Hamilton, a prestigious American born. Carefully selected 15 watches that give off a universal appeal

“Hamilton” was founded in the development period of the United States and made its name known to the world in railway, military and aviation watches. We will approach the unique charm that is a bit different from the brand from Switzerland and raised in Switzerland.

As the first one or as an expert’s choice. Hamilton watches don’t fade

“I want a wristwatch that accentuates my styling.” “I can’t afford a wristwatch that costs hundreds of thousands of yen, but I want a wristwatch that I can talk to.” It is “Hamilton”. The lineup includes the “Jazz Master,” which is a model for mechanical watches, the “Ventura,” whose asymmetrical case is still novel, and the “Khaki,” which was used in World War II and the Vietnam War. There are a lot of masterpiece watches with a background that is unique in appearance and can be talked about historically and mechanically. Nevertheless, most of them are priced in the high 300,000 yen range, which is a nice point. From young people to elderly people, from beginners to experts in authentic watches, the depth of bosom that meets the needs of everyone. This is the charm of the American-born watch brand “Hamilton”.

“Hamilton” has grown with the United States. Introducing its charm with 3 points

Before delving into the charm of “Hamilton”, let’s first review its career, which is indispensable in talking about the history of watches themselves. Founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The United States at that time was undergoing remarkable development, and it was the transcontinental railroad that supported the unprecedented economic boom. All that is needed for a railroad is accurate time sharing. Hamilton’s high-precision pocket watch made for railroad workers became a timekeeper for American railroads and contributed to its development. “Hamilton”, which suddenly became a leading American watch brand, has since become part of the Swiss Swatch Group and has continued to evolve to this day.

To the US military, railroad … The watch that has supported American history is Hamilton.

The history of Hamilton is inextricably linked to American industry and war since the 1900s. He contributed to the transcontinental railroad in the early 1900s, but was selected as the official watch for America’s first scheduled flight (Washington DC-New York) in 1918. An accurate wristwatch was an indispensable tool for pilots to check their current location and fuel level. We also manufactured pilot watches to meet that need. Then, when World War II broke out, military watches came into the limelight. It works correctly in harsh battlefields and is low cost. The military watch that cleared such a hurdle was also used in the Vietnam War after World War II and received high praise.

“Khaki Aviation” that inherits the tradition of pilot watches, “Khaki Field Mechanical” that has its roots in military watches, including “Rail Road” that was inspired by pocket watches for railroad workers. The wisdom of “Hamilton”, which has continued to support the United States, is alive in the popular models currently released.

Challenging design unique to “Hamilton”, which has been loved by famous stars

“Hamilton” has become famous for railways, airplanes, the military, and practical watches, but on the other hand, it has produced watches with a challenging design unlike any other. The most prominent one is “Ventura”, which was born in 1957. The original asymmetrical design is by Richard Arbib, an industrial design genius who is also known for his work on the 1959 Cadillac. “Ventura” was a huge hit in the United States after being worn by Elvis Presley in the 1961 movie “Blue Hawaii.”

Since then, “Hamilton” watches have appeared frequently in Hollywood movies. The number is more than 450 including the historical masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey”! There are many topical works such as “Men in Black”, “Pearl Harbor”, and “Independence Day: Resurgence”, so it may be interesting to look for them in the works.

By the way, the “Piping Rock” released in 1928 was also a hot topic. That year, the New York Yankees won the World Series, and it became widely known that the owner of the team presented the model to 31 players. In addition to the limited release of the reprint in 2008, it is also famous as a model worn by Hidetoshi Sena, the main character who plays the role of Takuya Kimura in the drama “Long Vacation”.

“Hamilton” has a deep connection not only with American industry but also with stars and movies. It can be said that it is a “watch that can be talked about”.

Just being a long-established store is not enough. The reliability of a wristwatch promised by Hamilton

Although Hamilton has a prosperous history, its specs as a wristwatch also set it apart from the rest. What should be noted is the quality of the “movement”. “Hamilton” belongs to the same Swatch Group as ETA, the largest movement maker in Switzerland. As a result, it is possible to achieve overwhelmingly high cost performance compared to brands outside the group that are supplied with movements from ETA.

For example, it is because of this brand that we can make a model with a long power reserve of over 70 hours for less than 100,000 yen. The secret that “Hamilton” boasts the best cost performance in the watch industry lies in the thick pipe with ETA.

From eternal classics that remain in watch history to new models. 15 famous machines of “Hamilton

The lineup is as diverse as a museum, as it is a brand with a history of more than a century. However, even if you intuitively choose it with an emphasis on design, all models are equipped with a high-performance movement, so the sense of security is exceptional. Find your favorite one among the 15 masterpieces that carry the prestigious signboard.

Khaki field mechanical

The “Khaki” series is a series whose roots are the military watches made by “Hamilton” used during World War II. This “Khaki Field Mechanical” is a reproduction of the 1960s model, and features a hack function that stops the hands when the crown is pulled to the time adjustment position. It’s now commonplace, but this is a feature used by soldiers to set the time. The case is treated with earth-colored PVD, and the belt is made of leather. The rough texture of sandblasting also boosts the military mono mood. The movement uses the H-50, which has an 80-hour power reserve. SS case, size 38 mm, hand-wound.

Khaki navy scuba automatic

With the diver’s watch boom as a tailwind, the “Khaki Navy” series, which aims for authentic diver’s watches, is gaining a lot of attention. One of the most popular is the “Khaki Navy Scuba”, which has a simple face and boasts a water resistance of 30 bar. The latest model uses a ceramic that is resistant to scratches and corrosion on the reverse rotation prevention bezel. In addition, the super minorva processing dots provided at 12 o’clock on the bezel make it easy to grasp the dive time. The movement is equipped with the H-10, which has a standard duration of 80 hours. SS case, size 43 mm, self-winding.

Khaki Navy Below Zero

The biggest attraction of “Below Zero” in the “Khaki Navy” lineup is the overwhelming presence of the titanium case with black PVD processing. It was often used in movies and appeared in “Odyssey” (released in 2016) and “Tenet” (released in 2020). There is only a model inspired by a submarine, and the spec itself is a serious diver’s specification equipped with a 1,000 m waterproof function and a helium scale bubble. The case back is embossed with a diving mask. Titanium case, size 46 mm, self-winding.

Khaki Aviation Pilot Pioneer Mecha

“Hamilton” was selected as the first official watch for regular flights in the United States. “Khaki Aviation” is a series that inherits the genealogy of the pilot watch. With its retro dial and rugged NATO strap, this watch is based on the vintage watch delivered to the Royal Air Force in 1973 and has modern specifications. The movement is equipped with a hand-wound H-50 with a standard duration of 80 hours, and the box-shaped windshield has been updated with sapphire glass. It is noteworthy that the size at that time is almost faithfully reproduced in the reprint that tends to be big size. SS case, size 36 x 33 mm, hand-wound.

Khaki X-Wind Auto Chrono

The model positioned at the top of the “Khaki Aviation” series is the “Khaki X-Wind”. The name comes from the fact that the buttons and crowns that operate the chronograph are arranged in an “X” shape. This model, which is limited to 1918 pieces, is equipped with various functions necessary for aviation, such as the drift correction angle calculation function developed by Hamilton, the chronograph function, and the second time zone display. The movement is the H-21-Si with the brand’s first silicon balance spring. The thick textile straps with rivets also add to the military feel. SS case, size 45 mm, self-winding.

Jazzmaster Open Heart Automatic

“Jazzmaster” is a popular series that was literally inspired by jazz, which was born in New Orleans in 1890, the same period as the founding of “Hamilton”. And “Jazzmaster Open Heart Automatic” can be said to be the model that most embodies the sophistication and freedom of the music of jazz. The irregularly designed windows on the dial allow you to appreciate the movement of the H-10, a mechanical movement. The five-series breath, which is chamfered one frame at a time and has been changed in size, also gives a sense of luxury. For men, we also have a model with a diameter of 40 mm, so check it out! SS case, size 42 mm, self-winding.

Jazzmaster Small Second Automatic

The “Jazzmaster” series has a wide variety of models such as “Beaumatic” and “Maestro”. For those who like old-fashioned classic watches, the Jazzmaster Small Seconds is for you. A classic look with a wedge-shaped index, Dauphin hands, and a small second at 6 o’clock. In addition, the borderless date display at 3 o’clock creates a neat image. The movement is equipped with a mechanical 2895-2 that achieves a power reserve of 50 hours.

Broadway automatic

The “Broadway” series, which was born in 2016, has the motif of the city of New York, as the name suggests. The striped pattern on the surface of the dial is inspired by the Broadway skyscrapers. The details of the big city, New York, are expressed in every detail, such as the case without the bar index and crown guard, the square chronograph pusher, and the slim bezel with the tachymeter engraved on it. Especially in this work, the green that borders the dial and in-dial has a modern accent. The movement is the H-21 with a 60-hour power reserve. SS case, size 43 mm, self-winding.

American Classic Railroad Skeleton Automatic

“American Classic” is a series that reprints the timepieces of the time when Hamilton was once based in the United States. The most popular “Railroad Skeleton” is a model that pays homage to the railroad watch that is touted as the “timekeeper of the American railroad”. It features a retro round case, railway scales, and a skeleton specification that allows you to watch the movement of the movement. The movement is equipped with the H-10-S, which has a long power reserve of 80 hours. SS case, size 43 mm, self-winding.

American Classic Bolton Mechanical

“Bolton”, which is lined up in “American Classic”, is one of the masterpieces of “Hamilton”. The case that brings out the Art Deco-like taste that was popular in New York in 1940 is characterized by its curvaceous beauty that is a bit different from the tonneau (barrel) type and rectangular (square type). Quartz models also exist, but classic hand-wound watches are popular among watch watches. Equipped with H-50, a movement made by “Hamilton” that realizes a power reserve of up to 80 hours. SS case, size 34.5 x 38 mm, self-winding.

American Classic Intramatic Automatic

If you want a “Hamilton” that matches your suit, “Intramatic” from “American Classic” is the number one candidate. The design, which is a reproduction of the appearance at the time of its appearance in 1960, has a dressy design of a slim case with a thickness of less than 1 cm, two slender hands, and a bar index. In addition, the details that follow the old model such as the cylinder dial and the dome-shaped windshield are also highlights. Equipped with 2892-A2, a mechanical movement with a standard duration of 50 hours. SS case, size 42 mm, self-winding.

Khaki Field Titanium Auto

Of the “Khaki” series, “Khaki Field” has the theme of “land”. The field watch, which has its roots in the so-called “hack watch” used by the US Army during World War II, has a highly visible green dial and canvas band that tickle the man’s heart. This model has a strong image of manual winding introduced above, but this one is equipped with ETA’s self-winding movement, H-10. The 80-hour long power reserve has improved the practicality of the product. SS case, size 40 mm, self-winding.

American Classic Pan Euro

Green dial watches are the trend, but Hamilton’s American Classic series also has excellent green dials. This “Pan Euro” is a modern revival of the archive released in the 1970s. The retro-futuristic design of the 70’s and the bright green are sure to be a perfect accent for styling. Equipped with H-30, a caliber boasting a power reserve of up to 80 hours. A black calf strap is also included. SS case, size 42 mm, self-winding.

Ventura Quartz

The world’s first battery-powered watch “Ventura” that Elvis Presley also loved. Silver and gold colored cases are popular, but for those who want to make a difference from the surroundings, this model with a black PVD processed case and a black dial is recommended. The jet-black “Ventura”, which stands out for its fearlessness and modern taste, is suitable not only for casual wear, but also for dressy suits and fashionable styling. A self-winding model has also been announced in recent years, but if you want to experience the power of an electric watch as a “hashiri”, it is a shortcut to choose a quartz movement that is not exactly the same. SS case, size 50 x 32 mm, quartz.

Ventura Elvis 80 Skeleton Auto

The popular series “Ventura Elvis 80” is an 80’s style arrangement of “Ventura”. The electric dial with a bold cutout and the pulse line that crosses the center give off a strong presence. Furthermore, the case with rose gold PVD processing creates a luxurious image. The movement is H-10 with a long power reserve of up to 80 hours. The back cover is also skeletonized, so you can enjoy the precise movement of the mechanical movement from both sides. SS case, 42.5 x 44.6 mm, self-winding.

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