Efficient daily exercise. The presence of sports watches motivates you

With the recent rise in health awareness, more and more people are engaged in sports. Therefore, sports watches are gaining increasing attention. Find one that will be your “smart manager”.

Watch when exercising? Evolutionary sports watch situation that is an extension of “Sumawo”

Watch when exercising?  Evolutionary sports watch situation that is an extension of "Sumawo"

A digital clock worn by runners who go through the city. It’s called a “sports watch,” but in fact, this genre has undergone a tremendous evolution these days! Previous sports watches used to measure lap times and split times, but evolutionary sports watches, which are an extension of smartwatches, now have many other functions. Among them, the smartphone-linked type that uses the app is enriched with GPS and route instructions, heart rate measurement, training and interval proposals, and even high-performance models that can measure calories and blood oxygen concentration. It can be used not only for walking and running, but also for a wide range of sports such as trail running, skiing, golf, cycling, and swimming.

The number one benefit that these evolutionary sports watches bring to users is that they can exercise efficiently. Furthermore, if it is a smartphone-linked model, you can expect to increase your motivation by visualizing the amount of exercise and the distance traveled. It is also possible to prevent overwork by managing your own condition with a model that can measure heart rate and blood oxygen concentration at the same time. Yes, evolutionary sports watches are just like a talented manager. It is an excellent tool that I would definitely recommend to people who are playing sports as well as those who are about to start.

What’s different from the Apple Watch? Superiority and key features of sports watches

What's different from the Apple Watch?  Superiority and key features of sports watches

Many of you who have read this far may have thought, “Then, the Apple Watch you already have is fine.” Of course, the Apple Watch is also an excellent sports watch, but as the saying goes, evolutionary sports watches have their own advantages. For example, “Garmin” in the United States is highly evaluated by runners for its GPS accuracy, ease of use of a dedicated application that manages training logs, and long driving time.

What's different from the Apple Watch?  Advantages and key features of sports watches Second image

In addition, the Finnish-born “Suunto” has gained a high approval rating among trail runners due to its toughness and GPS accuracy that is resistant to height differences. The strong point of evolutionary sports watches is that they have the functionality specialized for these specific sports. There are other models with sports that we are good at, such as golf, skiing, cycling, and mountain climbing, and we have earned the deep trust of athletes.

What's different from the Apple Watch?  Advantages and key features of sports watches Third image

However, some people may want to use it not only when playing sports but also for everyday use. In fact, among the evolutionary sports watches these days, the number of models equipped with functions similar to smart watches such as payment function and music operation is increasing, and it has made remarkable progress as a lifestyle watch. is.

What are the criteria for choosing to meet “one of your own” from a wide variety of sports watches?

After all, the most important thing in choosing a sports watch is whether it suits you. Therefore, there are some points to check. Whether or not there are “lightness and fit”, “waterproof performance”, “characteristics of the sport you are doing”, and “functions that are indispensable to your life”. At the time of purchase, please consider these four points as a standard.

Criterion 1

Lightness that does not interfere with body movement during sports is the lifeline

Lightness that does not interfere with body movement during sports is the lifeline

“Lightness” that does not interfere with the movement of the body is the first condition required for sports watches. Many models have been made lighter by adopting resin parts, but evolutionary smart watches with GPS-like functions tend to be heavier. I definitely want to check the weight. A typical sports watch weighs about 30-70g, so it’s a good idea to use this area as a reference. Also, check the “fitness” so that you don’t feel uncomfortable even during sports. Some evolutionary sports watches have an elegant leather belt model, but if you use it mainly for sports, it is better to use silicon, urethane, or rubber, which is light, water resistant, and soft to wear.

Criterion 2

Because it is a precision instrument. Ensuring waterproof performance suitable for sports

Because it is a precision instrument.  Ensuring waterproof performance suitable for sports

“Waterproof performance” is also one of the important specifications for sports watches. Sports watches are generally 5 to 10 bar, but when used for marine activities, a 10 bar water resistant model is a must. Even in athletics that do not get into water, you may get wet with drinks, sweat, mud splashes, etc., so strength to water is important. Choose a model that is waterproof to suit your sport.

Criterion 3

How about matching with the sport you play?

How about matching with the sport you play?

Any famous brand sports watch will do! It is not something like that. No matter how sophisticated the model is, if you can’t perform well in the sport you play, it will be useless. “Garmin” has a model that can give a golf score, and “Polar” has a lineup of models that can record ski training sessions. Depending on the brand and model, there are sports that you are good at, so it is important to determine if they match the sport you want to play.

Criterion 4

If you want to rely on before and after the activity, choose a model with the right features.

If you want to rely on before and after the activity, choose a model with the right features.

It’s not directly related to sports, but it has some useful features. For example, if you have a sports watch with a payment function, you can buy drinks at a convenience store or a vending machine that supports touch payment while running. More recently, models that can measure steps, blood oxygen concentration, sleep data acquisition, stress check, calorie intake, etc. have appeared. Evolutionary sports watch missions are now extending beyond sports support to the field of health care.

One after another from popular brands. 10 recommended smart watches

Now that you have an image of a sports watch that suits you, let’s introduce a model that is actually selling well. Among athletes who are serious about sports, “Garmin”, “Suunto” and “Polar” have a high approval rating, and for those who want to enjoy a wide range of sports, “Huawei”, which has a reputation for various functionality, is popular. .. The stylish design that can be used as a regular wristwatch is another attraction of evolutionary sports watches.


“Garmin” Fore Athlete 235J

"Garmin" Fore Athlete 235J

Updated the performance of the optical heart rate monitor of the brand’s representative running watch. In addition to measuring the maximum amount of oxygen taken in per minute, VO2Max (maximum oxygen uptake), it is now possible to measure the recovery advisor that informs you of the time required for recovery. Also, if you use the heart rate zone, you can check the guideline of exercise intensity according to your purpose, such as increasing muscle strength and burning fat. You can also view notifications and make calls on your paired smartphone. Water resistant to 50m. Size 45mm, 42g.


“Garmin” Approach S62

"Garmin" Approach S62

A full-scale golf watch that can measure courses, height differences, yardage, etc. by making full use of the high-precision GPS that “Garmin” is proud of. In addition to displaying the wind speed and direction linked to the app, there is also a virtual caddy function that recommends recommended clubs and points to aim for based on the tendency of play and the wind. Equipped with a translucent full-color touch screen that is easy to see even in direct sunlight. It is a reliable one that records data of more than 41,000 golf courses worldwide. Water resistant to 5 bar. Size 47mm, 61g.


“Polar” Ignite GPS Running Watch

"Polar" Ignite GPS Running Watch

The GPS built-in running watch is truly all-in-one! In addition to being able to measure and record speed, distance, route, and record when running, you can also grasp the training effect by tracking your heart rate and checking the amount of calories burned. In addition, it supports both physical and mental aspects such as a sleep analysis function that takes into account heart rate measurement data and an exercise function that improves the quality of sleep by taking a deep breath according to the display display. Water resistant to 30m. Size 43.3mm, 35g.


“Suunto” smart watch GPS Suunto 7

"Suunto" smart watch GPS Suunto 7

A high-end model equipped with more than 70 sports modes that allows you to start sports functions with the touch of a button. The built-in GPS function allows you to record accurate location information when running, and the free offline map with terrain information is convenient for trail running and mountain climbing without a smartphone. With Wear OS Google, you can also download and customize your favorite apps. Also supports Google Pay. Size 50mm, 70g.


“Suunto” Spartan Sports List HR

"Suunto" Spartan Sports List HR

Finnish-born “Suunto” that is strong in the mountains. Among the lineup, it is one with the function of Pikaichi. In addition to being able to accurately measure distance, position information, and speed when moving with GPS / GLONASS signals, it is also equipped with a digital compass that accurately indicates the direction with the tilt correction function and a GPS altimeter that can measure the altitude of ascent and descent. It also has a built-in optical heart rate monitor, so you can measure your heart rate with just the watch itself. You can also measure the recovery time required to recover from fatigue after exercise. Water resistant to 10 bar. Size 50mm, 74g.


“Huawei” smart watch watch 3

"Huawei" smart watch watch 3

Huawei’s smartwatch, which has a reputation for multi-functionality, has outstanding stamina. It can be driven for 3 days in smart mode and about 14 days in ultra-long-lasting mode. In addition to heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen level, it also has a fall detection function and fitness function that automatically notifies the wearer when he / she falls. Since Harmony OS 2, which is the pride of “Huawei”, is adopted as the OS, the application can be installed directly on the main unit. Water resistant to 50m. Size 46.2mm, 54g.


“G-Shock” G Squad

"G-Shock" G Squad

If you want a sturdy sports watch that can be used easily, “G-SHOCK” is the top candidate. In addition to its unique shock-resistant structure, a waterproof microphone and a charging terminal realize a tough body that is water resistant to 20 bar. Wear OS by Google also supports notifications such as Google Assistant, emails, and incoming calls. Equipped with an original app that supports 15 types of activities such as running, swimming, snowboarding, and fishing, and 24 types of indoor workouts. Size 65.6 x 56.3 mm, 103 g.


“Fitbit” smartwatch Barcelona 3

"Fitbit" smartwatch Barcelona 3

The price range is under 30,000 yen, which is easy to reach, but the functionality is comparable to other full-scale models. In addition to the GPS function that displays the distance and pace, it also has a function to measure heart rate continuously for 24 hours to maximize the effect of your workout. It has various functions in a small body such as Amazon Alexa that can display the sleep score showing the quality of sleep and can be operated by voice, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi support, and operation of the Spotify app. Water resistant to 5 bar. Size 40.4 x 40.4 mm, about 110 g.


Withings Steel HR Sports

Withings Steel HR Sports

If you’re looking for an evolutionary sports watch that matches your styling, Withings features a hybrid analog and digital display. In addition to being equipped with an automatic detection function that automatically detects the sport event performed by the wearer and records calories burned, it also measures VO2Max (maximum oxygen uptake) and scores it to improve daily training. It will be useful. The point is the battery that runs continuously for about 25 days. Water resistant to 50m. 42 x 26.5 mm, about 60 g.


“Hillby” Goby 3

"Hillby" Goby 3

For those who play sports for dieting purposes, “Goby 3” is a strong ally. Calculate calorie intake with a bioimpedance sensor. Supports an effective diet by displaying the values ​​of calories ingested by diet and calories burned by exercise. You can also measure water balance, pulse rate, stress level, sleep quality, steps and distance traveled. These data can be grasped at a glance using a dedicated smartphone app. Size 45 x 35 mm, about 35 g.

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