Casio’s masterpiece x Pac-Man! Introducing a serious “Asobi Clock” that is more than just play

Do you feel nostalgic or new? How to receive it varies from person to person, but reprinted watches with a masterpiece motif are gaining popularity. The “A100W EPC” introduced this time is also a model that deserves a lot of attention in that respect. The base was the “F-100” that appeared in 1978. It is a quartz type that uses the first resin case of “Casio”, which sounded as an excellent thing equipped with various functions such as a stopwatch and a calendar.

At the time of revival, the band material was changed to stainless steel, but the iconic square form case design is followed. The four front buttons at the bottom, which control the multi-functionality, have also been taken over, emphasizing the indescribable retro taste. Moreover, this work is a reprinted and limited collaboration item. The opponent was chosen for the popular game “Pac-Man,” which was born two years after the birth of the “F-100.”

Speaking of this work, “God game” representing the 1980s that made people crazy regardless of gender or generation with the help of simple operability that just moves the lever up, down, left and right. One that fully incorporates that pop world view is so complete that even people who do not know the time will want to call it “God Dokei”.

Unique characters such as Pac-Man and ghosts are drawn on the face with colorful dots, and the Pac-Man font is used for the “ILLUMINATOR” logo in the center. A pink line is drawn at the exit of the ghost’s burrow to faithfully reproduce the game screen. The resin case is plated to create an atmosphere similar to that of the housing at that time. In the band, Pac-Man chased by ghosts and Pac-Man chasing ghosts, the reversal of the position seen in the game is expressed by laser engraving.

In addition, the Pac-Man logo on the back cover, the original package with character icons and score screens studded happily, etc., are thoroughly focused on every detail. A serious “Asobi watch” that goes beyond mere play is likely to captivate men and women of all ages.

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