Scepter” series is a good choice. The streamlined metal band integrated with the case is both luxurious and sporty.

In addition to the tough solar function that can be powered by a slight amount of light such as fluorescent lamps, it is also equipped with a multi-band 6 function that receives radio waves at standard times in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, in addition to two locations in Japan. I am.

▼ Maker 3: A number of masterpieces created by the mindset of “better things”. “Citizen” solar radio clock

It seems to be the first manufacturer in the world to incorporate titanium into a wristwatch, and the “Citizen” brand wristwatch is endorsed in terms of comfort and lightness. As the name suggests, there are many stylish and simple designs that are widely accepted by “citizens”, and it will be a good essence of business fashion.

In addition, the strengths of “Citizen” are the high level of technology that quickly introduced the radio-type time adjustment function into the full metal case, and the installation of the photovoltaic eco-drive, which is a unique photovoltaic technology that does not require battery replacement.

Review Citizen’s ability and popular models, which are responsible for the technological innovation of wristwatches

Atessa, the polar region of practical wristwatches. Know the high-performance watch produced by Japan


“Atessa” has a strong impression of the business, but now “Actline” is designed as a line that crosses both suits and casual styles. While squeezing the index and hour and minute hands slightly sharply, the white border on the dial adds a sporty look that suits casual wear. The oranges dropped in various places are also a good accent.

In addition, the functions are also substantial. In addition to the company’s unique photovoltaic eco-drive and time adjustment function using satellite wave GPS, this work is also finished as a technical group equipped with world time, perpetual calendar, and chronograph.

Among them, the double direct flight function that allows you to instantly adjust the time and calendar by simply pulling the crown and selecting a city is a special mention.

It is also recommended for those who have a hobby of traveling or have a lot of business trips because it is possible to intuitively adjust the time on the plane while traveling abroad.

In addition, the titanium, which has been hardened by Duratec, a unique surface hardening technology, provides outstanding lightness that betrays the appearance.

“Satellite Wave GPS”

The price is high, but if you want to get a feel for the essence of “Citizen” technology, why not try this model. “Satellite Wave GPS” is a reproduction of the masterpiece announced as a pioneer of satellite radio-controlled clocks in 2011. The design that makes you feel is really attractive.

The company’s state-of-the-art movement, Duratec DLC processing, which boasts outstanding hardness, and the direct flight function combined with the dual time function make it possible to display accurate times in two cities at the same time.

The original has a vivid cosmic green, but if you want to incorporate it into business casual wear, the combination of black and gold is appropriate.


Models with a strong sense of high tech continued, but “Exceed”, which has the best dress feeling in “Citizen”, has one of such authentic features.

A silver dial that blends well with a plain silver case. The movement equipped with a day-date window while having a time adjustment function by radio waves is actually valuable.

It is also worth seeing that the case is made of lightweight and robust spartitanium while having such a high-class feel.

▼ Manufacturer 4: A culmination of accumulated technologies, a “different” radio-controlled solar watch released by “Seiko Epson”

Orient Watches

You may not be familiar with the word “Seiko Epson”. From its name, it is easy to think that it is a subsidiary of “Seiko”, but it is actually an independent company.

To put it in detail, it’s not that it has nothing to do with capital, but now it’s okay to think of it as a different product as a manufacturer.

In fact, such a company is also a talented group that has supported the technological innovation of “Seiko” such as the development of “Quartz Astron”, and is also one of the few companies that can manufacture quartz in-house.

“Orient Watches”

Speaking of “Orient Watches”, the image of a mechanical watch is strong, but in fact, a model of radio wave solar has also appeared from the “Contemporary” series.

Orient Watches is also minimal in appearance and is equipped with a radio control function that receives Japanese standard time and adjusts the time.

Orient Watches also has the power to drive for 6 months on a full charge, so it can be said that it is a better choice for everyday use, including the price. Orient Watches is also a point that the case diameter is suppressed to less than 40 mm while being highly functional.

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