Produced high cost Swiss watches. 15 recommended models to choose from Tissot Produced high cost Swiss watches.

Produced high cost Swiss watches. 15 recommended models to choose from Tissot Produced high cost Swiss watches.

Switzerland, the mecca of watches that many prestigious and luxury brands are competing with. Among them, “Tissot” is a brand with a high degree of attention, with a functional and relatively affordable price range.

“Tissot” is a brand born in 1853 in the Swiss town of Le Locle by Charles Felician Tissot and the son of a watchmaker, Charles Emile. Initially, it started as “Etabrisur” that assembles and sells each collected part. Then, in 1917, the production of the blank movement was introduced, and when it strengthened its presence as a manufacturer, its name became known all over the world.

Touch the technical capabilities of “Tissot”, a Swiss maid that adults are addicted to

Quartz watches as an entry model are also popular, but the appeal of “Tissot” is that you can get a high-quality Swiss mechanical wristwatch at a high cost performance. Beginning with the development of anti-magnetic watches, we have produced a number of “world’s first” watches such as solar-powered tactile watches, and everyone has respect for their technological capabilities. Nowadays, it has attracted a lot of attention from watch lovers because it was the first to introduce a unique movement equipped with a silicon balance spring. Having served as the official timekeeper for various sports competitions such as MOTO GP (TM) and Tour de France is also a proof of its quality.

Outstanding cost performance to spread the technological innovation unique to “Tissot” to the market

Swiss watches come with a high-class image, but when it comes to “Tissot,” its conscientious price range is often talked about. We have steadily cultivated the market by reflecting the results of the above-mentioned technological innovations in affordable pricing. Currently The power to shape the “convenience” of the time, and the cost performance and brand power to spread . The power to shape the “convenience” of the time, and the cost performance and brand power to spread . they widely. It is the brand “Tissot” that delivers all of them at a high level.

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From basic models that do not choose the scene to sporty features rooted in motor sports, “Tissot” covers a wide range of fields. You can see 15 books that have both the quality of the world’s largest movement maker, ETA, and the design born from a long history.

Item 1

Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Sirithium

One of the models that symbolizes the current “Tissot” is this “Tissot Gentleman”. A design that betrays the price in a good way, supporting a neat face that can be said to be a model for the 3-needle date model. bracelet is also carefully polished, and there is a certain feeling of “good thing” when wrapped around the arm. In addition, “Tissot Gentleman” has a self-winding model and quartz, but if you want to feel the technical power of ” Tissot “, I definitely recommend self-winding. In addition to the 80-hour long power reserve, the latest movement that incorporates a silicon balance spring that enhances magnetic resistance should be able to realize its benefits the longer you use it.A model that includes this much is a little over 100,000 yen.It’s a price that other brands can’t easily achieve.

Item 2

Tissot PRX

Immediately after its appearance in the spring of 2021, it became an explosive hit, and this “Tissot PRX” has already been positioned as the main model of “Tissot”. The elegant and classic form of the brand’s interpretation of the ragspo context is modeled after past archives. Although it is reasonably priced in the 50,000 yen range, the goodness of the finish is remarkable, and in particular, the attention to the finish that changes the type for each color is white eyebrows. Don’t waste it, but It’s good quality. It is an excellent work that has all the reasons to stick to adults who can understand the difference, including the fact that it is a quartz model that is easy to handle as a sub watch.

Item 3

Tissot Sea Star 1000 Automatic

As the name suggests, the “Sea Star 1000” is a diver’s model with an edge to the sea. It is equipped with ETA’s long power reserve movement, Powermatic 80, and has overwhelming cost performance that makes it waterproof to 300m at a price of 100,000 yen or less. The dial expresses the deep sea with blue gradation. Coupled with a light rubber strap, it has a really sporty look.

Item 4

Tissot T-Sister 1000 Quartz Chronograph

A diver’s watch that the “Tissot” sports line and “T-Sports” collection are proud of. Water resistant to 30 bar, straps with buckles and extension pieces for divers and Superluminova (R) hands are the fruits of high performance and a passion for underwater sports. The movement has an epoch-making battery exhaustion warning function.

Item 5

Heritage banana

A reprint of a wristwatch that is said to have been made for a lady of imperial Russia in 1916. Although the reprint faithfully reproduces the design 100 years ago, the design is not old-fashioned at all.

It was called “banana watch” because A truly classic and unique dress watch with a spade hand ticking the index that follows the Art Nouveau tradition .

Item 6

Tissot Heritage Porto

“Tissot Heritage Porto” is a reproduction of the archive watch released in 1919 in the 100th anniversary of its birth. It is one full of classical elements such as a barrel-shaped case that draws a beautiful curve, a dial reminiscent of the heyday of Art Deco, and a wire rug. In addition, in this work, a small second with a railway scale is turned on at 6 o’clock. It is a design that spurs the retro atmosphere unique to the hand-wound model.

Item 7

Heritage Visodate:

An authentic self-winding watch that represents the brand. The yellow gold case, retro brand logo, Dauphin hands, dome-shaped windshield and classic designs give the wrist a dignity. The day-date (displaying the day of the week and date) at 3 o’clock was welcomed as an epoch-making function at that time.

Item 8

Heritage 160th Anniversary Model

A reprint model of the masterpiece “Navigator” announced in 1953. The face diameter is large to match the current air, but the design and functions are the same as at that time. The attention to reproducibility is detailed, such as the “BOMBAY” which is not used in the city notation now. The movement is equipped with a chronometer certified movement, ETA2893-3.

Item 9

T-Classic T-Complexion Skelette:

The novel approach of the double-sided skeleton is striking, and the beauty of the movement that spreads to the full diameter of 43 mm is overwhelming. Inside is the movement used in good old pocket watches. While ensuring the functionality of a watch such as a small second that is casually inserted at 9 o’clock, it incorporates abundant “attractive” designs such as five spokes extending from the center and a beautifully finished escapement.

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Item 10

T-Classic Le Rockle Automatic

From the collection that makes you feel the origin of “Tissot” with the birthplace founded in 1853 as the model name. It is a model equipped with Powermatic 80 that has realized continuous driving for about 80 hours, and has high practicality and beauty like the same brand. The glass on the back cover has a highly designed design that is divided into upper and lower parts, satisfying the desire to own even the invisible part.

Item 11

T-Classic Le Rockle Chronograph

“Le Rockle” is a collection that represents “Tissot”. It is a motif of a real boundary clock that once existed in the place of establishment. The biggest feature is the classical look of fine guilloche carving and Roman index, but on the other hand, the gap with high-performance movement is also interesting. The mainstream is equipped with ETA’s 80-hour long power reserve move, but this is a vertical chronograph loaded with Valjoux’s famous machines. While the 3-needle model has a case diameter of less than 40 mm, it has a moderate presence with a diameter of 42.3 mm.

Item 12

T-Classic Tradition Perpetual Calendar

A quartz watch with a perpetual calendar function that does not require end-of-month adjustments, including leap years. Unlike the mechanical type, there is no need to worry about the needle stopping in the middle, so you can rest assured that you will be able to keep time until 2099. In addition, the symmetrically arranged display of the month, day, and day of the week is also utilized in the design, and the fact that the hands move back and forth without hesitation should give the joy of owning a complicated mechanism.

Item 13

T-Sport PRC 200 Chronograph

The “PRS 200” collection, which is the sports line of “Tissot”. “PRS”, which is also the name of the series, is an acronym for Precious, Robustness, and Sportiness. It is this “PRC 200” that has guided that sportiness in a more “classic” direction. While maintaining the same waterproof function as the “PRS 200”, the movement is equipped with ETA’s automatic winding. While paying attention to visibility, such as making the bezel thinner to make the dial look bigger, the color scheme and finish give it a classic look.

Item 14

T-Sport PRC 200

There is also a quartz model in the above “PRC 200” series. The in-dial, which is evenly arranged in three directions, gives a more casual impression than the vertical ones, creating a unique look. The bright yellow hands that shine in the black tone are also fun. If you’re looking for a more casual one, this is the way to go.

Item 15


The “PR 100” series, which is an acronym for Precious and Robustness, has been adopted as the model name. Indeed, it is loved by a wide range of people as an entry model of “Tissot” that meets the two elements required for practical watches. In this model, the lightness is also guaranteed by using titanium for the case. Combined with the dial finished in anthracite color, which has a depth different from black and gray, it is a perfect match for the business scene.

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