Lots of functions to enhance driving. Popular models of running watches and how to choose

Running that tends to end with a three-day shaved head. The reason may be that it is “just run”. If you want to stay motivated, rely on a versatile running watch.

To have a comfortable running life. Know your “current self” with a running watch

To have a comfortable running life. Know your "current self" with a running watch

Nowadays, the number of exercise opportunities tends to decrease due to the increase in home time due to the influence of the corona. I think there are many people who started running to maintain their health, saying, “It’s not good as it is!” However, it may be a punch line that even if a beginner runs unnecessarily, he will become a three-day priest. The important thing is to measure the target numerical value such as lap time and keep motivation properly. The running watch that is perfect for such purposes is the one that specializes in running.

To have a comfortable running life. The second image to know "I am now" with a running watch

A running watch with various measurement functions such as mileage, heart rate, and calories burned, which greatly enhances exercise efficiency. Visualizing your own efforts should naturally increase your motivation. Most models are waterproof and resistant to sudden weather changes, which is a big advantage of running watches. Moreover, there are a wide variety of variations these days, such as a multifunctional model that can be used in daily life with plenty of room, and a product that excels in “one trick” such as operability and durability.

A simple gimon. How is a running watch different from a smartwatch?

A simple gimon. How is a running watch different from a smartwatch?

Recently, smart watches have some functions for workouts, but running watches have specifications that assume more serious scenes. For example, it has high-class durability and waterproofness that cannot be achieved with smart watches, and detailed management of driving records can be performed with a dedicated app. When it comes to high-end models, some will analyze the driving form. Of course, there are cases where a smartwatch is sufficient for a light run in the neighborhood, so there is no problem in choosing this area according to your own style.

Do you have this feature? I do not need? Points to choose a running watch that suits your style

A running watch equipped with various functions that are useful when exercising. Among them, the most representative ones are introduced below. Of course, unless you’re an advanced runner, you don’t have to force everything. Determine which features you will and will not use, based on your running style.

Point 1

GPS function

GPS function

GPS is a system that receives satellite radio waves and measures them, which is familiar to car navigation systems and smartphones. With the onboard aircraft, you can instantly know your current location, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost even if you are driving for the first time. In addition, it is very effective in “visualizing” the results because you can check the route you ran later. By the way, I used to have the impression that “GPS watch = big and heavy”, but the latest models are getting lighter and lighter.

Point 2

Heart rate measurement function

Heart rate measurement function

Heart rate is the number of times the heart beats in a given amount of time, usually the number of times per minute. With a watch equipped with this function to measure heart rate, it is possible to grasp pace distribution, calories burned, exercise intensity, etc. By making full use of this function, your usual training efficiency should be greatly improved. In recent years, optical heart rate monitors that measure estimated values ​​based on changes in wrist blood flow have become the mainstream, so you can measure with a single watch without wearing a measurement band on your chest.

Point 3

Waterproof function

Waterproof function

Even if it suddenly rains while running in the city or the main body gets wet with sweat, there is no problem if it is a waterproof model! In addition, items that are resistant to getting wet are very useful not only when running but also in daily life. Even if the surface gets dirty with sweat or rain, it is a nice point to wash it off quickly. However, please note that even if it is a waterproof model, it may cause a malfunction if it is washed with strong water pressure.

Point 4

Smartphone cooperation function

Smartphone cooperation function

For models above the middle range, you can manage driving data in detail with a dedicated app for smartphones. Since various factors such as distance, pace, route, and calories burned can be converted into data and saved, there is no doubt that it will be difficult to become a three-day priest. Basically, if you link the app and running watch in advance, you can leave your smartphone at home in most cases.

Point 5

Music playback function

Music playback function

If you run while listening to your favorite music, you can be assured that you can enjoy your running life more than ever! Previously, it was essential to carry a smartphone or music player, but in recent years, many running watches that can store music data inside the main unit have appeared. As long as you can enjoy music to your heart’s content with just a watch and wireless earphones, you don’t have to carry extra equipment with you!

From simple things to high-performance models. Introducing popular brands of running watches

Now that I’ve learned about running watches, I’m going to show you some popular models that I can buy now. We will introduce a wide range of models from running specialized models to smart watches that follow the workout function, so please try to find a model that suits you!

▼ First from here. A simple running watch with the necessary functions

In most cases, even if you suddenly purchase a full-scale model with multiple functions, beginners of workouts will not be able to use it satisfactorily. If you are a running beginner, the correct answer is to start with an entry model with simple functions and a reasonable price. The following 3 models are especially recommended!

Item 1

“Casio” Casio Collection W-S220-1AJH

"Casio" Casio Collection W-S220-1AJH

A hassle-free sports watch equipped with a tough solar system that automatically charges with sunlight. It is also a reliable element that it can be washed with water and is waterproof to 10 bar so that it can be easily put in the sea. It’s not just for running, but it has the necessary functions such as being able to store up to 120 lap data and installing a timer for interval measurement.

Item 2

“Soma” Run One 100SL Large DWJ08-0003

"Soma" Run One 100SL Large DWJ08-0003

Since it is a basic quartz running watch that mainly has a time display and stopwatch function, even people who are not good at detailed operations can easily handle it. In addition, it is water resistant to 10 bar, so you can rest assured even if it rains suddenly. It has a double repeat timer that allows you to set two timers alternately, which is especially suitable for repetitive exercises such as interval training. The tilted display is also unique for easy viewing while running.

Item 3

“Seiko” Prospex Super Runners Solar SBEF055

"Seiko" Prospex Super Runners Solar SBEF055

A solar watch that can store up to 300 memories of measurement data in 1/100 second units. It is very light with a polyurethane belt and is water resistant to 10 bar, so it can be used safely even in rainy weather. In addition, high-class durability is ensured by using Hardlex, which is a unique material that is several times harder than crystal glass. It’s a smart design that doesn’t overstate, so even town use is handy!

▼ Increase your motivation by mastering many functions! High-performance watch that goes one step further

From here, we will unveil a high-spec model that covers various functions at once! Recommended for those who have graduated from beginner runners or who are looking for a model that is a bit different from those around them. Wearing an authentic high-performance watch will surely improve your motivation on a daily basis.

Item 4

“Garmin” ForeAthlete 55 Aqua

"Garmin" ForeAthlete 55 Aqua

The American brand “Garmin” is gaining popularity due to its sophisticated design and its versatility, which is contrary to its appearance. This new work “Fore Athlete 55” announced this year is a model developed for running beginners. However, even for beginners, it is equipped with a high-precision GPS, an optical heart rate monitor, and a 50m waterproof function, and its specifications are quite authentic! The health monitoring function is also excellent, and you can quantify calories burned, stress level, sleep, body energy status, etc. The long-time battery that can operate for about 20 hours in GPS + heart rate mode is also attractive.

Item 5

“Garmin” ForeAthlete 945 Black

"Garmin" ForeAthlete 945 Black

A high-end model of “Garmin” that can handle harsh activities such as triathlon and trail running. It boasts a drive time of up to 14 days in smartwatch mode and about 32 hours in training mode (GPS mode + optical heart rate monitor). In addition to various measurement functions, the approach is extremely diverse, such as being equipped with a translucent MIP display that makes it easy to see the display even in direct sunlight, and being able to store up to 1,000 songs in the watch. In addition, it also analyzes the wearer’s running form.

Item 6

“Suunto” Suunto 3 Moss Gray

"Suunto" Suunto 3 Moss Gray

“Suunto 3” supports a wide range of workouts such as running, swimming, cycling, and yoga. In addition to being able to drive continuously for 30 hours even in training mode with GPS activated, it also follows the 30m waterproof function. It is easy to use as a healthcare item because it tracks the number of steps, sleep quality, stress, recovery, etc. from various angles. What’s more, you can create your own 7-day training plan based on your current fitness level and past history. With a minimalist design that seems to be a Scandinavian brand, it is really effective from a fashion point of view!

Item 7

“Zepp Health” VIP You Pro Black

"Zepp Health" VIP You Pro Black

A stylish smartwatch with a large 1.43-inch color display. Not only does it look good, but it also has perfect potential, such as water resistance up to a depth of 50m, high-precision GPS, and more than 60 sports modes. In addition, it is also possible to measure the oxygen saturation in the blood to understand the health condition. If it is used as a standard smartphone, it will run for up to 9 days, so it is perfect as a travel companion!

Item 8

“Apple” Apple Watch Series 6 Deep Navy

"Apple" Apple Watch Series 6 Deep Navy

Needless to say, the male of the smartwatch world is also dynamic in the running scene. In addition to being equipped with GPS that is as accurate as the full-scale model, it also covers a heart rate monitor, water resistance function, and blood oxygen sensor. In addition, you can save various training data by linking with the dedicated application “Workout”. Battery life is assumed to be up to 18 hours, which is sufficient for everyday use. By the way, the latest “Series 7” is scheduled to appear in the fall of 2021.

Item 9

“G-Shock” G-Squad GBD-H1000-1A7

"G-Shock" G-Squad GBD-H1000-1A7

A gem equipped with a heart rate monitor and GPS function from the sports line “G-SHOCK” of “G-SHOCK”. Since it has a built-in azimuth / altitude / barometric pressure / temperature sensor, it can also be used as a partner in the outdoor scene. In addition, it supports the measurement of VO2max (maximum oxygen uptake), which is the standard for cardiopulmonary capacity, and is also an index for strengthening endurance. By linking with the dedicated app, you can check your fitness level and training progress, and automatically create a workout plan. The impressive shock-resistant structure and water resistance of 20 bar, which are typical of “G-SHOCK”, are also encouraging points.

Item 10

“Polar” Vantage M

"Polar" Vantage M

“Vantage M” is a multi-sports watch that can measure 130 kinds of sports performance. As a Finnish activity meter manufacturer, it has a good reputation for accuracy such as heart rate, sleep data, and exercise performance. Needless to say, it also covers highly necessary functions such as GPS and waterproofing! It is also a “unique” function that you can test the fit level with just one body without using special equipment. It’s a simple design that eliminates unnecessary decoration, so it seems good to use it daily.

Item 11

“Hilby” Goby 3

"Hilby" Goby 3

Measuring heart rate, calories burned, and sleep time have become standard features of running watches. However, this “Goby 3” from the United States does not stop there. Using data from a bioimpedance sensor and patented proprietary technology, even calorie intake can be tracked. At the same time, it automatically measures the amount of water in the body and the stress level and sends it to the app. If you run for the purpose of dieting, this work seems to be a savior. Continuous drive time is about 32 hours.

Item 12

“Fitbit” Charge 4

"Fitbit" Charge 4

This model is also excellent as a lifestyle gadget, as it can use “Fitbit Pay” for cashless payment and supports Suica usage. It’s perfect for people who want to use one watch for everyday use and training. It also works with the Spotify app, so it’s perfect for people who want to run while listening to their favorite music. It also has basic functions such as GPS, heart rate measurement, and water resistance, so you will not feel inconvenienced during training. Battery life is assumed to be up to 5 hours when using GPS. For normal use as a smartwatch, you can wear it for a week without charging.

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