Casio Oceanus. Elegance that coexists with high functionality at the wrist

Casio Oceanus. Elegance that coexists with high functionality at the wrist

Casio’s “Oceanus” is perfect for those who are looking for a watch that will make them shine in both on-business and off-casual scenes. I will thoroughly dissect the reason.

You will be drawn into the beautiful “Oceanus Blue”. What is “Oceanus”?

“Oceanus” of “Casio” was born in 2004 as the world’s first full metal chronograph radio wave solar watch. Despite nearly 20 years since its appearance, the axis of “Oceanus” has not changed at all. The concept of “Oceanus” is the pursuit of “new elegance” that brings an elegant and sporty design to a wristwatch while aiming for absolute precision with the technology of “Casio” such as advanced materials and solar technology. For about 20 years, it has been loved by businessmen for its unrivaled accuracy, and has gained high support from fashion people for its stylish looks. If “G-SHOCK” is a digital watch that symbolizes “Casio”, this “Oceanus” can be said to be an analog watch of “Casio”.

The elegance that “Casio” aimed at in “Oceanus” is reflected in the material and case.

A new elegance with sportiness that “Oceanus” embodies. This was born from the desire of the development team to “make a watch that suits both formal and casual scenes.” For that reason, Casio was particular about materials and processing. Light and allergy-free titanium is used for the case, and by manually applying a pretreatment called rough polishing and titanium carbide treatment to it, we pursue a beautiful shine like stainless steel. It realizes the elegance that is just right to call it a luxury watch.

The name “Oceanus” comes from the Greek god of the sea, “Oceanos”. Therefore, the brand color is blue. And there is an extraordinary commitment to this blue. There is an anecdote that, depending on the model, development was continued for more than two years to produce the ideal blue, such as using techniques such as sputtering and vapor deposition, and layering different blues with gradation. The one and only transparent blue is one of the charms of “Oceanus”. In addition, the highly efficient solar panel placed on the dial realizes a thin case that fits comfortably on the wrist, and the luxurious texture like steel is also attractive.

As expected, “Casio”. Four technologies that characterize “Oceanus”

Technology is another axis of “Oceanus” along with the pursuit of elegance. Advanced technology is what Casio is good at. Here, let’s introduce the four technologies installed in “Oceanus”.

“Mobile link function” that manages time and clock through original application

By linking modern wristwatches with smartphones, it has become commonplace to expand functions that cannot be achieved by a single watch alone. “Oceanus” is also the first to be equipped with a mobile link function. You can connect to your smartphone through the dedicated app. As a result, you can correct the time difference, and if you go to an area with a different time difference, it will automatically adjust to that time. In addition, the world time and alarm / timer of more than 300 cities around the world can be set on the app, and the operability is significantly improved.

Radio wave reception function that automatically corrects the time using GPS satellites and standard radio waves from 6 stations around the world

“Oceanus” has one of its missions to always display the correct time. This is a big reason why it is useful for business people, and for that purpose it is equipped with multi-band 6 that can receive standard radio waves of 6 stations in the world and GPS radio wave reception function. With these features, the watch itself detects the exact time of the user’s current location and automatically corrects the time.

“Tough solar” that realizes stable drive of various functions

“Oceanus” is equipped with a solar charging system that does not require battery replacement. Casio’s unique system called “Tough Solar” boasts a powerful light-receiving ability, and supports the driving of functions with heavy loads such as radio wave reception and automatic needle position correction function. In addition, the higher-end model is equipped with a more sophisticated light-shielding distributed solar cell. It is now possible to use a dial that could not be used due to its low transmittance, greatly improving the degree of freedom in terms of design.

Ultra-thin, yet highly reliable “tough movement”

The movement package of “Oceanus” is branded as a tough movement, ensuring the reliability of “Casio” that produced “G-SHOCK”. This tough movement is composed of a hybrid mount mechanism that calculates thestrength and weight balance of parts materials such as metal and resin, and has a shock-resistant structure that is resistant to deflection and lateral displacement, and a function that corrects needle position deviation. I am. It is unique to Casio that we are thoroughly making tough analog watches.

“Manta” is the basis of “Oceanus”. Carefully selected 3 bottles that will make you intoxicated with elegant making

“Manta” is the flagship line of “Oceanus”. In other words, if you get a “manta ray”, you can enjoy the best technology and the best decoration of “Casio”. With state-of-the-art functionality and supreme elegance, “Manta” will upgrade the owner whether it is on or off.

Manta OCW-S6000-1AJF

Click here for the latest work of “Manta”. The beautiful bezel of sapphire crystal glass with 24 faceted cuts is alive and well, and the thinnest case in the history of “Manta” is realized so that it fits comfortably on the wrist. In addition, the polygonal bezel, which has become the icon of “Manta” in recent years, has been repeatedly vapor-deposited and sputtered to create a transparent blue color, and the hour and minute hands have also been cut on three sides to create a transparent surface. The attention to detail is considerable, such as applying different polishes. Of course, the electronic module is also the latest generation, and it has specifications that are flagship in terms of functionality, such as linking with a smartphone, setting the world time, and automatically correcting it to the correct time by Multiband 6.

Manta OCW-S5000B-1AJF

Matte black DLC processing is applied to the hexadecagon “5000 series” to achieve both stylishness and wear resistance. It is a cool all-black case and bracelet, but the dial edge has a gradation color that changes from black to blue. It also has the uniqueness of “Oceanus”. In addition, the case is polished to achieve a very high quality finish. 6-station standard radio wave reception function Multi-band 6, tough solar, mobile link function and other specifications are also substantial.

Manta OCW-S4000-1AJF

If you want more sportiness, we recommend the “4000 series” equipped with a simple speedometer tachymeter on the polygonal bezel. This model does not have a city name code on the dial, which tends to give a strong impression of business, so it can be said to be a “manta ray” that is more suitable for casual fashion. However, if you use the smartphone link function, you can set the world time of more than 300 cities like other “Manta”. In addition, it is equipped with as many as five motors and boasts specifications unique to the flagship, such as realizing smooth and quick hand movement by individually driving the hands.

Manta Platinum Makie OCW-S5000ME-1AJF

This lacquer work model is the latest collaboration with traditional crafts. Maki-e is a traditional craft that is fixed by sowing metal powder after putting pictures and letters with lacquer. This model has a platinum lacquer work on the dial and bezel by Yutaro Shimode, a lacquer artist from Kyoto. The lacquer work that expresses the sparkle of water is, of course, a manual work, so there is no one that is the same. The base of the watch is the thin “Manta OCW-S5000”, which is equipped with the latest technology such as solar radio wave function and mobile link function.

Manta Awa Ai OCW-S5000APA-2AJF

Aizen is called “JAPAN BLUE” and is highly evaluated all over the world. This model uses natural indigo, which is particularly time-consuming. “Awa Ai” from Tokushima Prefecture, which is representative of natural indigo, is dyed by the precipitation method and colored white butterfly shells are placed on the dial. Furthermore, by adopting white-colored white butterfly shells for the indigo, we are particular about expressing Murakumo dyeing, which is one of the indigo dyeing methods. The base of the wristwatch is “OCW-S5000”, which boasts a full range of specifications such as automatic time adjustment function and solar function.

Manta Edo Kiriko OCW-S5000D-1AJF

As the name suggests, Edo Kiriko is a traditional craft that has been handed down since the Edo period, and is a technique for engraving the surface of glass. This model is a collaborative work with Edo Kiriko craftsman Hideishi Horiguchi. The hard sapphire crystals used in wristwatches are handmade one by one using the Edo Kiriko technique, and the traditional Japanese pattern “Senji” is used as a bezel. I am expressing. In addition, we are particular about color development and realize beautiful colors with the latest thin-film deposition technology. The base is the thinnest “OCW-S5000” of “Oceanus” like the above two models, full of advanced technology. Since it is a limited model and a few years ago, there is only a small amount of stock left in the market. If you are interested, check early.

With a model equipped with GPS and multi-band 6 W, you can grasp the exact time anywhere in the world.

“Multi-band 6” installed in “Manta” etc. This is a function that can capture standard radio waves with time information emitted from 6 stations around the world and always display the correct time at your current location. In addition to its “Multiband 6”, “Oceanus” also has a lineup of hybrid models equipped with a function to receive GPS satellite radio waves, indicating accurate time anywhere in the world.

GPS radio wave solar with Bluetooth OCW-G2000RA-1AJF

“G2000” series equipped with GPS satellite radio waves and standard radio wave reception function. Standard radio waves can be captured in the centers of Japan, the United States, China, the United States, and Europe, but by installing a GPS satellite radio wave reception function, it is possible to display the exact time of the current location anywhere on the earth. Become. It also features a unique GPS algorithm that accurately identifies the current location by using map data with a resolution of 500 m that divides the entire earth into 2.6 billion points. Equipped with a very luxurious polygonal bezel like the “Manta”, it is a model that should be noted in terms of design.

Blue that stands out in its simple form. Don’t miss the “classic line”

While the flagship “Manta” adopts a polygonal bezel and a thin three-dimensional case to pursue an aesthetic aspect, this “Classic Line” adopts a simple round type and is more wearable. It is a highly versatile series that does not choose. Of course, there is only “Oceanus” and it is full of technologies such as tough solar and multi-band 6.

Classic line OCW-T4000-1AJF

This model adopts an extremely orthodox round case. However, the case that has been subjected to rough polishing and titanium carbide treatment has a sharp edge and is of high quality and luxurious. The blue accent color that is typical of “Oceanus” is also stylish, and the design that can be worn on or off is also attractive. The in-dial at 6 o’clock shows the dual time that can display the time of the second time zone, and it is the best model for businessmen who cross the world.

Classic line briefing collaboration model OCW-T3000BRE-1AJR

The most active model in the “Classic Line” is the collaboration model with “Briefing”. A wide bezel is used, and the case is tough and cool with black DLC processing. The strap is made by laminating urethane to the lightweight and tough air ballistic nylon that is familiar from “briefing” bags. In addition, one with the motif of the webbing belt, which is the design icon of “briefing”, is also included, and it is a special point that a total of two bands can be replaced.

Classic line OCW-T3000-2AJF

Similar to the “briefing” collaboration model introduced above, the “T3000 series” has a sporty impression with a wide bezel. The dial is vapor-deposited with a transparent blue that is typical of “Oceanus,” making it an active and refreshing watch. Equipped with a dual time function that displays the second time zone at 6 o’clock, AM / PM display is also possible with a small window. In addition, the index and hands are made very thick, and the good visibility is a special mention. It is also equipped with a day of the week and date display, making it a convenient model for daily use.

Classic line square OCW-T5000-1AJF

This square model is a new work in 2021 and has changed the design image of “Oceanus”. The square silhouette, which makes full use of the edgy casing that is typical of “Oceanus,” has a nostalgic atmosphere. The one that has a certain sense of luxury is the three-dimensional modeling by Zaratsu polishing and the adoption of double-sided anti-reflection coated sapphire glass. If you pick up the real thing, you will be convinced that the “good thing” feeling that is born from the no-nonsense manufacturing that is typical of “Casio”.

“3 Hands Model” where you can enjoy the sporty elegance of “Oceanus” at a reasonable price.

The “3 Hands Model” is equipped with the latest technologies such as “Multi-Band 6” and “Mobile Link Function”, and has an attractive price of 100,000 yen or less. It has a simple structure with 3 hands in the multifunctional “Oceanus”, but the basic specifications are sufficient.

3 Hands model OCW-T200SCE-8AJR

An entry model with sufficient functionality to be used on and off, such as a tough solar that lasts for 5 months on a full charge and a system that communicates with a smartphone via Bluetooth and corrects the time. By treating one point of blue, it also has the character of “Oceanus”. Don’t miss the elegant calf strap and casual crossband in a set of two.

3 Hands model OCW-T150-2AJF

This model has a Roman index at 12 o’clock that accentuates its elegance. Equipped with convenient advanced functions such as Digital Crown Smart Access that allows quick operation of world time and Multiband 6, you can experience high functionality at a reasonable price. Experience the elegance and advanced technology that Oceanus is aiming for, so it’s the perfect first try.

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