The reliability of Orient Tristar Watches automatic wristwatches starts from a distinctive feature of no small importance: the automatic winding thanks to its mechanical movement. It is not easy to buy cheap wristwatches that have this feature. However, you must not think that being 100 euro watches automatic movements can prove unreliable, in fact, we are talking about mechanisms developed by Seiko which is a leader in this sector.

One focus we cannot overlook is the quality of the materials. The stainless steel, the leather, the mineral glass are certainly at the top of the range and do not differ much from those used for much more expensive models.

A feature that often amazes those who buy especially models with stainless steel straps is the lightness of the Orient Tristar Watches models. However, this should not be misleading, in fact, despite being very light, they are structurally solid and resistant to stress.

The design of this analog-only watch collection is also decidedly captivating. Overall these are very adaptable models that can be used with classic or sporty outfits. It must be considered that these are mostly unisex wristwatches so the versatility in the look is certainly an essential and relevant factor.


In this list, I will describe the Orient Tristar watch models that we consider most interesting especially as regards the quality-price ratio which, as I have already had the opportunity to tell you previously, in this collection reaches excellent levels. The model list is heterogeneous and by scrolling through it you will surely find the model that best reflects your preferences in terms of style and functionality. All that remains is to take a few minutes to read the following list and let yourself be captivated by the Orient Tristar model or models.


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In the Orient Tristar Watches category, we find the AB0034Y19B model, with a polished and satin stainless steel strap. What stands out most in particular in this watch is the brown dial, or rather tobacco-colored, which fits perfectly with the numbers and hands, also guaranteeing excellent readability.

The calendar positioned at three o’clock with an indication of the day and date is also clearly legible. Very interesting is also the impermeability which in this model reaches 5 bar. This wristwatch is highly appreciated by users as evidenced by the positive reviews and opinions received.


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Among the more classic models with stainless steel straps, we find the elegant Orient Tristar Vega watch identified with the code RA-AB0F08E19B. It is a model with a minimal design, with a dark green dial. Like many other models in this collection, the colors chosen for the dial elements offer excellent readability.

This model also features a calendar at 3 o’clock with day and date. The movement is automatic (as in all models of this collection) and is water-resistant. It is proposed as a men’s model and indeed its lines lend themselves more to men’s outfits.


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Very youthful and unusual in the style of the dial is the blue Orient Tristar Watches best identifiable with the model code RA-AB0019L19B. With a price of around 150 dollars, it is certainly among the best sellers and favored by users.

The strap-like case of this model is made of stainless steel with silvery tones, overall very classic. On the other hand, the dial of a captivating blue color is the main feature that goes beautifully with the gold-colored hands and indexes with luminescent inserts. The second numerical index in Arabic numerals on a sexagesimal scale is also very characteristic. The water resistance of this model is about 5 bar, therefore it can also be used as a diving watch.


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Another model much purchased and appreciated by Amazon users is the black Orient Tristar Watches, model RA-AB0032B19B. If you decide to buy this watch you will take home a small jewel with a black dial with gold-colored indexes and hands with luminescent inserts, all embellished by the stainless steel case and strap.

Unmissable is the automatic movement which (let’s not forget it) is developed by the Seiko Group, a guarantee of precision and reliability. This classic-looking model has a 5 bar water resistance and is unisex. The price is very affordable, in fact, we are around 140 dollars which for a watch with these characteristics is more than convenient.


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If you’re passionate about white, then you certainly can’t help but be captivated by the beauty of a white Orient Tristar Watches. The RA-AB0033S19B model is a riot of elegance and sobriety: strap and case in stainless steel with metallic finishes. Beautiful round dial with white background and gold-colored elements.

In addition to the beauty, this model has water resistance up to 5 bars, a calendar with day and date, and the automatic movement that characterizes and embellishes this Orient collection. The overall style is classic and elegant with a unisex and rather versatile design.


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Can’t resist a gold watch but don’t want to spend a fortune? Well, the FAB0000FW9 Orient Tristar Gold model is right for you. The average price is around 165 dollars, the style is unmistakable. Case and strap in yellow gold-colored stainless steel frame around the silver-colored dial with golden references.

Not only that, the appearance of this men’s watch is of great impact, in fact, we must not forget the automatic 21 jewels F4902 movement and the water resistance. It is a unisex model that adapts perfectly to classic outfits, as well as it can be inserted as a prominent accessory in more alternative looks.


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For lovers of the leather strap, there is the RA-AK0508S10B model, one of the most popular Orient Tristar with a leather strap. This analog watch with stainless steel case and the gray dial is an expression of elegance and style with a casual connotation and is sold as a men’s model.

The movement is automatic and the hands like the Roman numerals on the dial are gold-colored. The calendar indicates day and date, the strap is a fairly dark brown. Water-resistant and rather light, this model goes well with lifestyle outfits.


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Among the cheaper models of the Tristar collection, we find the Orient tristar champagne, model RA-AB0018G19B which has an average price of about 90 dollars. Overall this model is very classic and elegant, with a stainless steel case and strap and a Champagne-colored dial that gives it the beauty of yesteryear.

Despite the low cost, this analog wristwatch retains all the features of the models in this collection: automatic movement, water-resistance up to 50 meters, and excellent quality materials. The calendar with day and date is located at three o’clock and the hands, as well as the indexes, are gold-colored with luminescent inserts.


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Despite the rather classic shape, the Orient Tristar Arabic (with Arabic numerals) is a very youthful analog watch that can also be combined with sporty looks. The white case and Arabic numerals with luminescent inserts give a casual touch to the case and strap which, on the other hand, are in the more classic gray stainless steel.

The movement is always automatic and the water resistance is always 5 bar. Another positive note is the low cost which is a few dollars higher than the previous model. Its aesthetic characteristics make it versatile and can be considered unisex.


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The model I’m talking about now is among the most expensive (so to speak) of the collection. The price, in fact, is around 194 dollars. Much appreciated by Amazon users, the Orient Tristar green (green) model RA-AB0F08E presents an Automatic Self-Winding Movement with an Oscillation Frequency: of 21,600 oscillations per hour (6 six movements per second).

The dial is green covered with mineral crystal. The calendar indicates the day and date. The hands and markers are bright. The strap is in stainless steel, the clasp is deployant. Stainless Steel is also a 42mm Diameter Case, 11.3mm Thickness. The water-resistance of this model is up to 30 meters.


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The Orient Tristar Deneb watch I’m telling you about now has a decidedly elegant style. The round dial is blue with gold-colored hands and markers. The shape of the case is round and the material of which it is made is the solid stainless steel that we have already known for the other models in this collection.

Here too we find the inevitable calendar with date and day at 3 o’clock. The movement is automatic, like any self-respecting Orient Tristar. The overall style makes it suitable for a masculine outfit. The price is around 130 dollars.


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With its average price of just 86 dollars, the Orient Tristar Roman numerals with identification code RA-AK0504B10B is one of the most purchased and best-reviewed models on Amazon for its category.

Classic, yet casual at the same time, this analog watch is characterized by the soft lines of the stainless steel case and strap. The dial is black with beautiful silver-colored Roman numerals. The hands and markers are also silver and look very fine and slender. Water-resistant and equipped with excellent automatic movement, with such a small expense you can hardly get better.


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I told you about the least expensive and the most expensive, the sportier and the more casual, now it’s time to talk about the bigger model, AB0B001D9, known as Orient Tristar Watches 43mm (large). The style of this anatomical watch is purely masculine, with a large round stainless steel case and strap in the same material.

The dial is dark blue with silver hands and markers. The latter is replaced by elegant Roman numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock. The cost of this automatic movement watch is around 110 dollars. The water resistance is 5 bar which is also optimal for sports activities such as diving.


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The women ‘s model I am talking about now is highly appreciated by the public, in fact, it is known as Orient Tristar woman and is identified with the code FAB00006B9. This analog wristwatch has a very elegant tapered shape. The dial is black with silver and gold elements. The case and strap are in stainless steel.

The movement is always automatic, while as regards water resistance, in this model it reaches up to 3 bar. The cost is about 120 dollars and is among the most reviewed on Amazon. The overall style makes it very suitable for feminine looks, however, it is to be considered unisex.


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Another model that especially affects the female world is the one identified with code FAB00006W9. In some ways, this model is reminiscent of the previous one, with its tapered shape. In this case, the dial is in silver with various gold-colored elements. There is also a calendar with the date and day at three o’clock.

Unmissable is the automatic movement typical of the Tristars which makes it precise and very reliable. The water resistance stops at just 3 bar. Also in this case, despite being a very popular wristwatch among girls, it is to be considered unisex because it can also be easily worn by men.


They will not be collector’s watches, this is undoubted. However, the Orient Tristar Watches line is characterized by an excellent quality/price ratio that is difficult to find in other watches in the same price range.

We are talking, in fact, of analog wrist watches that have an average price of 100 dollars but are produced with high-quality materials that give resistance and reliability. Also from a mechanical point of view, we find an excellent automatic winding that makes the difference.

The aesthetics are excellent and heterogeneous, there are different shapes, colors, and materials that satisfy every taste. The impermeability which in some cases reaches 5 bar also makes them suitable for sports use. In short, if your goal is to have a good, reliable, and aesthetically appealing watch, why spend more? With Orient Tristar, you have performance that you frequently find only in some lines that belong to higher price ranges.

In fact, let’s not forget that these analog watches contain the reliable and precise technology of the great Japanese watches, combined with a modern and classy design. So don’t be fooled by the low price, if you buy Orient Tristar you are taking home a quality product.

The skillful use of colors, finishes, and shapes made the models of the Tristar collection prove to be particularly versatile. This is not only in terms of adaptability to different uses but also to masculine and feminine looks. These watches can be easily combined with the most varied outfits because in some way this elegant but also casual accessory enriches and embellishes the look.

Having made this overview of the world of Orient Tristar wristwatches, you just have to choose your favorite model, and why not, maybe you can even think of giving it to those you care about. Whether worn by you or used as a gift, with an Orient Tristar watch you will make a dark impression

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