Cheap is just a name. A selection of 28 cheap Casio that are inevitable to look high

Cheap Casio has grown its market share in the last few years due to its value, high performance, and abundant and unpretentious design. From that lineup, we carefully select 28 recommended by the editorial department.

Introducing again to those who do not know Cheap Casio

Introducing again to those who do not know Cheap Casio

What we call cheap Casio or Chip Casio is exactly one of the lines that “Casio” sends out, “Casio Standard”. Until a few years ago, there was an image of an affordable wristwatch sold at a home improvement store, but with the help of the durability and basic design that exceeds the price, and the trend of the retro return of wristwatches, it has become loved by both men and women. Boosted by the nom-core boom around 2016, it is now recognized as a fashionable wristwatch.

Not only cheap, why cheap Casio is chosen

However, if you are looking for a cheap watch, you can use a 100% watch. However, there are good reasons why everyone dares to choose Cheap Casio.

Reason 1

Amazing toughness like “Casio”

Amazing toughness like "Casio"

In April 2016, a man living in the United Kingdom dug out something from his yard and became a hot topic. It’s a 20-year-old Cheap Casio F-91W. The clock, which was buried in the dark and humid soil but still in operation, surprised the world with a whopping 7 minutes off. As you can see from this episode, in Cheap Casio, the price is not cheap = the quality is not bad. We can see Casio’s attitude toward manufacturing, which faithfully pursues these two points: “Move reliably in any environment” and “Can be used safely and securely at any time.”

Reason 2

Overwhelming design variation

Overwhelming design variation

Analog, digital, rubber belts, stainless steel belts, gold, silver and black, masterpiece data banks, and so on. From simple items to solid items similar to “G-SHOCK”, the wide range that you can always find the one that suits your style is also attractive. The retro-futuristic design of the 1980s, which is nostalgic for people in their 30s and above, is also fresh.

Reason 3

Some models have more features than the price

Some models have more features than the price

Starting with a databank that can record phone numbers that made gear lovers enthusiastic at the time on their wristwatches, the AE-1200 series equipped with world time, and so much in this price zone? Cheap Casio is full of surprises. Even if it is equipped with water resistance as standard equipment, it is well worth the price, but I am not satisfied with it in the “Casio” style. Please check the functions when making a purchase.

Carefully selected 28 cheap Casio from masterpieces to high-looking models

The price range that you don’t mind if you make a mistake is one of the strengths of Chipkashi, but you want to get this one anyway. This time, we will send you the masterpieces that Chipkashi has sent out to the world in three parts: digital full of functions, analog that does not choose the scene, and analog digital with a face like “Casio”.

▼ Part 1: Recommendation of digital model

Digital model 1

“Casio Standard” F-84W-1

"Casio Standard" F-84W-1

This model is the basic “ki” of Cheap Casio. Packed with features such as a stopwatch, alarm, and auto calendar in an ultra-thin body weighing only 21g, the resin glass and case make it rarely damaged. It seems that some people buy it when they go on an overseas trip so that it can be stolen or broken while traveling. There is also a slightly larger F-91, so please choose according to your taste.

Digital model 2

“Casio Standard” DBC-611-1

"Casio Standard" DBC-611-1

The so-called “databank” is DBC-611. There is also a DB-360 that has been made simpler by removing the key part, but if you are riding the nostalgic watch boom these days, this is better. The telememo function, which is the biggest feature, is alive and well. With this function, you can register up to 25 phone numbers, calculate up to 8 digits, convert currencies, and tickle the hearts of gear lovers. The overwhelming personality that immediately invites any outfit to the retro-futuristic atmosphere of the 1980s is a wonderful word.

Digital model 3

“Casio Standard” B640WB-1BJF

"Casio Standard" B640WB-1BJF

An all-black model with an inverted green LCD. With the help of metal straps, it has a retro design but a sophisticated and sporty atmosphere. If you match black with a precious monotone style, you should be able to bring out its solid charm by 120%. Like the “F-84W”, the backlight is equipped with a stopwatch and alarm as standard equipment.

Digital model 4

“Casio Standard” F-108WHC-7BJF

"Casio Standard" F-108WHC-7BJF

You may be surprised that the 5600 series of “G-SHOCK” is at this price !? “, but this is also a decent cheap Casio. The toughness of the resin case and the visibility of the square window are not inferior to those of the original family. However, there is a difference in the surface finish between Cheap Casio and “G-Shock”, and I get the impression that “F-108” has a slightly stronger luster. If you’re curious, you can definitely choose White x White.

Digital model 5

“Casio Standard” AE-1200WH-1AJF

"Casio Standard" AE-1200WH-1AJFWith its futuristic design and full-featured functions, the “AE-1200” reigns as a popular model for professionals who are on a par with the databank. In addition to the square case with outstanding impact, it is one that shows the world map in world time, and the 100m water resistance and the seriousness of “Casio”. In winter, combine it with thick knits and sweatshirts, and in spring, enjoy a large volume of 43 mm in diameter with a single shirt.

Digital model 6

“Casio Standard” F-91W-1JH

"Casio Standard" F-91W-1JH

Along with the simplest and lightest digital model “F-84W”, the “F-91W” divides its popularity. Actually, the contents of these two models are exactly the same. In other words, the function is the same. The biggest difference is whether the button part of the case has a protrusion. The convex “F-91W” gives a tougher impression, so if you have a lot of active outfits, this is a good choice.

Digital model 7

“Casio Standard” LA670WA-1A2JF

"Casio Standard" LA670WA-1A2JF

Cheap Casio wearing a cushion-type case composed of curved lines. A circle is applied to the outer circumference of the dial to create a retro-futuristic feel. The unique looks are also useful for accenting your outfit. Despite the use of a stainless steel case and stainless steel band, it weighs only 26g and is extremely lightweight. As you can see from the large “WATER RESIST” at the bottom of the dial, it is fully waterproof for everyday life.

Digital model 8

“Casio Standard” A158WA-1JH

"Casio Standard" A158WA-1JH

The standard form that represents Cheap Casio is full of retro charm. There is no doubt that it will make a difference in your arm. Since this model uses a stainless steel band, it has a sharpness even though it is a cheap Casio, and it can be matched to the on-style without discomfort. In the dark, the green LED illuminates the digital display by operating a button, and the point is that you can see the time firmly.

Digital model 9

“Casio Standard” AE-1300WH-8A

"Casio Standard" AE-1300WH-8A

High-performance model with three counter dials on the digital display. Since it is equipped with a referee addition timer equipped with a countdown display, you can easily measure loss time, half time, etc. and grasp them in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, it is quite large among the many models that can be used for both men and women, with a length of about 45 mm, a width of about 42 mm, and a thickness of about 12.5 mm. However, its toughness is the best in the series, and it boasts a water resistance of 100m.

Digital model 10

“Casio Standard” LA-20WH-1A

"Casio Standard" LA-20WH-1A

This model with a tough-looking square case, and the super popular model “5600 series” of “G-SHOCK” from a distance. But you can get it for about 2,000 yen here. Of course, we do not use a hollow structure that is resistant to shocks like the “G-Shock”, but this is sufficient for checking the time in daily life. Of course, it is equipped with convenient functions such as a stopwatch, alarm, and calendar, and boasts an overwhelming cost performance.

Digital model 11

“Casio Standard” F-94WA-9JH

"Casio Standard" F-94WA-9JH

Based on the standard digital model “F-91”, this popular model has indicators that indicate active functions such as alarms and AM / PM display. It is equipped with a stopwatch and alarm, has a battery life of about 7 years, and is waterproof for everyday life, so this one will be enough for daily use. The yellow insert color functions as an accent for your outfit.

Digital model 12

“Casio Standard” F-201WA-9AJH

"Casio Standard" F-201WA-9AJH

Here is the type that has improved visibility by enlarging the LCD screen of the “F-84”, which is the most standard and simple digital type. In addition to alarms, timers, and stopwatches, it features a dual time function that displays the time in two countries. Another point is that the battery life is as long as 10 years. It is slightly wider than the standard LCD type, about 3 mm longer in length, and 2 mm thicker. However, it weighs 23.5g and is lightweight.

Digital model 13

“Casio Standard” W-215H-1AJH

"Casio Standard" W-215H-1AJH

With a length of about 43.8 mm, a width of 40.7 mm, and a thickness of 10.9 mm, it is quite a big size among the cheap Casio digital models. However, it weighs 36g, which is quite light considering its size. All necessary basic functions such as LED backlight, alarm, stopwatch, auto calendar, etc. are included! 50m waterproof is also a reassuring spec.

Digital model 14

“Casio Standard” DB-36-1AJH

"Casio Standard" DB-36-1AJH

Click here for a full digital data bank with a hardware keyboard. 30 telememo can be registered, and it boasts high functionality such as support for 13 languages. The vertical size exceeds 43mm, but it is also attractive that it is quite lightweight at 27g. Moreover, the waterproof performance is 5 atm (50 m), which is necessary and sufficient. Two buttons are arranged on the front, and it is equipped with as many as six buttons including four on the side. It has a high-tech finish.

Digital model 15

“Casio Standard” W-96H-1AJH

"Casio Standard" W-96H-1AJH

Equipped with a large square LCD screen, it is a very sporty full digital model with a complicated three-dimensional molded case. The most notable spec features are the 10-year battery life and 5 bar (water resistant to 50 m), which are proudly featured on the dial. In addition, it is packed with useful functions such as dual time and multi-alarm.

Digital model 16

“Casio Standard” CA-53WF-8B

"Casio Standard" CA-53WF-8B

A pop “data bank” with a numeric keypad. Compared to the metal type “DBC-611-1JF” already introduced, the buttons are isolated type, and thanks to the resin case, it has a fairly casual impression. In addition to basic functions such as dual time, stopwatch, and alarm, it is also equipped with an 8-digit calculation function that makes use of the hardware numeric keypad. It is very convenient to be able to do a little calculation to get the smartphone out.

▼ Part 2: Recommended analog model

Analog model 1

“Casio Standard” MW-240-7BJH

"Casio Standard" MW-240-7BJH

With high visibility and basic design, this one has the highest class of versatility among all Cheap Casio models. The lightness that makes you forget that you are wearing it makes you stretch out every morning. As you can see, I’m addicted to Normcore, but it’s also a good idea to enjoy the clean air you have with the French chic style of “Aniesbe” and “Margaret Howell”.

Analog model 2

“Casio Standard” MQ-24-9B

"Casio Standard" MQ-24-9B

Similar in shape to the MW-240, but with a sun-burnt dial and 24-hour hour circle, it is reminiscent of a vintage military watch. Originally, some military watches were made for use on the battlefield, so I feel something in common. However, Cheap Casio can be used for a long time by replacing the battery instead of using it up. If you have a tool to remove the back cover and a 100-yen button battery, you can replace it at home, so let’s challenge it.

Analog model 3

“Casio Standard” MTP-V001GL-7B

"Casio Standard" MTP-V001GL-7B

With Cheap Casio, you can easily take on the challenge of luxury gold watches. This model has a leather-like strap and can be worn comfortably to match the adult jacket style. I want to make it chic to match the wrist of the seasonal tweed jacket. The Arabic index is a perfect match for casual wear.

Analog model 4

“Casio Standard” MTP-1228DJ-7AJH

"Casio Standard" MTP-1228DJ-7AJH

An industry-priced watch that uses stainless steel for the case and strap, and has a crown guard with a day-date function. The fastener is a three-fold push type, and it is highly evaluated because it can be easily attached and detached. As you can see, this model, which is perfect for suit style, is also recommended to buy two with the blue face color variation. It is a slightly larger 40mm diameter in the cheap Casio.

Analog model 5

“Casio Standard” MW-59-1EV

"Casio Standard" MW-59-1EV

The biggest feature of the cheap Casio analog model is its minimalist looks. The model that adopted this bar index can be said to be the model that most embodies its appeal. The extra-fine hands and indexes keep the dial elements clean and uncluttered. It gives a very clean impression. Also, the combination of gold and black is the current watch trend, so I would like to try it.

Analog model 6

“Casio Standard” MQ-38-2A

"Casio Standard" MQ-38-2A

A very elegance model with a sharp rectangular case and a dot index, reminiscent of an antique jewelry watch from a foreign country. The dial uses sunray processing that makes the navy dial shine radially depending on how the light hits it. The width is about 26mm, which is a small size for men to wear, but it goes well with fashion because it can be worn like an accessory.

Analog model 7

“Casio Standard” MRW-200H-1B

"Casio Standard" MRW-200H-1B

An active cheap Casio full of military elements with outstanding visibility and toughness. The waterproof performance is 100m, which makes you feel no dissatisfaction if you use it in your daily life. Of course, it cannot be called a diver’s watch, but like a military watch, it is equipped with a rotating bezel with a rider tab and a crown guard. In addition, it is convenient for daily use to be equipped with Day-Date. It is finished in a cheap Casio that can be used firmly both outdoors and in the urban scene.

Analog model 8

“Casio Standard” MTP-V005L-1B5

"Casio Standard" MTP-V005L-1B5

Among the cheap Casio, the round type series with a diameter of 40 mm has many variations. If you are looking for a suitable one for formal style such as ceremonial occasions, this is recommended. This model, which combines the leather belt that is the basis of a classic dress watch with the Roman index that stands out for its elegance, has nothing to do with cheapness. You can get a formal model that you don’t usually have a chance to wear for 2,000 yen or more, so it’s a good idea to buy it just in case.

Analog model 9

“Casio Standard” MQ-24M-1EJH

"Casio Standard" MQ-24M-1EJH

Introducing a model with a stylish Milanese bracelet in the “MQ-24” series, which has a small round case. Coupled with a simple dial with an extra-fine bar index, it has a minimalist atmosphere like a Scandinavian watch that has exploded in popularity. I’m addicted to the on-scene, so businessmen should also check it out.

▼ Part 3: Recommended analog digital model

Anadigi model 1

“Casio Standard” AW-49HE-7A

"Casio Standard" AW-49HE-7A

A sporty analog digital model with an eye-catching large Arabic numeral index of “12/3/9”. Luminous paint is firmly applied to the tips of the number indexes and bar indexes, and visibility in the dark is perfect. In addition, the waterproof property is 50m, which is sufficient for daily life! The fact that you can record up to 30 phone numbers on the digital display is reminiscent of the masterpiece “Databank”. Now that you don’t remember your phone number, it may be a strong ally when you forget your smartphone.

Anadigi model 2

“Casio Standard” AW48HE-9AV

"Casio Standard" AW48HE-9AV

This is a long-lived model that was born in the 70’s as the source model. The dial, which is dazzling with gold, uses sunray processing, which changes its appearance in a radial pattern depending on the light. Although it is reasonably priced, it has a very high-class feel. The analog part has a short needle and seems to emphasize design a little, but it can be used stress-free due to the digital display. It also has a stopwatch and alarm function, making it a convenient model for everyday use.

Anadigi Model 3

“Casio Standard” AW-801A-JF

"Casio Standard" AW-801A-JF

A digital-ana model whose liquid crystal display along the round shape is a design eye point. The three-dimensional dial is housed in a tough case with screws, giving it a very sporty impression. 30 phone numbers Memory, world time in 30 cities around the world, stopwatch, timer, etc. are attractive because of their high functionality that maximizes the advantages of digital technology.

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