High quality within reach. Frederique Constant becomes the first full-scale watch

High quality within reach. Frederique Constant becomes the first full-scale watch

“Frédérique Constant” advocates “luxury within reach” in the Swiss watch industry, which is crowded with luxury brands. I will explain the brand that is getting more and more attention.

Swiss up-and-coming that continues to shape innovation. What is “Frédérique Constant”?

“Frédérique Constant” was founded in 1988. It is a brand that can be said to be up-and-coming in the Swiss watch industry, which is considered to be rather young, such as 100 years since it was founded more than 100 years ago. The “Frédérique Constant” has grown steadily since its inception and has now gained a position as an indispensable Swiss brand. The reason for its popularity will be the uncompromising quality of handmade products made by craftsmen at affordable prices. Another reason for its popularity is its luxurious and classical design.

The strength of “Frédérique Constant” is that it boasts a very high level of technology while being characterized by its classical design. Since 2004, we have developed as many as 30 types of in-house movements, and it can be said that the track record of one brand is outstanding in the Swiss watch industry. Especially encouraging for Japanese customers is the relationship with Citizen Watch, a global watch company that Japan is proud of. In 2016, “Frédérique Constant” became a subsidiary of “Citizen Watch”, which focuses on the global market, and the service here in Japan has been perfected. No matter how good the cost performance is, the sense of security named “Citizen” will be a great source of purchase because it is not a cheap purchase.

Three reasons why you want to recommend “Frédérique Constant” from beginners to experts

“Frédérique Constant” has been rapidly gaining attention in recent years. Here, we will thoroughly explain its appeal from the three perspectives of “design,” “technical capabilities,” and “cost performance.”

Reason 1

Adult-friendly design that is classical and elegant

Many people think of the word “luxury” from the word Swiss watch. In the lineup of “Frédérique Constant”, there are a lot of models that embody such an image. With its thin round case, delicate guilloche, classic square case and Breguet hands, the look that inherits the historic design code of Swiss watches is just right. In particular, the brand icon is “Heartbeat”. The consensus craft, which allows you to see the heart of the traditional mechanical movement from the dial side, symbolizes the brand’s classical watchmaking. In addition, trend-conscious and strong push-out designs are rare, and even sports-oriented models can be worn at ceremonial occasions.

Overwhelming technological capabilities that greedily develop the industry’s first technology

Even though it is a Swiss maid, there are various manufacturing methods. Even the most famous brands that everyone knows, the movement is purchased from other manufacturers … It is natural. The reason why “Frédérique Constant” is respected by the industry is that it is a manufacture that consistently performs all the design, assembly, and quality control processes. In other words, you can make your own movement, which is the heart of mechanical watches. Moreover, not only making but also technical ability is certain. The frequency of the movement loaded on the “Slim Line Monolithic Manufacture” announced this year is 288,000 times per hour, which is 10 times that of a general move! You can see how good the development power of “Frédérique Constant” is.

Reason 3

While fulfilling the above, we have realized an outstanding cost performance that we would like to recommend even for beginners of full-scale watches.

The tourbillon, which reduces the effect of gravity on accuracy, and the perpetual calendar, which automatically determines leap years, are both called “complex mechanisms” and can appeal to the manufacturer’s technological capabilities. However, the disadvantage is that it is very expensive. For example, the “Portugieser” of “IWC” equipped with a tourbillon and perpetual calendar costs more than 13 million yen including tax. On the other hand, the limited model of “Frédérique Constant” is equipped with the two complicated mechanisms and costs less than 3 million yen, which shows how excellent the cost performance is. The cost performance is not limited to complicated watches. You can get similar features and processing at a much lower price than other well-known Swiss brands. As luxury watches soar, the value of the brand, which has made “accessible luxury” its philosophy since its inception, continues to grow.

Both in-house move models and rugs. 15 books showing the present of “Frédérique Constant”

“Frédérique Constant” that can produce the movement in-house. Of course, it features a model equipped with a move made in-house with high originality, but we also have a lineup of models equipped with quartz at a more affordable price. Here, we will introduce the models of interest for each series.

▼ Collection 1: “Manufacture Collection” where the essence of brand technology dwells

In “Frédérique Constant”, which has developed 30 types of in-house movements so far, the “Manufacture Collection” is equipped with a special movement that is handmade in a Swiss workshop for most of the manufacturing process. There are also notable items such as “Monolithic” with an innovative ultra-high beat movement.


Slimline Monolithic Manufacture

“Monolithic” equipped with a newly developed move with a tremendous spec of 80 vibrations per second. The biggest feature of the mounted move is that it replaces the ultra-fast parts such as the traditional balance that has been passed down for hundreds of years with an oscillator with an integrated structure (monolithic). Furthermore, since this oscillator is made of silicon, it is not affected by the magnetic force, which is the enemy of wristwatches, and in combination with its high beat, it brings great advantages in terms of accuracy. On the other hand, the looks are traditional classic taste. The Roman index, Breguet hands, Cour de Paris processing, etc. are perfect for elegance. By the way, while the “Defy Inventor” of “Zenith” with a similar oscillator exceeds 2 million yen, this “Monolithic” is less than 600,000 yen including tax.


Heartbeat Manufacture

A heartbeat that allows you to see the heart of the movement from the dial. Of course, it is equipped with the caliber FC-945 developed in-house. This movement can display the age of the moon at 12 o’clock, and a pointer date indicating the date is also placed on the outer circumference. The inner circumference of the dial center is processed with Cour de Paris, and the heartbeat part is processed with Côtes de Genève, and the guilloche that is familiar to luxury watches is applied.


Flyback Chronograph Manufacture

Equipped with FC-760, an in-house movement equipped with a chronograph mechanism with a flyback function. This flyback is a convenient function that allows you to perform the operation with one push, where you normally need to push stop / reset / restart when you start remeasurement during time measurement. “Frédérique Constant” has taken 6 years to develop this movement, and it can be said that it is one of the whole body. However, even though it is a sporty chronograph watch, it is “Frederique Constant”. Authentic seasonings such as the railway index are made, and the calm taste is attractive.


World Timer Manufacture

A watch with a world timer with a world map on the dial. By moving the ring with the city name printed on the outer circumference of the dial, the time of major cities in the world can be read, making it an ideal model for people who are active worldwide. A pointer date that indicates the date with a hand is also set at 6 o’clock, which is convenient for daily life. Combining an alligator strap with a simple round case, the atmosphere full of elegance that is not embarrassing in any business place is also attractive.


Classic Manufacture

As the model name suggests, this model is full of classic charm. The onion crown on the round case, the Breguet hands on the Roman index and the authentic royal road design are attractive. The inner circumference of the dial is processed with Cour de Paris, and the pointer date at 6 o’clock has a radial processing, as well as a truly elaborate guilloche, which is perfect for upgrading the wearer. The price is in the middle of 300,000 yen, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is exceptional for a mechanical watch that has been so particular about it.

▼ Collection 2: “High Life Collection” with a unique interpretation of rugspo

The “High Life Collection” has a structure in which the strap is integrated with the case and has a sporty taste. Of course, the strap is an interchangeable specification that can be easily replaced. Furthermore, it is also a feature that all the motifs of the earth are incorporated in this collection.


High life heartbeat

A standard model of the “High Life Collection” with the heartbeat, which is the design icon of “Frédérique Constant”, as the model name. Adopting a bar index, it creates a powerful and modern image in “Frédérique Constant” whose creed is classical design. It’s not a manufacture movement, but it’s a good value to get a Swiss-made mechanical watch for mid-200,000 yen.


High Life Heartbeat Japan Limited Model

A new rare “High Life Heartbeat”, limited to 200 in Japan, has also appeared. The design feature is a two-tone color with a silver circle around the dial. The “High Life Heartbeat”, which originally had a modern impression, is more urbanized. In addition to the solid stainless steel strap, it is a nice point that the rubber belt that has an interchangeable structure and can be easily replaced is included in the set.


High life automatic

The simplest model in the “High Life Collection” with 3 hands and date display. The biggest feature will be that it has passed the COSC Swiss chronometer certification that guarantees the quality of Swiss watches. This test measures accuracy in various postures and temperatures, and is a strict one that cannot be passed unless accuracy above the standard is recognized. It is also a test sold by famous Swiss brands such as “Rolex”. Although it has a minimalist and clean appearance, its movement is tough enough to withstand harsh conditions.

▼ Collection 3: “Slim line collection” that literally shines with dress-like thinness

Literally, the “Slim Line Collection” features a slim silhouette. Many dress watches are lined up due to its delicate and elegant form. In particular, the dial guilloche has a height difference of only 1/1000 mm, and its high quality is remarkable.


Slimline Power Reserve Manufacture

A simple dress watch featuring a thin bezel. It takes time and effort to manually curve the hands according to the inclination of the cylinder dial where the outer circumference is dented. A simple dial with a lot of white space, a Roman index, and a power reserve display of the regulator that is offset while retaining the characteristics of a traditional classical watch, etc., bring out the individuality. The 6 o’clock position is a pointer date that displays the date, not a small second that displays the seconds.


Slim line small second

An entry model equipped with a battery-powered quartz movement that can be obtained in the first half of 100,000 yen. However, the beauty of the decoration is the luxury watch itself, and you can enjoy the taste of traditional European classical watches such as the Cour de Paris processing on the inner circumference of the dial and the Breguet hands. Also, the size is 37 mm in diameter, which is perfect for those who want a compact dress model that fits comfortably on the wrist. The multi-layered bracelet is also full of luxury, and at the same time it is characterized by fitting to the arm.

▼ Collection 4: “Classic Collection” with masterpieces such as “Kare”

The “Classic Collection” features an elegant design that incorporates the design of traditional Swiss luxury watches. In addition to the standard round type, we also have a lineup of square cases that are full of adult charm.


Classic Carre Automatic Heartbeat

A model that uses a rectangular case, one of the representative forms of classical watches. Here, the heartbeat, which is the design icon of “Frédérique Constant”, is set at 12 o’clock. The combination of Roman index and Railway index, which is often seen in square classical watches, is an eternal classic design that will not fade over time. The blue-printed hour, minute and second hands and the leather strap on the calf are also elegant details.


Classic Carre Automatic Heartbeat

This model has the same square shape as the model introduced above, but has a shape closer to a square. The date display has been omitted due to the shorter vertical length, but it is more modern because it does not extend in design and has a lumpy feeling. The familiar heartbeat is applied at 12 o’clock, and the center of the dial is processed with Cour de Paris. The case diameter is 33.3 mm in length and 30.4 mm in width, which is quite small for a current wristwatch, so its individuality stands out.


Classic Carre Automatic Skeleton

Among the square-shaped “boyfriends”, the item that can appeal the most individuality is the first full skeleton specification of “Frédérique Constant”. The unique skeleton model with the gaps in the index and logo cut out is very fashionable with a sense of craftsmanship. The heartbeat that is cut out from the balance by a watch fan is also attractive, but the skeleton model that allows you to enjoy the movement of the movement more should look more attractive.


Classic Index Automatic Heartbeat

The orthodox round case uses a rose gold color that does not stand out even in gold. Although it is full of classical elements such as the applied index of the Roman index and the heartbeat, the sports MIX that is popular now is realized by the two-tone color and the first rubber strap in the series. A moderate size with a case diameter of 40 mm and a case thickness of 10.5 mm is also attractive. It is a Japan Limited model where classic and active live together.

Classic Heartbeat Moon Phase

A refreshing marine look with a horizontal stripe on the dial inspired by the deck of a yacht. While firmly arranging the iconic heartbeat, it is sublimated into a more urban image with a clean color scheme. The moon phase, which is usually an element that enhances the classic feel, is also composed of monotone, giving it a mysteriously modern look. Sporty rubber is used for the strap, incorporating the trend of luxury yet active watches.

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