Keep your hairstyle with a hairspray! 12 recommended selections selected by set power

Even if I style it in the morning, I have a bad hairstyle. Hairspray solves such problems. Introducing how to use and recommend hairspray that is useful even in the humid season.

Keep your hairstyle in combination with wax. Hairspray is so convenient

Hairspray is a type of hair styling product that sprays liquid resin onto hair with the power of gas. Depending on the type and composition of the resin, there are various variations, from the hard type that hardens to a firm state to the one that keeps the fluffy state.

Keep your hairstyle in combination with wax. Hairspray is so convenient

The advantage of using a hairspray is that you can keep your hairstyle for a long time. Wax is indispensable for style, but it contains oil, so it is not good for long-term keeping. In that respect, hairspray does not contain oil and coats hair with fine resin, so it is possible to keep the style for a long time.

Another advantage of hairspray is that it is resistant to moisture. Especially during the rainy season and in the summer, it is recommended to use a hairspray with a modest amount of wax, as the hairstyle tends to collapse due to humidity and sweat.

Recommendations by hairstyle! 18 Recommended Men’s Hair Waxes

Let’s master how to use hairspray well

I will explain the basics of how to use hairspray, which can enjoy the benefits of hairspray, by dividing it into three points.

Point 1

Basically hairspray to finish the style

Basically hairspray to finish the style

Hairspray is basically used as a finishing touch at the end of styling. After drying your hair, first style it with wax and shape it to your liking. Once the shape is decided, spray the hair and keep it. At this time, what is important is the distance between the hair spray and the hair and the direction of the injection port. The trick is to spray the hairspray slightly upwards, about 20 cm away from your head.

Point 2

Pinch and keep the parts where you want to put out volume such as the top and sides

Pinch and keep the parts where you want to put out volume such as the top and sides

Partial use is effective for areas that are crushed, such as the top and sides. Lift the root with your finger and apply the hairspray from a position about 10 cm away from the hair. Keep the root lifted for a few seconds, then release your finger when the water in the hairspray has volatilized to keep it fluffy and voluminous.

Point 3

It tends to be unexpected. It is NG to spray directly on the root

It tends to be unexpected. It is NG to spray directly on the root

No matter how much you want to stand up, it is NG to aim directly. If the pores are clogged with spray, the scalp can become inflamed. Also, do not touch it after spraying. Wear pullover-type tops in advance for styling.

Next, I will introduce the recommendations according to the setting power of “hard spray” and “soft spray”.

Recommended for those who want to solidify. Super hard hair spray 6

Hard sprays are suitable for people with short hair such as very short hair and soft mohican. Check out the lineup that is also favored by professional cosmetologists.

Item 1

“VO5” Super Keep Hair Spray Extra Hard

"VO5" Super Keep Hair Spray Extra Hard

Not only the basic performance that the fog is fine and solidifies firmly, but also the cost performance is GOOD. It is also popular with men because it is fragrance-free. Although it is a commercial product, I often see people who are used in professional hair makeup.

item 2

“Trie” spray 10

"Trie" spray 10

10 of “Trie” which has a good reputation for keeping power for a long time. It can be sprayed evenly on the target area with a fine mist, and it dries quickly after spraying. Still, it is difficult to wipe with powder, and it is extremely easy to use.

Item 3

“Nakano” Hair Fresh Spray Super Hard

"Nakano" Hair Fresh Spray Super Hard

This is recommended for people who are not comfortable with the glossy finish. Since it is finished dry, you can keep the texture such as wax as it is. The light finish after putting it on is also popular.

“Shiseido Professional” Stage Works Super Hard Spray

"Shiseido Professional" Stage Works Super Hard Spray

From the “Shiseido Professional” Stage Works series, a super-powerful hard spray containing a humidity control ingredient that makes hairstyles last longer is now available. It is one that you can rely on as a spray to use for the finish of styling.

Item 5

“Number Three” Deucer Veil 7 Freeze Har

"Number Three" Deucer Veil 7 Freeze Hard

With a hard setting force that dries quickly, a hairstyle that does not collapse even in the wind is realized. Men’s shorts are perfect for finishing when you have your hair raised.

Item 6

“L’Oreal Professional” Elnet Satin N

"L'Oreal Professional" Elnet Satin N

Here is the company’s long-selling product, which has sold about 1 billion units in about 50 years since its release. High keeping power is recognized by professionals such as beauticians.

Recommended for those who want to keep it soft and natural. Soft hair spray 6

For those who want to add volume to their hair, we have picked up a soft hair spray. We have selected items that we would like to recommend to those with long hair.

Item 1

“Arimino” Spice Shower Wax

"Arimino" Spice Shower Wax

Hairspray from the popular series “Arimino”. Since this contains a wax component, it is possible to finish perm hair etc. with this one. Perfect for those who want a fluffy finish that doesn’t harden.

Item 2

“Gatsby” Anti-Lock Hold Nuance Spray

"Gatsby" Anti-Lock Hold Nuance Spray

The biggest feature is the powder hair conditioning ingredient. Since the fine particles wrap around the hair to keep the shape, it has a light finish and absorbs sebum and moisture to keep it for a long time. It is one that is highly evaluated by people with vellus hair and low volume.

Item 3

“Nisel” La Fusion Stay Fog

"Nisel" La Fusion Stay Fog

A hair spray that can lightly keep the bangs down and the exquisite hair flow. The glossy and fluffy finish makes your hair look good. It’s also effective for women’s curly hair, so it’s also an ant to double as a partner.

Item 4

“Arimino” Peace Wax Cafe au lait spray line

"Arimino" Peace Wax Cafe au lait spray line

This spray, which allows you to create a feeling of bunch without dryness, has a light texture that looks like it is finished with wax. It is perfect for controlling hair flow, such as adding habit and moderate movement.

Item 5

“Henkel Schwarzkopf” Silhouette Soft Spray

"Henkel Schwarzkopf" Silhouette Soft Spray

While maintaining a natural style, it also has a soft touch. This soft spray is recommended for those who want to keep their movement without hardening it.

Item 6

“Demi Cosmetics” Webo Design Pod Move Spray

"Demi Cosmetics" Webo Design Pod Move Spray

A hair styling product containing hydrolyzed eggshell membranes and pearl protein. With just the right amount of setting power, it will be finished in a moist texture.

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