Produced high cost Swiss watches. 15 recommended models to choose from Tissot Produced high cost Swiss watches.

Switzerland, the mecca of watches that many prestigious and luxury brands are competing with. Among them, “Tissot” is a brand with a high degree of attention, with a functional and relatively affordable price range. “Tissot” is a brand born in 1853 in the Swiss town of Le Locle by Charles Felician Tissot and the son of … Read more

Thin, correct and beautiful. The world’s thinnest Citizen is evolving further

Suddenly, what do you think of when you hear “only 1.00 mm”? The width of the rice grain? The thickness of a 1-yen coin? No, unfortunately they all exceed 1mm. A wristwatch that houses the world’s thinnest photovoltaic eco-drive movement, which is the “heart”, in such a tiny world. “Citizen Eco-Drive One” announced in 2016 was a sensation all over … Read more

Hamilton khaki. Thorough explanation of the origin of military watches, their charm and recommendations

American prestigious watch maker “Hamilton”. “Khaki” is a popular introductory machine of the same brand. Based on the characteristics, we will introduce 10 books that are suitable for adults’ arms. The representative line of “Hamilton”. What kind of model is “khaki”? “Khaki” has its roots in a military wristwatch that was familiar to American soldiers … Read more

Elegance scented at the wrist. Hamilton Jazzmaster thoroughly dissects popular models

Elegance scented at the wrist. Hamilton Jazzmaster thoroughly dissects popular models Among the many “Hamilton” series, the Jazzmaster has a lot of support from businessmen because of his dressy looks. We have picked up models that are particularly noteworthy. One of the most popular lines in “Hamilton”. What kind of model is “Jazzmaster”? The prestigious watch maker “Hamilton” … Read more

Visualize the concept of time. Everyone longs for a skeleton watch at least once

The joy of appreciating the elaborate mechanism. How to enjoy skeleton clocks and 14 recommended selections A skeleton watch that has become an immovable major genre. In this article, we will introduce how to enjoy it and 14 recommended watch models. Lead you to a deep skeleton world! A skeleton watch is a wristwatch with a … Read more

Seiko Prospex is the best solution for casual watches. Complete coverage of major models

“Seiko Prospex” is the leading wristwatch that is simple, sturdy and reliable. However, when it comes to choosing, it is easy to worry because of the wide variety. Introducing the main models at once, including the latest work! A functional watch hall of fame full of functional beauty. What is “Seiko Prospex”? Watch maker “Seiko” with attractive … Read more

Unraveling the charm of Hamilton’s classic popular model, Ventura

The classic and popular model of “Hamilton” is “Ventura”. In 2017, we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of our birth, and we are expanding the variety, and the momentum is unstoppable. The essence of American watches. What is the brand power that “Hamilton” is proud of? From the late 19th century to the early 20th century, American … Read more

A wristwatch born from the hand of God. What you need to know about Franck Muller

The ultimate complex watch “Franck Muller” created by a genius watchmaker is now once again attracting the enthusiastic eyes of watch lovers. Let’s re-read the history of the 29 years that continued to rewrite the history of watches. Unique personality. Meaning to choose a “Franck Muller” watch “Franck Muller” caused an unprecedented boom in the early 2000s. As … Read more

The romance of a man hidden in “369”. Get to know Rolex Explorer

“Explorer” has a long history and is very popular among “Rolex”. The model, which has been endorsed by adventurers, is full of dreams and romance for men. For beginners of “Rolex”. What you need to know about “Explorer” In the luxury sports watch area, which is gaining momentum these days, there are many people who are … Read more

Reasonable and highly functional. If you are serious about looking for “Smartphone”, how about Huawei?

“Huawei” is famous for smartphones and tablets in Japan, but in fact, it has the second largest share of the world market for smart watches! We will approach the secret of the popularity of “Sumawo” of such “Huawei”. What embodies is the ultimate functional beauty. What kind of brand is “Huawei”? Many people think of “Apple … Read more