For the unfortunate summer arm, I want to rely on a mechanical watch with a real vintage feel.

The season when short sleeves play a leading role is the season when the impression of the arm becomes a little lonely. Even work clothes are no exception, and the spread of remote work has spurred casualization these days, and it is becoming more common to go to the office wearing polo shirts or shirts. Casual clothes … Read more

The legend of the aviation clock. Breitling’s Navitimer is a man’s basic education

The “Navitimer” of “Breitling” that has revolutionized the watch world with an aviation slide rule. Of course, watch lovers know !? We will delve into the same work that is still fresh in terms of looks. Synonymous with “Breitling”. If you get lost, there is no doubt that “Navitimer” is “Breitling” has supported astronauts flying in the … Read more

Calvin Klein’s wristwatches are also highly sensitive. Reasons to suit adults and 10 recommended selections

The watch line is also popular with the American brand “Calvin Klein”. We will focus on the masterpieces with highly sensitive design and reliable mechanism to introduce the charm. Clean and minimal. “Calvin Klein Watch” that attracts adults It was in 1968 that designer Calvin Klein launched the brand under his own name. In the 1970s, in addition … Read more

A “charming” watch. Adult fashion watches to look for in Nixon

A wristwatch that not only serves as a gear to know the time, but is also increasingly demanding fashion. The United States will explain the charm of “Nixon” in the air of California. A lifestyle brand born in the United States. “Nixon” watches have a great sense Born in California, Nixon’s watchline started in 1998, targeting people … Read more

Before buying Grand Seiko. Know all about the pinnacle of domestic watches

“Grand Seiko” is a domestic luxury watch brand that is synonymous with it. Introducing the charm of the brand, which is made by collecting the best of Japanese watchmaking technology. From Japan, world standard. Watch called “Grand Seiko” Switzerland is the home of luxury watches, which is an unwavering fact. In fact, most of the major luxury watch … Read more

A hit mass-produced “reverse panda” watch. How about the trendy green this year?

In the Japanese baseball world, Teruaki Sato, also known as “Sattel,” is a hot topic in Hanshin’s super-large rookie, who mass-produces hits and home runs with one of the longest hits in the league. However, there are popular models in the world of wristwatches that are not sluggers that are mass-producing hits. The timepiece that can be … Read more

Summer curiosity stimulated by Longines divers. An even more exciting campaign will be held!

Divers are the only synonyms for summer watches. The watch that supports the adventure of the sea from the wrist functions as a reliable and powerful instrument and survival tool, as well as a refreshing accent to liven up the cheerful summer outfit. One of the most popular items in such a popular category is the two … Read more

A world-class wristwatch. Seiko Divers are in Japan

A professional diver’s watch that meets the specifications required for diving, yet is a perfect fit for everyday use. It is a favorite watch that condenses elements that tickle the man’s heart. The ancestor of domestic divers’ watches. “Seiko Divers” is a staple of Japanese boys Now, even in biz style, sports watches have completely acquired citizenship. Among … Read more

atmosphere Longines’ specialty, reprint. Silver Arrows pointed to a realistic 1950s atmosphere Longines’ specialty,

The reprint boom that continues in the clock scene. As TASCLAP readers know, the archives that have made a name for themselves in the history of watches, and products that are a modern interpretation of them, have been constantly released by each brand for the past few years. The realistic vintage mood as a design is also … Read more