Excellent trend with green and gold. The latest series eight limited to 400 pieces

“Citizen Series Eight” first appeared in 2008. The model name Eight has the meaning of “∞” = infinite possibilities, and it has become a hot topic as a modern design watch equipped with the highly efficient photovoltaic technology “Eco Drive” that “Citizen” is proud of. Then, in August 2021, a new work was born in which the drive system was redesigned into a traditional mechanical system while inheriting the original design theme of “the aesthetic sense of subtraction.” It will be a new place in my memory that watch fans have sprung up. In the midst of such excitement, the news that a limited model will appear came in. Based on the regular model “870 Mechanical”, this work has a trendy green and gold color scheme, and looks quite mature. Let’s check it out.

グリーン×ゴールドでトレンド感抜群。400本限定のシリーズエイト最新作 2枚目の画像

The first eye-catching feature of the base “870 Mechanical” is the two-body bezel. The point of this limited edition model is that by combining warm gold with gray, the sporty seasoning is kept while keeping the glitter. In addition, the straight-lined case has a lumpy feel, but it also has a solid impression due to the adoption of a 4.1 mm thin movement, which is perfect for this brand that sings modern sportiness. There, green, which is currently the most popular color in the wristwatch industry, is introduced to the dial and calf belt. Not only has the trend increased significantly, but it is also a model that is suitable for more elegant and formal occasions.

The weak point of traditional mechanical watches is magnetism. If you continue to be exposed to the magnetism of your smartphone or PC, the internal parts will be affected and the time will be out of order, but this model has reinforced magnetic resistance of the JIS standard that the performance is hardly impaired even if it is brought close to magnetism up to 1 cm. Compliant with “Type 2 magnetic resistance”. Therefore, it is safe to use with electronic devices that are indispensable for modern life. Also noteworthy is the good visibility. Mechanical watches can be equipped with thick hands that have stronger torque than quartz, making time very easy to read. The mechanical movement “Cal.0950” has an average daily difference of -5 seconds to +10 seconds and a power reserve of about 50 hours, which is necessary and sufficient. It also has functionality such as water resistance to 10 bar and date display, making it a great finish for everyday use. The release date is December 2nd (Thursday), and only 400 bottles will be sold worldwide, so if you’re curious, you won’t have time to get lost.

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