Hamilton khaki. Thorough explanation of the origin of military watches, their charm and recommendations

American prestigious watch maker “Hamilton”. “Khaki” is a popular introductory machine of the same brand. Based on the characteristics, we will introduce 10 books that are suitable for adults’ arms.

The representative line of “Hamilton”. What kind of model is “khaki”?

“Khaki” has its roots in a military wristwatch that was familiar to American soldiers during World War II. From such a background, it is recognized as a representative of military watches, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a masterpiece that anyone who is particular about watches will have had at least once.

Such a “khaki” design is practical and tough as it has military roots. It goes well with men’s fashion and shows outstanding versatility, especially in the casual scene. Let’s reconfirm the charm of such “khaki” that attracts beginners to watch experts.

Speaking of “Hamilton”, “khaki”. Explore the unique charm of the series

“Khaki” in the genealogy as a military watch. We have many unique models equipped with the functions required for land, sea, and air situations. While being based on practicality as a military watch such as durability and visibility, it is also a big attraction of “Khaki” that you can choose various designs that correspond to town use and business scenes.

What is the difference from other popular series such as “Ventura” and “Jazzmaster”?

Speaking of the popular line of “Hamilton”, “Ventura” with asymmetric design, which was famous as the world’s first electric watch, and “Jazzmaster” with a smart and stylish look are also famous. In comparison, “Khaki” has a rugged and enthusiastic image in addition to its rigidity and functionality as a field watch. It has a somewhat masculine atmosphere with American roots. And above all, there are many models with excellent cost performance, and it is also useful as an introductory machine for mechanical wristwatches.

What kind of scene does “Khaki” in “Hamilton” look good on?

So far, I have introduced that it is a masculine and tough watch, but adding a modern essence to it is a unique taste of “Hamilton”. As mentioned above, you can wear a wide range of off-time casual styles as well as on-time suit styles by choosing a polished metal breath model. Even in the same “Hamilton”, if you feel that “Jazzmaster” or “Intramatic” may be too clean for you, you may want to delve into the “Khaki” series.

“Khaki”, a masterpiece of “Hamilton”. Introducing the standard models that should be held down

“Khaki” is roughly divided into three types: field (land), navy (sea), and aviation (sky), and each has an attractive model lineup. First of all, let’s introduce the representative models that can be said to be the standard of each.

“Land” watch 1

Khaki Field Mecha

If you are interested in a model that is close to the original in the “Khaki Field” series, it will be a hand-wound model. A tough case with sandblasting and a simple and functional beauty without date display. The well-colored NATO strap is also reinforced and decorated with leather parts, giving it a luxurious feel. Although it looks classical, the movement that is loaded is the latest with the “H-50” that can be driven continuously for up to 80 hours. The movement is thin and less than 1 cm thick, so it should be an unrivaled activity as a holiday watch.

“Land” watch 1

Khaki field auto

A field watch with a simple form that has its roots in the so-called “hack watch” used by the US military in World War II. The green dial and canvas band have a chic look that doesn’t look too rough, making it an elegant piece that goes well with adult casual styles. There is an image that “khaki field” is hand-wound, but self-winding that benefits from ETA’s long power reserve movement is also practical.

“Sea” watch 1

Khaki Navy Pioneer Small Second

A dress watch with a marine chronometer motif developed at the request of the US Navy in the 1940s. The wire rug-like rugs found on converted watches from pocket watches and the decorative indexes give a nice retro feel. On the other hand, the simple and elegant design and the blue dial create a sophisticated image. It is one that goes well with business scenes and beautiful casual wear.

“Sea” watch 2

Khaki Navy Open Water Auto

Authentic divers inspired by the diving clock developed for the US Navy’s midget submarine “Frogman”. The authentic specifications of the 46mm titanium case with 1,000m water resistance are irresistible for men who like over-engineering. The red aluminum bezel and rubber band, which emphasize visibility, bring awesomeness and persuasiveness to the look. In the summer, the presence of a white T-shirt that completes the style is the best in the entire Hamilton collection.

“Sky” watch 1

Khaki Aviation Pioneer Automatic

The motif is the aviation clock adopted by the Royal Air Force in the 1970s. In addition to good visibility, the classic look that inherits the asymmetric case to protect the crown and the characteristic sub-dial arrangement is attractive. With a black dial with a tight impression, it works as an all-rounder that can be worn regardless of whether it is on or off. Quartz models with in-dial at 10 o’clock and 6 o’clock are also reasonable, but the two-counter chrono, which is getting hot these days, is also excellent in design.

“Sky” watch 2

Khaki Aviation Pilot Day-Date Automatic

The 1940s Air Force clock is the design source for this impressive triangle hour marker at 12 o’clock. The essence of the index and the wide aviator strap, which are displayed in minutes so that you can quickly grasp the flight time, can be seen at the key points. In addition, the practical and unique arrangement unique to “Hamilton”, such as the hour and minute hands that skillfully approach the visibility by making the hollow position teleco, and the day display that can be quickly confirmed at the 12 o’clock position, are also highlights. The powerful dial created by narrowing the bezel makes you feel the joy of having a military watch.

This is a model equipped with a strap inspired by the flight jacket worn by US military pilots. Coupled with the sand-colored index, it makes your arm more rugged.

I still want to know. Recommended model to keep in mind with “Khaki” of “Hamilton”

After holding down the standard, we will introduce the upper clock derived from it. I picked up 11 unique watches that have the toughness of “khaki” rooted in military watches and the urban design unique to “Hamilton”.


Khaki field automatic

It looks very similar to “Khaki Field Auto”, but this is a variation. By changing the dial to black and the band to mirror-finished stainless steel, it will be established as a military watch that can also be used for on-time suit styles. It is also a good impression that the case is 38 mm and not too rugged. Of course, it goes well with casual styles. A titanium model has been released for the same metal, so you can use it as you like.


Khaki field mechanical

“Khaki field mechanical” which was taken up in the above part. The roughness of the NATO strap is characteristic of this model, but if you want to wear it more cleanly and sporty, there is also a metal breath model like this. However, the strap is sandblasted like the case. You can dress up without damaging the nostalgic atmosphere of “Khaki Field Mechanical”.


Khaki Field King Auto

It’s aptly named “King”, but it’s chic that suits older adults. At first glance, it doesn’t look like a big change, but the index font, thick case, and matte finish give it an elegant look. The day-date notation concentrated at 12 o’clock gives it a distinctive look at a glance.


Khaki Field Auto Chrono

Keeping the rugged image of “Khaki Field”, the vertical two-counter chronograph gives it a stylish look. It also has a day-date display, which also appeals to its practicality. In this model, the strap, case, and index are all black to add a tough yet sophisticated impression. The material of the strap looks like textile, but it has a sporty air with leather-lined rubber.


Khaki Navy Below Zero 1000

“Below Zero” was wrapped around the arm by the main character played by Matt Damon in the movie “The Martian”. It is a unique diver’s design that sets it apart from other models, but it is also a member of the magnificent “Khaki” series. The 46mm big case is equipped with a helium escape valve that is also installed in authentic divers, and the essential waterproof performance is 1,000m. The solid feeling of the black case by PVD processing reminds us that it is one for professionals.


Khaki navy scuba automatic

This is one that follows the features of an authentic diver’s watch. The case diameter has been slightly increased from the conventional 40 mm to 43 mm, which looks good in summer. In addition, it is the “Hamilton” style that does not cut corners in detail. The indexes and hands have been updated from authentic divers to those that are sharp in the city, and the rubber straps have also been sharpened to create a modern atmosphere. The state-of-the-art self-winding movement ensures a maximum power reserve of 80 hours, while achieving 300m waterproofing and functional aspects are perfect.


Khaki Aviation Pioneer Mechanical

One that reproduces the military watch manufactured for the Royal Air Force in 1973. When it was released in the winter of 2019, vintage enthusiasts were enthusiastic about making it faithful to the original. The case diameter is 33m, which seems to be small in modern times. Equipped with a box-shaped sapphire crystal windshield reminiscent of those days and a sun-burnt hour marker, the brand logo has returned to what it used to be. The movement is, of course, hand-wound. In the morning, when you wind up while looking at the rugged dial with sandblasting, you may feel as if you have slipped back in time.


Khaki Aviation Pilot Pioneer Auto

Inspired by the Royal Air Force watches of the 1970s, this model is packed with military essences such as an asymmetric case, dome-shaped windshield and textile band that inherit the original features. With the crown at 2 o’clock, the inner bezel with an inner diameter can be rotated, and it can also work like a diver’s watch. The movement is also equipped with H-10, which realizes continuous operation for 80 hours, and it is one that is full of charm while having a simple look.


Khaki Aviation Converter Automatic

This “Khaki Aviation Converter” has emerged as a new approach to the “Khaki Aviation” series. Equipped with a characteristic bidirectional rotating slide rule, you can convert units and perform calculations required for flights at hand. This gives it a massive look, but in reality it has a moderate size of 42mm in diameter. The movement uses H-10, which enables continuous driving for about 80 hours, and the non-magnetic alloy Nivacron is used for the Higezenmai, which is perfect in terms of accuracy.


Khaki Aviation ETO

ETO is an abbreviation for “Estimated Time Over”. It is equipped with a pilot-specific function that allows you to know the time, distance, and speed to the destination by operating the buttons on both sides of the case. The design is sporty and masculine with a 42mm case and a thick stitched leather belt. It looks great on your casual style arm.


Khaki Aviation X-Wind Automatic

This is the first full-scale aviation watch equipped with a drift correction angle calculation function. The 45mm case with excellent visibility and power, the dial with chronograph and various numerical values ​​arranged while maintaining visibility, makes you feel the joy of owning an authentic wristwatch. The presence of the wide strap with studs like an aviation watch is also exceptional, and in the casual style, it should sit on your wrist as the leading role.

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