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Summer, when you spend more vacation outdoors. We have carefully selected watches with high waterproof performance for less than 50,000 yen, which are ideal as a companion for leisure and outdoor activities at the waterside.

It is good that the wristwatch in midsummer has waterproof performance that you can enjoy without worrying about water.

Whether you have an outdoor-oriented hobby or spend a good time with friends, summer is a natural increase in spending time outdoors. I want to avoid troubles such as water getting into my watch due to sweat or unexpected rain at festivals and BBQ, including marine sports.

It is good that the wristwatch in midsummer has waterproof performance that you can enjoy without worrying about water.

Many wristwatches are water resistant to reduce such risks, but water resistance of 3 to 5 bar, which is said to be water resistant for daily life, is not a solid compliment in avoiding the above situation. If you want to wear your favorite watch at leisure without worrying about it, you should select the one with the corresponding function. This time, I chose a wristwatch for less than 50,000 yen, which has excellent cost performance and can be worn around the wrist without hesitation even in the outdoor scene. Let’s introduce it together with the selected points.

What are the conditions for a waterproof watch that can be used for leisure?

There are two conditions to keep in mind when looking for a waterproof wristwatch that is suitable for outdoor activities and sports.

First of all, of course, “waterproof performance”. This is a product that has the ability to handle activities in the sea where high water pressure is applied to the wristwatch. Also, if you choose a water-resistant material for the “strap,” you can avoid troubles such as the deteriorated strap being torn off and the wristwatch on the bottom of the sea.

Condition 1

For marine sports, it is safe to have a water resistance of 10 to 20 bar.

For marine sports, it is safe to have a water resistance of 10 to 20 bar.

Most wristwatches are water resistant to 3 to 5 atmospheres. Of course, it can withstand a little sweat and water droplets in daily life, but it is not waterproof enough for marine sports where a large amount of water falls on the wristwatch itself. In addition, it is said that care should be taken not to get the shower or tap water directly in the case of waterproofing. Therefore, if you want to enjoy summer leisure without hesitation, you want water resistance of 10 to 20 bar. Think of it as 10 atmospheres if you are exposed to water in the sea or pool, and 20 atmospheres if you are immersed in water with scuba. Of course, if you enjoy full-scale diving, you need to be more waterproof, so be careful.

Condition 2

The strap is resistant to getting wet, silicon and rubber are the best

The strap is resistant to getting wet, silicon and rubber are the best

There is a concern that the strap will deteriorate depending on the material, especially water, especially seawater. If you don’t dry the canvas properly, it will mold, and there is nothing like salt water on the leather. There is a risk that general stainless steel will be rusted and discolored, and the buckle will not stay properly and will be washed away. If you’re looking for something like this, we recommend the “rubber” or “silicone” type straps, which do not allow water to penetrate and can be easily removed. Concerns about water are cleared, and due to the characteristics of the material, it provides an excellent wearing feeling that does not get in the way even in the sports scene.

Be careful of cracks in the windshield and deterioration of the packing.

Be careful of cracks in the windshield and deterioration of the packing.

Even if you choose the waterproof performance and strap that are suitable for leisure, it is essential to check if there are any problems. Especially if you enjoy marine sports. The checkpoints are the “windshield” that protects the dial and the “packing” that prevents water from entering the interior. If the windshield is cracked or the packing is pointed out to be deteriorated when the battery is replaced, you should refrain from using it in the water until the replacement is completed. Once water gets inside the watch, it can cause serious problems and make restoration difficult. If you plan to use it for a long time, do not neglect frequent maintenance.

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Carefully selected 10 watches for less than 50,000 yen that will make you enjoyable from leisure to fashion this summer while satisfying the conditions of waterproof watches recommended by TASCLAP. Speaking of waterproof performance, it covers a wide range from outdoor watches to surf brands and famous domestic watch makers.

Model 1

“G-Shock” G-Ride GWX-5700CS-1JF / 24,200 yen (tax included)

First of all, from the familiar “G-Shock”, select “G Ride” with 20 ATM water resistance. This model is located on the sports line in “G-SHOCK”, and although it is thin, it is equipped with radio solar and tide graph. In particular, the tide graph is preset with tide data of 100 points in the world, and it supports marine sports not only in terms of waterproof performance but also in terms of functionality. Water resistant to 20 bar.

Model 2

“Seiko Prospex” Field Master SBEP003 / 33,000 yen (tax included)

"Seiko Prospex" Field Master SBEP003 / 33,000 yen (tax included)

A gem inspired by the 1970s historical model of “Seiko”. It is a digital watch featuring a 20 ATM water resistant case that uses a unique outer body protector structure that enhances impact resistance, and a solar digital movement that reproduces the number font of the world’s first 6-digit display digital watch. It has a tap-type backlight function that turns on the EL light by tapping the front of the wristwatch (glass part), which is reassuring even in water. Accented with the red and blue color scheme on the bezel. For “Seiko Prospex”, what about “Marine Master”? I think there is a voice saying, but I made a choice considering the digital notation that boasts high visibility even underwater. Water resistant to 20 bar.

Model 3

“Seiko Prospex” Diver Scuba by Giugiaro Design / 49,500 yen (tax included)

Although it is the same “Seiko Prospex” as above, this is a collaboration model with the familiar “Giugiaro Design”. This is a modern reproduction of the diver’s model that was actually jointly developed in 1986. The offset design unique to the collaboration and the protector with a grip that improves operability are also notable designs for diving watches. The movement is made of quartz and the strap is made of reinforced silicone, giving it an excellent fit. Water resistant to 20 bar.

Model 4

“Citizen Promaster” MARINE Series Yacht Timer JR4065-09E / 38,500 yen (tax included)

The “Promaster” series was born in 1989 as a professional sports watch in “Citizen”. This one is a multifunctional and high-spec model “Yacht Timer” with specifications that can be used for full-scale yacht racing. It has various functions such as chronograph, world time, and race timer in sporty coloring. The 44mm case diameter has a perfect presence. Water resistant to 20 bar.

Model 5

“Citizen Promaster” Marine Solar BN0220-16E / 42,350 yen (tax included)

A modern reproduction of the 1,300m water resistant professional diver released in 1982. The waterproof performance, which was said to be the best in the world at that time, is 200 m in consideration of practicality, but at that time, such as a super titanium case with a rough surface with a honing finish, four bezel guards, etc. The facial features are faithfully inherited. It also has one type of magnetic resistance, so it is sufficient for everyday use. Case diameter 45.8 mm.

Model 6

“Garmin” Instinct GPS outdoor watch / 36,080 yen (tax included)

Speaking of “Garmin”, GPS outdoor watch from the United States. By linking with the original app, it is a high-tech device that can be used as an activity meter that can be used for running, climbing, and even swimming. While there are many over tens of thousands, there are also affordable models that cost less than 50,000 yen.

Generally, such “Digimono” are usually vulnerable to water. However, this model is a bit different. The body is mil-spec compliant. Not only heat and impact resistance, but also water resistant to 10 bar. It can be operated continuously for up to 14 days in the regular illumination mode, so it can be said to be one of the best for long-term travel.

Model 7

“Jack Mason” JM-D101-026 / 36,300 yen (tax included)

“Jack Mason” was born in Dallas, Texas in the United States, and has a nostalgic design and straightforward specifications. This work also uses a retro rescue orange for the dial, and is water resistant to 30 bar. The case diameter is 42 mm, which is a reasonable size, and the visibility is sufficient. The movement is quartz.

Model 8

“Luminox” Original Navy Shields 3050 Series / 46,200 yen (tax included)

From the military watch brand male “Luminox”, which is officially adopted by the US Special Forces SEALS, we introduce the “3050” series, which are authentic divers. The brand’s identity, the ultimate self-luminous illumination system on the highly visible hands, dial and bezel, keeps it lit 24 hours a day, night and day. The 44mm type case volume is water resistant to 20 bar, and the specifications such as the reverse rotation prevention bezel and crown guard are also full-scale.

Model 9

“Ice Watch” Ice Sixty Nine / 9,900 yen (tax included)

"Ice Watch" Ice Sixty Nine / 9,900 yen (tax included)

“Ice Watch” from Belgium is a fashion watch brand that attracts attention due to its various coloring and unique materials and designs. This “Ice Sixty Nine” is a popular model that combines playfulness and fashion while incorporating a diver’s motif. Equipped with the MIYOTA quartz movement made in Japan, which has gained the trust of all over the world, and despite being water resistant to 10 bar, the cost performance of less than 10,000 yen is also attractive. Of course, it is super light at 45g like “Ice Watch”.

Model 10

“Freestyle” SHARK CLASSIC SILICONE / 7,690 yen (tax included)

"Freestyle" SHARK CLASSIC SILICONE / 7,690 yen (tax included)

The name “Shark” is walking alone, but the model that once caused a big boom in the 90’s is a watch brand from California called “Freestyle”. The retro-pop one, which is water resistant to 10 bar, has an alarm, a stopwatch, dual time, a backlight and digital watch-like functions, is still unique.

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