I was waiting for this black. A full-scale knot chronograph that is particular about domestic production

Custom watch “Maker’s Watch Knot” that you can choose your own one. An all-black domestic chronograph with authentic appearance and contents is now available.

A chronograph that stands out for its rarity and beauty. The new one is cool all black

A chronograph that stands out for its rarity and beauty.  The new one is cool all black

Watch brand “Knot” that you can get your favorite one from more than 100,000 ways by freely combining watches, straps and buckles. People tend to pay attention to its high degree of customization, but in fact, it is also a manufacturer that is particular about Made in Japan, which has become rare among domestic manufacturers. The model that symbolizes this is the “premium automatic model.” Not to mention the movement, we have achieved high quality in every detail by manufacturing it in Japan as much as possible. New to the series is the neat all-black chronograph “ATC-40BKBK”.

A chronograph that stands out for its rarity and beauty.  The new one is a cool all-black second image

Black is a safe choice for clothes, but it’s an aggressive color for watches. In that respect, the “ATC-40BKBK” unified in black is eye-catching and gives a cool image. Although it is an aggressive color by itself, it is not difficult to match it with the coordination. It’s a sporty chronograph, so it matches a wide range of styles from serious jacket styles to casual holidays, and it should give you a tight impression just by having it on your wrist. The versatility created by the all-black x chronograph is easier to use than you might imagine. In addition, the dial is made of dark gray, which is close to black. Don’t forget to give it good visibility.

A chronograph that stands out for its rarity and beauty.  The new one is a cool all-black third image

As the series name suggests, this product has a “premium” finish. First of all, it is worth mentioning that it is loaded with the domestic high-performance high-beat movement NE88. Known as a highly complete chronograph, it is highly reliable. Equipped with the movement so far, this price is unique to “Knot”, which has established its own distribution model. In addition, the case is handled by Hayashi Seiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a manufacturer in Fukushima, which boasts the world’s highest level of metal precision processing technology. The case with “Zaratsu polishing” that requires advanced technology to realize a beautiful flat surface without sharp edges and distortion, and the index called “typesetting” that is manually planted one by one used in luxury watches are actually hand-made. You may know that it is a “good thing” the moment you take it. It is a gem that truly deserves the name of premium.

Of course this is also recommended. “Premium automatic model” in silver case

Of course this is also recommended.  "Premium automatic model" in silver case

I’ve touched on all black because it’s a new color, but in terms of versatility, I still recommend the silver case model. There are 3 dial color variations. Each has a silver case, simple and beautiful white, navy with a refreshing atmosphere, and black with a chic look. Both colors are familiar to the wrist and go well with formal wear such as suits. Of course, it also matches casual outfits. What kind of strap to put on there is a nice worry unique to “Knot”, but don’t worry because you can simulate the combination on the WEB without going to the store. If you find your favorite style, you will be attached to it.

A “knot” chronograph suitable for an adult’s arm. Attach a luxurious one to your side

A "knot" chronograph suitable for an adult's arm.  Attach a luxurious one to your side

The beautiful appearance with a careful finish and the contents packed with Japanese technology. Both are highly satisfying “Knot” automatic chronographs. As the number of domestic manufacturers with overseas production bases has increased, the skills of Japanese craftsmen are being lost. It can be said that it is one. Is it a cool “ATC-40BKBK” by New Face All Black, or a stable silver case model that is simple but surely has a presence at the wrist? Whichever you choose, there is no doubt that it is a wristwatch suitable for an adult’s wrist without compromise.

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