Do you go that far? A Victorinox watch that fascinates adults with its overwhelming toughnes

The Swiss brand “Victorinox” watches have an overwhelming toughness that sets them apart from the rest. Let’s review why watches were born from the same brand and how they have evolved.

“Victorinox”, a Swiss brand male who has entered the wristwatch world

The world-famous “Victorinox” is now rooted in the workshop. In 1884, Karl Elsner opened a cutlery shop with the help of his mother. Born as the fourth son of a hat maker and trained in blacksmithing in Germany and France, his knives quickly became popular, and in 1891 he delivered the Soldier knives to the Swiss Army. Then, in 1897, he announced the prototype model of “multi-tool” that everyone would have seen. With the introduction of automation in 1931, it continued to grow more globally.

In the midst of unstoppable globalization, 1989 will be a transformational year for brands. With the help of our former US sales partners, we will enter the North American watch market. The delicate work unique to the Swiss brand and the know-how cultivated through knife making have gained outstanding reliability in the world of precision mechanical watches. As a Swiss watch maker, it is one of the emerging categories, but when it comes to manufacturing, it is no less than any other long-established store. Rather, “Victorinox” has created a new sensation in the industry with new “ideas” that have never been seen before in watchmaking.

About “Inox” that embodies the spirit of the brand with overwhelming toughness

The characteristic of the watches they make is their extraordinary robustness. With a brand-like way of thinking that has its roots in military products, it completely changed the fragile image of precision machinery. In addition to the durability of metals such as cases, the new strap material called paracord, for example, is an excellent material that can be disassembled in an emergency to become a tough rope. Furthermore, in 2014, the 130th anniversary of the brand’s birth, “Inox”, which has become an icon of the brand, was released. This masterpiece boasting overwhelming specs was created through an unimaginable process.

▼ Point 1: Extraordinary durability that has passed 130 durability tests

A tough model of the 130th anniversary of the brand’s birth. The wristwatch named after “INOX (= stainless steel)”, which became a part of the etymology of the “Victorinox” brand name, was subjected to the same number of memorable numbers, as many as 130 endurance tests. Dropped from a height of 10 meters, under pressure of 8 tons, slid on the bobsleigh’s Olympic course and measured for vibration resistance. All of them are the test to become “the ultimate tough watch that can withstand any environment”. A rugged wristwatch that has passed all tests is a perfect expression of the Swiss brand’s philosophy of quality.

▼ Point 2: A mechanical model that has both precision and robustness is also released.

Victorinox, which never stops evolving, announced big news in 2018 as well. For the first time, we created a mechanical wristwatch to reexamine the essence of watchmaking. Of course, this is not just a mechanical type, it is located at the highest level of the “Inox” series that has toughness. Delicacy and robustness. The mechanical model, which has both, was also noted for its adoption of environmentally friendly wood straps.

▼ Point 3: Development of variations to meet your needs

From “Inox”, which has been the face of the brand since its debut in 2014, many variations have appeared according to needs. As represented by the three below, it is positioned as an iconic series because it has not only durability but also attractiveness.


Inox Carbon Black

The model that has passed many durability tests is even more powerful with a carbon case. It withstands an ultra-high heat of 1,000 degrees, is resistant to scratches and shocks, and has the added advantage of being anti-allergic. Not only the functional aspect, but also the visuals that are unified in black up to the paracord are a must-see. It is a tough yet stylish one.


Inox Professional Diver Red

Divers models with many fans are also on standby. Of course, functionality is not impaired even in the tough environment of the deep sea. “Unique” improvements have also been added, such as a rubber strap that can be easily attached and detached from the top of the diving suit, and a highly visible dial with phosphorescent paint on the index. In addition, a dome-shaped dedicated bumper with a loupe function is also included. Exquisite design like a good old diver’s watch is tantalizing.


Inox V

The lineup of the “INOX” series is wide, and in fact, models for women have also been released. However, the small size is a big trend in wristwatches, and the strong design makes it a merit of the female model that it can be worn regardless of gender. The downsized and more modern “INOX” can be used as a share watch. The small size with a weight of 32%, a thickness of 33%, and a case diameter of 6 mm is recommended for those who feel the height of the threshold for normal “INOX”.

Not only “Inox” but also three major series are recommended

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▼ Series 1: “Air Boss” series inspired by aviation equipment

This series is an orthodox school named after the commander “Air Boss” who controls the takeoff and landing of aircraft. It expresses the true feelings of an aviator watch with outstanding precision.


Air Boss Mach 9 Black Edition

Can withstand high-speed air travel. This is a jet-black collection born from such thoughts. While all black is stylish, it has a full range of functions such as automatic winding with a chronograph. It is a see-through back specification that the movement can be seen from the back.


Air Boss Mechanical

Looks with a strong presence while having a simple function. Combined with the leather belt, it creates a unique masculinity. Sapphire crystal with excellent scratch resistance is used for the windshield, and Superluminova is used for the index. This is also a see-through bag specification self-winding.

▼ Series 2: “Alliance” series with a discreet design and a sense of luxury

Like the “Air Boss”, the “Alliance” series, which has the theme of the sky, is perfect for city use as well as the business scene because of its neatness. While ensuring excellent specifications, it will be close to the daily lives of adults.


Alliance Sports Chronograph

Brown, black, silver. In such a calm color scheme, the accent color red impresses sporty. In addition to the chronograph function, it is also equipped with a bezel with a tachymeter. Attention is also paid to details such as the design of the second hand, which is based on the image of a multi-tool.


Alliance (with multi-tool)

It is one that goes well with suits. The combination of stainless steel and black dial is truly elegant. In addition, it is put in a special box, and a multi-tool of the same color is also included. The special specifications will enhance your mood.

▼ Series 3: High-performance model that is close to people, “Maverick” series

Like the multi-tools that the brand is good at, the “Maverick” series sells multi-functionality and high functionality. Let’s delve into the charm of the work, which “Victorinox” claims to be a “travel gear bag watch”.


Maverick Black Edition

100m water resistant, non-reflective triple coated sapphire crystal glass, unrivaled precision quartz move, and above all, made in Switzerland. It is one that is finished as an item that seems to represent the manufacturing of honest “Victorinox”. Moreover, this is an all-black model with PVD processing. The stylish appearance that does not choose styling is enough to be used habitually for a long time.


Maverick chronograph

This model is a chronograph of the above model. It is also a high point that the counter in the dial is properly set at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock while maintaining water resistance of 10 bar. The rugged triple breath, combined with the powerful case diameter of 43 mm, creates an atmosphere like a male diver.

▼ Series 3: Coexistence of luxury and functionality “Field Force” series

A waterfall meter display that fuels sportiness on the index with outstanding readability. There are many models based on gold, and “Field Force” that guarantees luxury is also one of the indispensable series for “Victorinox”.


Field Force Sports GMT

“Victorinox” has sent out many watches for men who hang around the world. Of course, we also have a model with a GMT function that records the world time. However, it is also an adult’s leeway to enjoy the trip to make the play effective without being too clumsy. If it is one that has an adult nuance, the orange color will fit comfortably.


Field Force Classic Chrono

You can also see a luxurious one with a nice yellow gold insert. The dial is a subdued gray color, so it doesn’t look unpleasant. The gold combination, which is a good match for dark blue blur and resort jackets, fits well on your wrist in early summer.

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