It will be a timepiece that opens up the future. The latest model in the T-touch collection

Founded in Switzerland in 1853, Tissot is a well-established watch brand that continues to evolve. We have produced a number of innovative models so far, but it is worth noting that in 1999 we announced the world’s first touch panel watch “Tissot T-Touch Collection”, which is already reminiscent of smart watches. And the latest model of the collection, which brings together the best of Tissot’s technological capabilities, is the “Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar” introduced this time. While making full use of cutting-edge technologies such as hybrid display by combining analog hands and LCD screen, and interlocking function with smartphones, the high-quality looks as a “wristwatch”, which is the beauty of “T Touch Collection”, are alive and well. .. The “Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar”, which has been carefully selected for its function and design, can be said to be a timepiece that will open up the future of the wristwatch world.

Let’s take a look at the latest evolved specs. First of all, excellent autonomy by solar charging. This model is equipped with a state-of-the-art solar cell developed at the CSEM laboratory in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. In addition, only low power consumption parts are used to reduce battery consumption, such as liquid crystal displays that are updated only when needed. As a result, it can be driven for up to about 6 months when linked with a smartphone, and up to about 10 years when not linked. This is a performance that goes far beyond existing smart watches, which require long-term and frequent charging. Other functions are even more multi-purpose. Similar to the previous “Tissot T-Touch Solar Expert”, in addition to functions such as calendar, timer, stopwatch, alarm, compass, altimeter, and weather forecast, a new activity tracker has been added in this work. With this feature associated with your accelerometer, you can record your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned.

The “Tissot T-Touch Collection” is not a gadget or a wearable device, but a “wristwatch”. Therefore, the “Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar” also has a high design that sets it apart from the smart watches on the street. The 47.5mm diameter titanium case is studded with details that bring out luxury and sophistication, such as a satin finish on the surface, chamfering that creates a soft impression, and engraving of the ceramic bezel that has been scratch-proofed. There are 6 types of variations. Titanium cases are common, in addition to satin-finished “silver,” “red,” and “black,” rose gold PVD-processed “rose gold,” black PVD-processed “all black,” and “orange.” Will be lined up. It is already on sale from December 1st (Wednesday) at the directly managed boutiques and official online shops of “Tissot”. The “Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar,” which combines the functionality of a smartwatch with the classiness of a full-scale wristwatch, should bring great benefits to the lifestyle of adults. In addition, the installed firmware and applications will be updated regularly in the future, and the functions will be expanded. I would like you to experience the evolving motivated work that is not the end of purchase.

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Switzerland, the mecca of watches that many prestigious and luxury brands are competing with. Among them, “Tissot” is a brand with a high degree of attention, with a functional and relatively affordable price range.

Tissot's Sea Star is the favorite of divers' watches, proven by more than half a century of history.

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Tissot’s Sea Star is the favorite of divers’ watches, proven by more than half a century of history.

Swiss long-established brand “Tissot” is supported by men and women of all ages because of its high quality and reasonable price. To tell the truth, the amount of effort put into the diver’s watch “Tissot Sea Star” is amazing.

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