Hard wax works for adult short and medium hair. Recommended brands and how to use

A styling product that is indispensable for daily cleanliness. Hard wax is especially useful for adults with short to medium hair. Here are some currently recommended brands and examples of their use.

Useful for adult short to medium hair. Are you using hard wax?

Useful for adult short to medium hair. Are you using hard wax?

The characteristics of wax are broadly considered to be “gloss,” “holding force,” and “operability.” Among them, hard wax has high holding power and excellent operability. In the case of women, there are many uses such as suppressing volume and keeping movement because there are many long lengths, so strong holding force is not required so much.

On the other hand, in the case of men, since there are many short lengths, it is necessary to make a firm hairstyle, and high operability and holding power are required. Of course, even with a short length, it is not always hard wax depending on the hair quality and desired hair style, but if you find the benefits introduced below attractive, we recommend using the hard type.

That’s why it’s good. What are the three reasons to recommend hard wax?

There are three reasons why hard wax is so effective in forming men’s hairstyles. There are many hard waxes on the market, from commercial products to salon-only products, but it is no exaggeration to say that these reasons apply to almost all of them. I would like you to recognize the attractiveness of each and use it to help you select styling products in the future.

High holding power makes it easy to keep the style

High holding power makes it easy to keep the style

Especially in the case of very short to short length, “start-up” is required for styling. When it is necessary to move in the direction opposite to the normal flow of hair, such as up bang (raising the bangs), the high holding force is the one. If the holding power is not good enough, even if you intend to start it firmly, you will lose gravity and you may not be able to keep your style. First of all, with hard wax, the high holding power that can keep the hairstyle for a long time will be the point.

Strong styling power makes it easy to arrange hair

Strong styling power makes it easy to arrange hair

For short to medium length styling, I want to approach fashionably by making movements with “bundle”, “division”, and “curl”. Therefore, styling power and operability are required. Hard wax is made with this in mind, and the texture is divided to make it easier to handle. The stretchy fiber type is strong in forming a feeling of bunch, the wet grease type is suitable for clicky part hair, and the cream type is suitable for easy rubbing and expressing swell. Therefore, I want to use it properly according to the hairstyle I am aiming for.

Even a small amount can be used, so you can shorten the time when you are busy in the morning.

Even a small amount can be used, so you can shorten the time when you are busy in the morning.

If you want to get a good hairstyle, you would normally have to wash your hair, apply oil, dry it while shaping it, and then take a styling product. However, I often run out of time in the morning, and if I can save time, it’s better. Hard wax has its own styling power and holding power, so even a small amount is easy to get used to, and depending on the style, you can set hair just by rubbing the hard wax after towel drying. Also, because of its good operability, it is possible to set it roughly in the morning and reset it in the middle.

Perfect for adult hair styling. Carefully selected recommended from popular hard wax

Given the three reasons for recommending hard wax, the next step is to actually choose wax. We have picked up a wide range of products from the royal roads of major manufacturers to products supervised by famous salons, as well as organic products that are attracting attention these days, so please consider them while checking their features and compatibility with hair tiles. I’m sure it will come in handy only for the 10 recommended brands right now.

“Nakano” Styling Tanto N Wax 5 Super Hard

"Nakano" Styling Tanto N Wax 5 Super Hard

Wax of “Nakano” that many people would have taken care of when they were students. The “Tanto” series is gaining widespread popularity due to its high operability and abundant arranging power, which are recognized by famous cosmetologists. Above all, this “5 Super Hard” boasts a high holding power and is effective for a wide range of styling from moving the tips of the hair to tightly gathering. The familiarity with fiber makes it easy to set every day.

"Nakano" Styling Tanto N Wax 5 Super Hard 2nd image

It has a moderate luster and firm styling power, so it is also ideal for up bang hair. You can enjoy the true value of this wax when you want to create a bunch of hair tips and random movements, such as active up bang hair that is a little closer to short hair, rather than a solid start-up hair. After towel-drying, rub it firmly and adjust the ends of the hair to finish.

“Ducer” Hard Wax 5

"Ducer" Hard Wax 5

The series boasts a lineup of nine types so that a wide range of styles from women to men can be finished as desired. This is a hard type that is good at keeping a three-dimensional effect with a short length as the main axis. This item is ideal for expressing bold movements such as twisting hair bundles and starting up from the root. The unique cubic design and colorful appearance are also popular.

"Ducer" Hard Wax 5 2nd image

Because it has a powerful setting power, it is a reassuring ally of very short to short hair that firmly rises from the root. For this refreshing style that sheds while raising the bangs, blow firmly from the root and then apply wax while rubbing. You can keep the side part that you want to put together tightly with your own holding power. The gloss is moderate, so it’s perfect for business style.

“Geo” Creative Hold Wax

"Geo" Creative Hold Wax

“Creative Hold Wax”, which has a soft, sticky and stretchy texture, is suitable for short to medium hair because it approaches the high operability rather than the setting power. It produces a natural hair flow and a soft fluffy feeling, and is good at keeping it. If you are a person with straight vellus hair or if you are looking for wavy hair play such as perm hair, please give it a try.

"Geo" Creative Hold Wax 2nd image

Center part style that is gaining popularity because it creates a sexy mood. If you want to create this casual wave feeling yourself, high operability that makes the best use of the perm of the base is indispensable. Spread the wax of “Geo” thinly on the palm and rub it from the middle of the half-dried hair to the tip of the hair to create a dynamic style. You can also make a front division, and the keeping power is perfect.

“Arimino Men” Freeze Keep Grease

"Arimino Men" Freeze Keep Grease

A total hair care brand for adult men developed by “Arimino”, which is also famous for the “Spice” and “Peace” series. This “Freeze Keep Grease” is a grease wax that has both high setting power and a fresh luster. Although it boasts a hard holding power, it does not harden crisply, so it is easy to operate, and because it is highly reproducible, it has gained strong support from cosmetologists.

"Arimino Men" Freeze Keep Grease 2nd image

The wet texture creates a sexy hair flow, making it ideal for short medium to medium mash styles. For straight hair, you can create a moderate nuance by rubbing the hair in a wet base style with a loose perm and then drying it while conscious of the hair flow. The key is to form a “wet hair” feeling that is not too solid.

“Webo” Design Cube Hard Gloss

"Webo" Design Cube Hard Gloss

From the “Design Cube” of “Wabo”, which has an eye-catching cute cube type look, we recommend a gloss type that has both setting power and glossiness. By blending cool pearl ingredients, it gives shine to the dull hair tips. The glossy luster, which is different from the wet feeling, is an approach unique to this item, and it is possible to produce a cool taste.

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"Webo" Design Cube Hard Gloss 2nd image

The glossy luster goes well with the handsome short style. Especially for the part style, where the bangs are scooped up and shed, it is important to start up from the root and the side part is tight, so high holding power is also indispensable. To create a contrast, make a good division, raise the bangs and let it flow, and use the remaining wax to tightly tie the sides together.

“Ocean Trico” Hair Wax Overdrive

"Ocean Trico" Hair Wax Overdrive

Original wax from the famous salon “Ocean Tokyo” represented by Takuya Takagi, a hair stylist who is a hot topic on TV and SNS. This item features a non-glossy smoky matte texture that boasts the strongest setting power in the series. It is not sticky like clay wax, it is light and comfortable to wear, and it has excellent arranging power. The reason why it is so popular is that it uses the scent of the fragrance brand “Rising Wave”.

"Ocean Trico" Hair Wax Overdrive 2nd image

Since it is possible to achieve a matte finish that does not require styling products, it is good at producing a rough, masculine and crisp bunch. Therefore, it is a perfect wax for making random movements of hair bundles such as nuance shorts with random perms. Firmly dry and give a wave feeling from the root, and apply a small amount to move the finish to complete.

“Uno” Matte Effector

"Uno" Matte Effector

From the royal road “Uno”, we recommend a matte type that is easy to use on and off. It is an item that achieves both high setting power and reproducibility by proposing a dry style that is ideal for an adult male image with plenty of room and confidence. We are particular about the contents, such as “style powder” that can be moved without hardening even with high setting power, and “humidity control ingredient” that can maintain the style without losing moisture.

"Uno" Matte Effector 2nd image

While having a highly durable styling power, the matte texture gives a feeling of cleanliness, so pay attention to the high usability based on business. The style that allows you to use the rough properly on and off, such as the two-block short that can raise and lower the bangs, is the key to this wax. By naturally launching up bangs in business, you can make hair with high likability.

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“Hitoyoni” Pure Wax 11

"Hitoyoni" Pure Wax 11

“Hitoyoni” made only from the ingredients used in facial cosmetics. The styling product is approached so that you can gently care for your hair while setting it with the idea of ​​treatment. This “Pure Wax 11” uses ingredients similar to the sebum of the skin extracted from jojoba seeds, and while having strong setting and keeping power, it can be used with confidence because it is a naturally derived ingredient.

"Hitoyoni" Pure Wax 11 2nd image

The appeal of this product is that it keeps your hair short style and hard-to-move hair quality without becoming heavy over time. In addition, the moderate luster derived from jojoba gives depth to the style. For a cleanly trimmed berry short, dry and shape the top and bangs so that they stand up naturally, and let them blend in to give them a glossy and moving finish.

“Minnie Le Ui” Design Cream 7

"Minnie Le Ui" Design Cream 7

“Minile Wiwi” is highly evaluated for its salon-quality styling ability. The artistic package attracts a lot of attention, but its true appeal is that it is a hybrid type of hard wax component and hard gel component. In addition to the flexibility of wax-derived hair that can move the ends of the hair, coating with a gel component gives it a long-lasting and glossy feel.

"Minile Wiwi" Design Cream 7 2nd image

“Design Cream 7”, which has free playability, moderate luster, and high durability, is effective for gathering short to medium perm hair and peculiar hair. Also, because it has a creamy texture, it spreads well, and it is also attractive that it blends smoothly into your hair even after it has dried. Half-dry while making the best use of the curl, and apply while rubbing so that it blends well with the whole.

“Luco” Dry Palm

"Luco" Dry Palm

The organic wax “Dry Bum” was jointly developed by a new organic hair care brand “Luco” with a professional hairdresser. It is ideal for men’s hair because it boasts a high setting power while being a natural ingredient that is gentle on the hair and skin with Afghan oil. The dry matte texture makes it easy to move the ends of the hair, and it is light to wear. Still, it has the power to keep the style for a long time.

"Luco" Dry Palm 2nd image

Only natural organic wax is recommended, such as relaxing sleek hair. However, it has a high setting power, so I want to make it sharp like this hairstyle. Based on the straight mash like bare hair, let’s finish it with an elegant nuance by raising the bangs from the bold part division.

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