Knit hats are from these 22 brands. Recommended brands that adults will definitely choose

The best knit hat is a simple one that is easy to match with any style. However, I want to stick to the brand. We have carefully selected the recommendations that are sure to be selected now.

The knit hat is simple and minimal. That’s why brand power is a thing

The knit hat is simple and minimal.  That's why brand power is a thing

The simplest knit hat is the best. But then the designs are almost the same …? That’s true. But that doesn’t mean that everything is fine. Along with the ingredients, the simpler the dish, the better or worse the ingredients make the difference in the finish. Therefore, what I want to use as an index for selecting items is brand power. You can appeal with the one-point logo, or you can compete with high quality. We have thoroughly researched the recommended hat brands.

PART1: First here. Knit hat from sports & outdoor brands

The first thing to check when choosing a knit cap is this category. From the royal road to the long-established store that growls, we have selected 5 brands that we can recommend with confidence.

“The North Face”

"The North Face"

I think it’s no longer necessary to explain here. Absolutely popular “The North Face”. The stoic concept of “NEVER STOP EXPLORING” makes you feel somehow punkish fashion. We can see how highly trusted this brand is by collaborating with famous brands such as “Supreme” and “Comme des Garcons”. Excellent affinity with fashion!

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“Champion” was established in New York, USA in 1919. Hoodies and sweatpants are extremely popular, but knit caps are as popular as they are. The knitting technology backed by 100 years of history is truly endorsed. It is a representative of classic knit hats. There is also a logo mark one point, but now I feel like such a simple brand logo. The trend is also high!



The royal road sports brand “Adidas” born in Germany also has a lineup of various knit caps. This model has an orthodox design, and the brand logo is claimed as one point. There is a sporty atmosphere. Not only can it be used as an accent for simple coordination, but it is also convenient to use after a workout where it is troublesome to arrange the hairstyle.



“Kelty” is a comprehensive outdoor brand born in California in 1952. This knit cap is very simple, although it is an orthodox school that is supported by families and top climbers. However, the three-dimensional effect of rib knitting creates a sophisticated look. The triangular tag that symbolizes the brand is also a design point. In addition to chic monotone colors, we also offer beautiful blue.

“Mountain Equipment”

"Mountain Equipment"

An outdoor brand born in England in the 1960s. It’s a brand that everyone in the know knows. Many outdoor brands are American and have tough designs, but “Mountain Equipment” has a European modernity. This brand is definitely recommended for people who want to make a difference with their surroundings.

PART2: The tough masculinity is attractive. Knit hat from work brand

There are various theories, but it is said that knit hats originated from baseball caps without brims and became popular because workers loved them. If so, you can’t miss the work brand items!

“Ben Davis”

"Ben Davis"

A work brand from San Francisco that was born in 1935. The founder, Simon Davies, was the inventor of the rivet used for jeans, and if you hear that “Levi’s” was born, you can see the depth and awesomeness of its history. The knit hat here has a catchy gorilla tag. It is a perfect item to enjoy the royal road American casual coordination.

“Universal overalls”

"Universal overalls"

“Universal overalls” are gaining popularity due to their heavy duty and reasonable items. A long-established workwear brand in Chicago, founded in 1924, it has a vintage design. This short knit cap uses a thick high gauge knit. Acrylic is blended with cotton to achieve both soft comfort and durability. The familiar orange tag casually insists!



“Carhartt” is a long-established store in Michigan, and its birth is 1889, a brand with a history of slightly over 100 years. Nowadays, there are many fashionable collections, and many fashion lovers have fans. Many people build their coordination around this logo. This knit cap has a casual accent on the front tag. Color variations are also available.

PART3: Full-time work has a different sense of security. Knit hat from headwear brand

Mochi is said to be a mochi shop, but if you want to get a knit hat, you should also hold down a specialized brand of hats. Not to mention the high quality, the design is exquisitely refined.



“Override” is a hat specialty store that is open all over Japan, including the flagship store in Harajuku. In the original brand, we are proposing items that are simple yet timely, while sticking to materials, sewing, and comfort. This watch cap makes full use of three types of knitted fabrics to achieve the optimum shape and thickness. It is an excellent product with antibacterial and deodorant processing.

“Sea Plus Headwear”

"Sea Plus Headwear"

Known for its “CPH” logo, “Sea Plus Headwear” is a hat brand that started in 1999. All items are carefully handmade by craftsmen. The point of this knit cap is that it has an authentic form and can be used for almighty. The soft comfort of 100% cotton is also attractive. Not only calm black but also warm off-white is available.



While advocating the concept of “a hat that makes you want to wear it,” “Racal” is committed to MADE IN JAPAN and offers sophisticated and good products. Since the brand was launched in 2003, it is also characteristic that it has continued to announce “simple and easy-to-wear headwear that fits the Japanese head shape”. This knit cap is a blend of Japanese paper. Lightweight, highly absorbent and quick-drying, and has excellent breathability. Knitted on a seamless WHOLEGARMENT loom for a stress-free fit.


"Kangol"“Kangol” was born in England in 1938. During the war, he put a beret on the British army and used it by the Beatles and Princess Diana. Furthermore, it is a brand that is extremely popular regardless of the times, such as being favored by hip-hop stars in the 1980s. This beanie is designed so that the folded part can be extended and worn as a long type. Of course, the “Kangol” logo is also on the stretched part. Every detail has been created.

PART4: If you want stylishness, here. Knit hat from apparel brand

If you want more fashion, the correct answer is to choose from apparel brands. The slightly drifting personality of the brand should add spice to your outfit.



French fashion brand. Founded in 1952, it originally made mountaineering goods, down jackets, work jackets, etc., but in recent years it has developed a collection that emphasizes fashion. We have joined the ranks of luxury brands, such as participating in Paris Fashion Week. The price is a little high, but the class feeling is outstanding. If you want to add foil to your outfit, be sure to check it out!

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“Polo Ralph Lauren”

"Polo Ralph Lauren"

A heritage brand that symbolizes America and is indispensable when talking about preppy, trad, and ivy. Speaking of “Polo Ralph Lauren”, the pony is the icon, but it is this polo bear that is becoming more popular these days. What’s more, this bear has a unique detail that each color wears different clothes. Not only for sporty style, but also for chic dressing.

You can use the standard. Ralph Lauren cap with a keen eye

“Steven Alan”

"Steven Alan"

A popular brand based in New York. Based on authentic American casual and American trad, we propose simple and comfortable styles and items. This beanie also has a fluffy texture that feels comfortable to the touch. The initials of the brand name, the bisname with a monogram that overlaps “S” and “A”, is an accurate accent. As a whole, it is simple and matches a wide range of coordination.

“Inoue Brothers”

"Inoue Brothers"

A brand launched by the Inouye brothers, who were born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are developing items designed based on the delicacy of Japan and the love for the simplicity of Scandinavia. The Scandinavian design they create is characterized by a simple look but a unique atmosphere. The materials used are also of high quality. It’s a brand that everyone in the know knows.

“Maison Mihara Yasuhiro”

"Maison Mihara Yasuhiro"

The new line that Mr. Yasuhiro Mihara started in 2021 is “in ・ stru (men-tal). / Instrumental”. As the name means “song without lyrics”, the concept is simple manufacturing with unnecessary things removed. This knit cap is also very minimal. The two-color tag asserts the brand’s identity as an accent.



The Finnish brand “Marimekko” attracts attention from all over the world with its vivid coloring and bold print patterns. The image of ladies may be strong, but in fact, there are many items that can be used by men as well. The knit cap is the best example. Using soft wool, this is a simple design that is easy to take in, and its versatility is attractive regardless of how you wear it. The double folded edge makes it possible to keep warmth.

“Brooks Brothers”

"Brooks Brothers"

Founded in the United States in 1818, “Brooks Brothers” is said to be the oldest in the world for men’s clothing sales. Many of the items launched by the venerable brand are all gems with a traditional atmosphere. This knit cap is also extremely simple, and despite being a casual item, it has an elegant taste. Light and warm merino wool is used 100% luxuriously, and it can be said that it is a whole body work.

“Tommy Hilfiger

"Tommy Hilfiger"

The knit cap of “Tommy Hilfiger”, which is loved by celebrities and athletes all over the world, is a basic item made by blending cotton and wool. By constructing with rib knitting of fine ridges, it is finished as a neat and elegant item. Also, because it is a cotton blend, it does not easily become pills and can be used habitually for a long time. The logo patch carried on the folded part and the familiar striped tape will casually insist.



“Diesel” born in Italy, which has gained popularity regardless of gender or generation, including entertainers and fashionistas in Japan. It is a brand that specializes in catchy prints and designs, but this is a unique and basic item. The low gauge knit beanie is highly versatile, and if you have one, it will give you a wide range of dressing, so it should come in handy. The rubber patch with the brand logo placed on the side is a casual accent.


The street brand “Stussy”, which started on the west coast of the United States in 1980, is steadfastly popular not only in the surf and skating areas. The brand logo is so pervasive that few people have probably seen it here in Japan. One point is the “stock logo” which is the icon of the brand even in this work. Although it is basic, it is a gem that makes you feel the atmosphere of the street.

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