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The terms of use for “Best Luxury Watches” (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) are referred to by Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) as “Best Luxury Watches” (hereinafter referred to as “this site”). The terms and conditions for using the service provided by (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) apply to the Service provided by the Company.

Article 1 (When using the service)

  1. Customers are requested to comply with this agreement before using this service. By using this service, you are deemed to have agreed to the contents of this agreement. In addition to these Terms, there are documents distributed or posted by the Company under the names such as “Terms of Service”, “Guidelines”, and “Policy” (hereinafter referred to as “Individual Terms of Use”). In that case, the customer should use this service in accordance with the provisions of the individual terms of use in addition to this agreement. In addition, some of these terms may be excluded from the individual terms of use, or matters different from these terms may be stipulated. In that case, the provisions of the Individual Terms of Use shall take precedence over these Terms. However, this does not apply if this agreement stipulates that it takes precedence over the provisions of the individual terms of use.
  2. The main purpose of this service is to provide fashion-related information.

Article 2 (Privacy)

  1. About the handling of personal information
    Your registration information and the information we collect about you will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy. Please refer to this description for our privacy policy .
    In addition, third-party sites that you can access through us have individual privacy rules and data collection rules that are independent of us. We have no obligation or responsibility for these independent rules or activities. It is the customer’s responsibility to retain and manage the password and registration information on the third party site.
  2. About cookies and web beacons
    In order to provide better services to customers who use this service, it is possible to acquire and use information about customers such as cookies and web beacons (hereinafter collectively referred to as “customer information”). I have. Cookies can be refused or restricted by your browser settings, but in that case, there may be restrictions on the use of this service. Customers may not be able to restrict the use of web beacons. We do not use these technologies for the purpose of collecting your personal information. For more information on customer information, please see the instructions below.

    1. About
      Cookies Cookies are a mechanism by which a website provider temporarily records data on a site user’s computer through a web browser. Cookies can record information about site users, the date and time of the last visit to the site, the number of visits to the site, etc., and customize the site user identification, customer authentication system and WWW services for each customer. It is used for services, etc.

      1. Explanation of cookie invalidation (opt-out) for access analysis
        This site uses the services of the companies listed below in order to understand the usage status of the site.
        For this reason, some pages use cookies provided by the companies listed below.
        If you would like to know more about the use of cookies, the information collected by cookies, and the opt-out procedure, please see the company’s privacy policy below. ..
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        (as of November 10, 2021)

        * The browser status check will be completed shortly after the link destination transition. Please press “continue”, check the opt-out column of “Yahoo”, and press “SUBMIT YOUR CHOICES”.

      2. Explanation of Cookies for Advertising Delivery and Access Analysis for Advertising Delivery
        This site uses the following advertising services provided by third parties for effective advertising delivery. In each service, the cookies used are used only for the purpose of effective advertisement distribution, and are not used for any other purpose or collection of personal information. If you want to disable these cookies, please follow the steps on the status check page for each cookie below.Facebook
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        (as of February 8, 2021)
    2. About
      Web Beacons Web beacons are used to grasp the access status of customers using transparent image files, scripts, etc., in order to identify site users and obtain statistical information such as website usage status. It is being used.
    3. Use as IR information
      We may disclose statistical data such as the number of users and page views measured using cookies or web beacons regarding the use of this site by customers as IR information.

Article 3 (Equipment for use)

In order to use this service, you need to access the Web. Customers are required to properly prepare and operate the necessary equipment and software at their own risk and expense, and we are not involved in any preparation or operation method for customers to access the Web. Hmm. In addition, when using applications required for browsing, the rules of the distributor of the software apply.

Article 4 (About the purpose of use)

This service is provided exclusively for your private and non-commercial use. Unless the Company has consented in advance, the use of this service and access to this service, whether in whole or in part, for business activities or other commercial purposes, or similar acts, for that purpose. Use as a preparatory act is strictly prohibited. In addition, it shall not be used for religious activities, political activities or similar purposes.

Article 5 (copyright, property right and other rights)

  1. The copyright, trademark rights and other property rights related to the content included in this service and individual information, trademarks, images, videos, advertisements, designs, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “contents, etc.”) are the Company or the relevant contents, etc. It belongs to the author or copyright holder who created.
  2. This service and all software used in connection with it include property rights protected by laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights.
  3. Unless the use or use is licensed by the Company or a third party with copyright or other property rights, or if the use or use is permitted without the permission of the right holder by law, this You may not copy, edit, modify, publish, reprint, publicly transmit, distribute, sell, provide, translate or otherwise use or use the contents of the service.
  4. The Company is not liable for any damages incurred by the customer due to acts contrary to the preceding paragraph. In addition, if the customer profits from these acts, the Company reserves the right to claim the amount equivalent to the profit.

Article 6 (Change / termination of service content, etc.)

  1. The Company may change, suspend, or terminate all or part of this service (including the content of information provided in this service) without notifying the customer in advance. We are not responsible for any damage caused to you or a third party.
  2. The Company may suspend or suspend the provision of all or part of this service without prior notice to the customer for any of the following reasons. We are not responsible for any damage caused to you or a third party.
    1. When the maintenance and other construction of equipment related to this site is performed by us or a third party designated by us.
    2. In the case of equipment failure or failure related to this site by our company or a third party designated by our company
    3. In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, flood, tsunami, war, turmoil, riot, power outage or other emergency
    4. At the request of an appropriate institution such as a judiciary or an administrative agency
    5. When we deem it necessary for other operational or technical reasons

Article 7 (About the use of social buttons)

Some of this site has social buttons that work with external sites. The rules of the service provider apply when using the service.

Article 8 (Restrictions on service use)

Some of these services may be available only to those who meet certain requirements such as age restrictions.

Article 9 (Means of contacting customers)

We will contact you and notify you by posting on our designated site.

Article 10 (Disclaimer)

The use of this service shall be used after consenting to the following items at the customer’s own discretion and responsibility.

  1. We take great care in handling information and post it after confirming it, but we are not responsible for any of the following items under any circumstances or to any person or corporation. ..
    1. Loss or damage (including but not limited to product information and other images and links; the same shall apply hereinafter in this agreement) provided by this service as a result of acquisition and use, or loss or damage caused by unavailability. All or part of it does not matter).
    2. Loss or damage (whether in whole or in part) caused by any error in the information contained in this service (whether or not our company has made a mistake).
    3. Loss or damage (whether in whole or in part) caused by broken links, differences in information over time, or other circumstances in the information provided by this service.
  2. The information provided by this service shall not be regarded as a statement of facts or a recommendation for affiliation, purchase / sale or possession of products. Any guarantee (explicit, explicit, purposefulness, etc.) regarding the accuracy, breaking news, completeness, commerciality, or purpose of the content, even if the advice or advice is given to the customer directly from the Company or through this service. I will not do it implicitly). In addition, we are not responsible for any damage or disadvantage caused to you or a third party.
  3. Information on products and fees, etc. provided by the Company from each shop, each shopping mall, and each EC site operator (hereinafter referred to as “business operator”) and posted on this site (hereinafter referred to as “business operator information”). We do not make any guarantees (whether explicit or implied) regarding its accuracy, promptness, completeness, commerciality, or purposefulness. In addition, we are not responsible for any damage or disadvantage caused to you or a third party. Customers are requested to directly confirm the final contents of the business information with the business concerned. When purchasing products or registering as a member on the website operated by each business, please fully understand the contract terms and conditions established by each business before purchasing products or registering as a member. In this case, the contract terms and conditions established by the business operator will be applied. The Company informs the customer of the business activities of the business operator, the products handled by the business operator and the contents described on the business operator management site, the purchase of products related to the products handled by the customer and the business operator, and the conclusion and renewal of other contracts. We cannot guarantee the success or failure of the renewal, etc., the timing, contents, etc. The Company shall not be liable for the success or failure, content or performance of the contract between the business operator and the customer, and the business operator and the customer shall resolve the matter. If you have any questions about the product information, fees, contract conditions, etc. posted on this site by the business operator, please contact each business operator directly.
  4. For advertisements (regardless of the form) posted during this service or external sites linked during this service, we will provide accuracy, breaking news, completeness, commerciality, or purposefulness of the content. We do not make any guarantees (whether explicit or implied). In addition, we are not responsible for any damage or disadvantage caused to you or a third party. Customers are responsible for their own judgment and responsibility regarding the content of advertisements and linked external sites.

Article 11 (Use of information)

The Company has information obtained through this service, information provided or input by customers who have used this service (these information includes information on evaluation / price of products / services, and suppliers / sellers of products / services. (Including information, excluding information that identifies individuals or corporations) can be used for analysis / evaluation of information, provision of information to third parties, etc.

Article 12 (links to other sites)

During this service, we may set up links to other websites and resources, and third parties may register links and trackbacks to other websites and resources. The linked websites and resources are managed independently by each operator, and we are not aware of their contents or safety, and we cannot take any responsibility.

Article 13 (Prohibited acts)

The Company has set the following acts as prohibited matters, and the customer shall not do this.

  1. All or part of the information provided by this service may be copied, reproduced, duplicated, sent, transferred, distributed, distributed, resold, transmitted, made available for transmission, modified, adapted, etc. without our prior consent. Translation, lending, or storage for use or use for these purposes
  2. All acts that violate this agreement or the terms of use, guidelines, etc. of each service
  3. Acts that are or may be offensive to public order and morals
  4. Criminal, tort, or potentially criminal activity
  5. Actions that are or may be disadvantageous to other customers or third parties
  6. Acts that interfere with or may interfere with the operation of this service
  7. Acts that damage or may damage the credibility of the Company or this service
  8. Intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyrights, design rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, patent rights, know-how), honor, privacy and other third party rights or interests of the Company or a third party. Acts that infringe or may infringe
  9. Acts that promote the acts specified in each of the above items
  10. In addition, we judge that it is inappropriate

If any of the above actions is taken, the Company will suspend the use of this service for the customer and take other measures that the Company deems appropriate. We may also take such measures if the customer violates the content or purpose of this agreement, or if we determine that we have performed an inappropriate act in the spirit of this agreement. We may take such measures at our discretion, regardless of improper conduct by the customer or any other liability of the customer. Please be aware that we will not be able to answer to you regarding the reason for taking such measures, regardless of the reason. We are not responsible for any damage caused to you due to the above measures taken by us.

Article 14 (Change of this agreement)

  1. The Company shall be able to change this Agreement, and the changed Effective Date shall be effective from the effective date arbitrarily set by the Company.
  2. In the case of the preceding paragraph, the Company will notify the customer of the content of the change of this agreement and the effective date by a considerable time one month or more before the effective date. However, if the Company determines that the degree of disadvantage to the customer due to the change is minor, the period may be shortened.
  3. The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not apply if the changes to these Terms are in the general interests of the customer.

Article 15 (Governing law, jurisdiction)

This agreement shall be construed in accordance with Pakistani law. If a proceeding is required regarding this agreement, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance, depending on the amount of the proceeding.

Article 16 (About inquiries)

If you have any questions, please contact us from the inquiry page .