Adults who seek “beauty” in their watches have a Citizen Campanola.

Knowing the exact time is not enough. I want to appreciate the beautiful appearance created by the craftsmanship. “Citizen” “Campanola” is a watch brand that fulfills the wishes of greedy adults. “Beauty in the sky” that strikes the hearts of the viewer. Why are adults attracted to “Campanora”? “Citizen” has many masterpieces of high-tech watches such … Read more

A long-established store chosen by watch experts. Jaeger-LeCoultre is not just Reverso

“Jaeger-LeCoultre” was born in Switzerland in the first half of the 19th century. Manufacture’s ability to manufacture almost everything about watches in-house still captivates watch lovers around the world. Over 180 years of history. “Jaeger-LeCoultre” with great evaluation of watch tsu The roots of Jaeger-LeCoultre are in the watch studio founded by the founder Antoine LeCoultre … Read more

Casio’s masterpiece x Pac-Man! Introducing a serious “Asobi Clock” that is more than just play

Do you feel nostalgic or new? How to receive it varies from person to person, but reprinted watches with a masterpiece motif are gaining popularity. The “A100W EPC” introduced this time is also a model that deserves a lot of attention in that respect. The base was the “F-100” that appeared in 1978. It is a quartz type … Read more

If you are looking for a reprint watch. Longines’ heritage series has masterpieces

A reprint watch that has become a major trend in the watch world these days. The “Heritage” series of the well-established Swiss “Longines” that has been the driving force behind that scene has all the watches you want now. The modern age of the reprint boom. A truly remarkable lineup is in Longines The reprint of the … Read more

Seiko, the treasure of Japan. Unravel its history and popular brands

The more you know about a wristwatch, the more you can understand its depth. Here, we will introduce the history and recommendations of such a “male of domestic watches”. Watch industry giant “Seiko” familiar to us “Seiko” started in 1881. Since “Rolex” was founded in 1905, its history is comparable to that of the prestigious Switzerland. In … Read more

The flagship of the prestigious Tudor, the present of Black Bay

The idea of ​​”Rolex’s younger brother” is old. “Tudor” is a unique path in terms of design and technology. “Black Bay” is a flagship model that reflects the current state of the brand. “Tudor” is rapidly increasing in popularity. The name of the leading actor is “Black Bay” When anticipating “a watch brand whose premiere is likely to … Read more

Carefully selected highly waterproof watches! Popular model that you want to use in activities 10

Summer, when you spend more vacation outdoors. We have carefully selected watches with high waterproof performance for less than 50,000 yen, which are ideal as a companion for leisure and outdoor activities at the waterside. It is good that the wristwatch in midsummer has waterproof performance that you can enjoy without worrying about water. Whether you … Read more

Five criteria for men to choose a watch. Function, looks, or brand power?

A wristwatch is a practical item, and at the same time, a decorative item that reflects the wearer’s image and sense. Here, we will explain how to choose a watch from various aspects such as function, appearance, and brand. What should men consider as a point when choosing a watch? Is it the beginning of a … Read more

The Citizen’s talented mechanical movement is the biggest news in 11 years!

The summer of 2021 was a hot topic when the sports festival was held for the first time in five years. This time, the eyes are also focused on what happened in the wristwatch world for the first time in 11 years. The protagonist is “Citizen”, a long-established watch maker born in 1918 that represents Japan. From “The … Read more

15 books that are said to have a good taste. Elegance for dressing with a gold watch

A gold watch that is suddenly in the limelight among fashionable seniors. One that has a strong presence, good quality, and luxury is a power item that promises to outperform the surroundings and upgrade the dress. Riche hobby … What an old story. Incorporating a gold watch for a higher-grade adult In the world of wristwatches, the … Read more