Elegance scented at the wrist. Hamilton Jazzmaster thoroughly dissects popular models

Elegance scented at the wrist. Hamilton Jazzmaster thoroughly dissects popular models

Elegance scented at the wrist. Hamilton Jazzmaster thoroughly dissects popular models

Among the many “Hamilton” series, the Jazzmaster has a lot of support from businessmen because of his dressy looks. We have picked up models that are particularly noteworthy.

One of the most popular lines in “Hamilton”. What kind of model is “Jazzmaster”?

The prestigious watch maker “Hamilton” originated in the United States. Among the series, the “Jazzmaster” has a high approval rating, especially among business people. The Hamilton collection can be broadly divided into military and American classic collections. The Jazzmaster is a series that is classified into the latter. It is named after the desire to be a collection that combines innovation and modernity, like the “jazz” of music. It features a sophisticated design that makes you feel elegance throughout.

Why the “Jazzmaster” attracts adults

“Jazzmaster” releases a diverse lineup from dress-faced models to sporty ones. However, all of them have a very chic and elegant design that lives up to the name of American Classic. In addition, by shifting production to Switzerland, a watch powerhouse, the quality of the movement as well as the exterior has improved. It has secured its position as a more practical watch.

“Jazzmaster” of “Hamilton”. Introducing the standard models that should be held down

Even if you say “Jazzmaster” in one word, its looks and concepts are diverse. The appeal of the “Jazzmaster” is that it’s fun, even if it’s very difficult to decide which one to choose. First of all, I will introduce a model that should be called a classic without any mistakes.


Jazzmaster Open Heart Automatic


Jazzmaster Seaview Day-Date Quartz

“Jazz Master Sea View” that pushes the traditionalness of “Jazz Master” to the front. The design is based on a diver’s watch, but the slender bezel and sharp indexes make it look less profound. You can wear it as an urban one. The thickness that is suppressed due to the quartz move and the 42mm diameter that is reasonably insisted on are also exquisitely balanced. The point is that it is 100m waterproof and guarantees practicality in daily life.


Jazzmaster Auto Chrono Automatic

A chic crocodile embossed calf belt with vertical indial that leaves a modern accent. The index and hour and minute hands also have an edgy shape, creating a very sharp air. Among the highly popular “Jazz Master” chronographs, this model is perfect for dressy wear. With a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 15.43 mm, it has a perfect presence. The movement uses the H-21, which boasts a power reserve of approximately 60 hours.


Jazzmaster Viewmatic Automatic

A model that represents the “Jazzmaster”, featuring a universal and simple design and a beautiful case that uses polish and hairline properly. The delicate sunray finish and the metal bracelet in the shape of the brand initial “H” stimulate the desire for unobtrusive and subtle decorativeness. With a wide variety of case diameters, it can be used in a wide range of situations and styles, from business to casual. The movement also uses ETA’s 80-hour long power reserve, so it’s perfect for practical use. It is also a point that this spec is under 100,000 yen.


Jazzmaster Thinline Small Second Quartz

The “Jazzmaster Thinline” is a slim and neat case with a traditional appearance. Due to its simplicity, it goes well with beautiful casual outfits and suit styles. On the other hand, it is minimal, but the Arabic index is expressed by applied instead of printing, and the three-dimensional small seconds are installed, and the details that give a sense of luxury shine. Automatic is also available, but the price of the quartz model is modest, and it is easy to reach even for beginners of watches, but I am happy. It is also recommended as the first authentic wristwatch.

Check out the wide variety of “Jazzmaster” lineups

After learning about the classics, let’s take a look at the popular “Jazzmaster” models with various designs and specifications. I picked up 12 excellent looks that you can see the depth of the “Jazzmaster” series.


Jazzmaster Open Heart Automatic 36m

The major difference from the “Open Heart Auto” introduced above is the case size. With a diameter of 36 mm, which has been trimmed to the very limit of the width of the movement, it has been reborn with a more elegant look than the previous model. It is also noteworthy that the Arabic index, which was previously placed at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock, has been replaced with a bar to create a dress face that looks good on business while having a playful open heart. By the way, this model uses the newly developed hairspring, Nivacron (TM), which is less likely to be magnetically charged than before. It’s also cutting-edge in terms of technology.


Jazzmaster Open Heart Automatic 42mm

This is a 42mm model that is slightly larger than the 40mm diameter model mentioned above. You can worship the whole index without breaking it with an open heart. The movement is also equipped with the H-10, which enables continuous driving for 80 hours. Other brands have a date display due to size increase, but it is also a good point of “Hamilton” that it does not do so.


Jazzmaster Thinline Automatic

This is one of the “Shinline” series introduced above, but this is a tasteful one that has both a classic dial that curves toward the edge and a sunray dial with a gentle color reminiscent of vintage. As with the “Intramatic” logo on another line, the logo is from the good old days 50 years ago. This is a leather strap, but a dressy 7-strand bead bracelet is also available, so be sure to check it out.


Jazzmaster skeleton automatic

I introduced the open heart model above, but this one has a more “Hamilton” cutout. As you can see from a distance, the motif is “H” in “Hamilton”. The two-layered dial creates depth, and the contrast between the movement with the Côtes de Genève and the dial is also eye-catching. With a diameter of 40 mm, it fits well on the wrist.


Jazzmaster Day-Date Automatic

“Daydate” with a simple dial that creates an elegant and classical look. The traditional yet sophisticated design and the chic appearance of the jet-black dial make it a universal attraction. On the other hand, the fan-shaped day display at 12 o’clock creates a casual personality and playfulness. The triple SS belt, which creates a rhythm by changing the finish, is also stylish.


Jazzmaster Gentle Quartz

“Gentle Quartz” is a simple and classic watch with a modern feel. In addition to the standard case diameter of 40 mm, it is equipped with a quartz movement and has excellent cost performance, and is versatile enough to be used regardless of whether it is on or off. However, if you want to make a little change, such a blue-gray dial is also an option.


Jazzmaster power reserve automatic

A minimalist wristwatch like the “Jazzmaster Djent” introduced above, with a bold power reserve indicator at 9 o’clock, is one of the tricks that creates a modern atmosphere. The contrast with the chic atmosphere expressed by the sunray finish of the dial is also truly unique. It has a dressy look, such as the fact that the edge of the date window is not attached, but it adds a moderate accent to the arm.


Jazzmaster Viewmatic Skeleton Djent Automatic

A skeleton model that allows you to enjoy the delicate movements of the “Hamilton” exclusive movement by ETA not only from the back of the case but also from the front. The dial with flowing cutting and the model name of the majestic “HAMILTON VIEWMATIC” that goes around the dial are also unique. The skeleton has a sporty impression, but it is actually a venerable design from the time of the genius watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet. With this combination of gold and leather straps, it’s a good idea to add a classic touch.


Jazzmaster Traveler GMT Automatic

It has a simple and stylish look with a wedge-shaped index, and is equipped with a GMT function that can read two times. With a discreet yet sophisticated design, ostrich belt and ETA’s self-winding movement, the Traveler GMT Auto creates a classy man’s wrist. In addition to being water resistant to 20 bar with a screw-down crown, the inner bezel can also be rotated with the crown at 2 o’clock.


Jazzmaster Chrono Quart

An in-dial with a different treatment for 3 people is installed in a case with a moderate presence with a case diameter of 42 mm. The edges of the indial are polished to create a contrast with the dial, which makes the two-tone look stand out. For the strap, the leather strap is the best choice, which emphasizes the goodness of the brown indial.


Jazzmaster Regulator Automatic

A regulator model in which the hour, minute, and second hands are driven independently has also been released by the Jazzmaster. The 42mm diameter has a good size, but the wedge-shaped applied index and fine font give a delicate impression. The finish of the 5-strand breath, which is polished by using polish and satin one frame at a time, is also wonderful.


Jazzmaster Maestro Automatic

The Maestro Auto Chrono, which combines an elegant and classical atmosphere with a sporty chronograph, is one of the top models in Hamilton. The large volume of 45 mm diameter and the luxurious pink gold index make you feel a dignity that is a bit different from other “Jazzmaster”.

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