Seiko Prospex is the best solution for casual watches. Complete coverage of major models

Seiko Prospex is the best solution for casual watches. Complete coverage of major models

“Seiko Prospex” is the leading wristwatch that is simple, sturdy and reliable. However, when it comes to choosing, it is easy to worry because of the wide variety. Introducing the main models at once, including the latest work!

A functional watch hall of fame full of functional beauty. What is “Seiko Prospex”?

Watch maker “Seiko” with attractive brands such as “Grand Seiko”, “Seiko Astron” and “Seiko 5”. Among them, “Seiko Prospex”, which has excellent functionality and durability, is a brand that boasts “professional specifications” for outdoor activities and various sports as its name suggests.

It is also the leading figure of the classic watch that has been taken up many times in TASCLAP, but especially in recent years, topical works that are conscious of vintage feeling have been released one after another, and the degree of attention is increasing further.

Of course, “Prospec” doesn’t mean that it can only be used in active scenes. The high waterproofness and impact-resistant toughness give a certain sense of security even for town use. The masculine looks, which are excellent from a fashion perspective and are full of functional beauty, will surely show their presence even in the recent trend of becoming more casual.

At the axis is the basic style of a wristwatch. The reason for its popularity is that it has a nice design that makes you feel individuality. Because the balance between the two is excellent, it looks great in various scenes and dresses.

The origin of such “Seiko Prospex” goes back to the first domestically produced diver’s watch released in 1965. From there, various models that extend branches and leaves and lead to “land, sea, and air” have appeared, and most recently, the luxury line “Lux Line” equipped with Spring Drive has appeared. Also, in the last few years, many revival models inspired by past masterpieces have appeared, and it has become a presence that is regarded not only by “Seiko” fans but also by watch lovers. It can be said that it is a seasonal brand right now.

From professional use to everyday use. Covers the main lines of “Seiko Prospex”

From here, I will introduce the lineup that is worrisome about what kind of model actually exists. There are many masterpieces that tickle the hearts of watch lovers, such as “Marine Master Professional”, which is supported by professional divers, and “Alpinist”, whose roots are Seiko’s first sports watch “Laurel Alpinist”.

▼ Line 1: “Marine Master Professional” packed with the best of “Seiko” technology development

The line where you can experience the high functionality of professional use most is the “Marine Master Professional” diver’s watch group that has achieved saturated diving waterproofing of 300 to 1,000 m. Saturation diving is a diving method for diving into the deep sea, and divers spend a certain amount of time in a special tank using helium gas to respond to sudden changes in water pressure. At that time, helium gas also enters the inside of the wristwatch, but it expands when it returns to the ground, causing damage from the inside. Therefore, a general saturated diving watch is equipped with an escape valve that exhausts gas, but the “Marine Master” has solved it by realizing super airtightness that there is no room for gas to enter in the first place. This is a big reason why it is supported by professional divers all over the world. It also has the side effect of making the case relatively smart, so it is also a feature that it is familiar to the arm for its high waterproof performance.


Marine Master Professional SBDX014

By incorporating various technologies such as an outer body protector that enhances toughness and a titanium one-piece case without a back cover, waterproofing for 1,000 m of saturated diving is realized. Nicknamed “Tuna Can” because of its characteristic appearance, its shape has hardly changed from the original model that appeared in 1975. It is a model that can be said to be the culmination of technological development that “Seiko” has cultivated over 50 years.


Marine Master Professional SBBN031

“Tuna can” is a model that has been released in abundant color variations, but here is a basic and relatively affordable model. A combination of a stainless steel case, a metal band, a black dial and a bezel, a waterproof for 300m saturated diving, and a movement of quartz. If you choose it as your first diver’s watch, we recommend this one that suits every occasion and every dress.


Marine Master Professional SBEX011

There are many models that are important when talking about Seiko divers’ watches, and this is one of them. This is a faithful reproduction of the design of the Mechanical Divers that appeared in 1968. The model, which contained the world’s highest level 10-vibration movement at the time in a one-piece case without a back cover, was carried by Naomi Uemura to the summit of Everest and made her very aware of its reliability. The reproduction model of the photograph is limited to 1,100 in the world.


Marine Master Professional SBDX043

This limited edition of 3,000 was sold to commemorate the 140th anniversary of Seiko, and the dial color inspired by the natural beauty of Japan is attractive. Based on the green image of the fresh green scenery spreading on Iriomote Island, the gold-colored second hand is reminiscent of the morning sun that is inserted into the primeval forest. Zirconia ceramics are used for the bezel, giving it a luxurious feel.

▼ Line 2: Good works that look great in everyday life. The momentum of “diver scuba” does not stop!

Did you wonder, “What? Divers again?” That’s right. In fact, they are segregated in the lineup, and the “diver scuba” is positioned as a waterproof diver’s watch for air diving. The waterproof performance is 200m, which is a practical spec, so the standard size that fits into everyday life is attractive. Although it is a series that is relatively easy to pick up, the series is actually rising in rank, with the appearance of limited-edition models from middle to high prices triggered by the recent reprint rush. It is one of the most notable Seiko divers right now.


Diver scuba SBDC101

The “SBDC101” is a model that represents the current “Seiko Prospex” and has been extremely popular since its introduction in 2020. Adopted a design that is a modern interpretation of the 1965 mechanical diver’s watch, which is famous as the first domestically produced divers. It features a combination of a straight-lined case shape and a vintage-looking burn dex. If you’re aiming for a truly long-lasting one, it’s definitely a model.


Diver scuba SBDX039

The limited model “SBDX039” commemorating the 55th anniversary of the Seiko Divers is a strong reflection of the style of the first mechanical diver’s watch that appeared in 1965. This exquisite vintage feel is a unique balance of pyramid-patterned straps, slender bezels and thick indexes. If you compare it with the modern version “SBDC101”, you can see the difference. This is a special version with a limited quantity of 1,700 pieces, using Everbrilliant Steel, which has the world’s highest level of corrosion resistance, and the high-end movement “8L35” as the case material.


Diver scuba SBDX047

The base is the second generation Seiko diver that appeared in 1970. The rounded and rounded case looks like a turtle shell, so it is a model that is also nicknamed “Turtle”. Like the “SBDC101”, this is a reprint model that is a modern reinterpretation of the model at that time. Even if you are not a watch fan, your index finger will move in the style that inherits DNA strongly.


Diver scuba SBDY109

“Seiko Prospex” is also attractive because it has a wide variety of models limited to online shops. This is one of them, which expresses the “mini turtle”, which is one size smaller than the “turtle”, with a cool ice-patterned dial. Even though it is small, the case diameter is 42 mm and it is thick, so it has a strong presence. It’s also notable that it’s an affordable, self-winding movement, making it an ideal introduction to mechanical watches.

▼ Line 3: Sublimate the outer torso model into fashion. “Street series” works well

Seiko Divers is also a category in which models that have become popular overseas are actually popular in Japan as reimports. The “Street Series” follows that trend, and launched overseas in 2018 ahead of Japan. After that, it landed in Japan in 2020. The big difference from the conventional series is that it enhances fashionability while maintaining functionality. The theme is “Urban Safari,” which is a mix of the safari look, which has become a global trend recently, and the style of Tokyo.


Street series SBDY059

The khaki color is boldly unified for the diver’s watch with the outer body protector structure, which is a typical design of Seiko divers. It is a self-winding 3-needle calendar model with a case diameter of 43.2 mm. The one that seems to be for the street is more compact than the full-scale divers. If you choose the same safari color for dressing, you can easily create a unified and stylish outfit.


Street series SBEQ009

While following the structure of the outer torso protector, we also have a lineup of solar models that incorporate digital elements. The fully automatic calendar is packed with multi-functionality unique to digital, such as alarms, stopwatches, and local time displays, making it even more convenient. The red color of the push button on the left is an accent, giving it a more rugged impression.

▼ Line 4: I get drunk with my classic face. “Alpinist” made for mountaineers

So far, we have mainly introduced models based on diver’s watches, but if you look at the history of the entire sports model of “Seiko”, you will arrive at the “Laurel Alpinist” born in 1959. .. Developed as a tough wristwatch that can withstand the outdoor scene, the model still retains its classic appearance, and has been handed down to the present day as a classical sports watch for trekking and mountaineering. The style of a simple 3-hand sports watch is the basis of a casual watch. If you are looking for a unique piece that is backed by history, the “alpinist” is perfect for you.


Alpinist SBDC145

Here is a model that incorporates the above model into a contemporary design. The base is, of course, the 1959 “Laurel Alpinist”. The distinctive design created by the combination of a wedge-shaped index and the Dauphin needle, which is a specialty of “Seiko”, is attractive in a compact case with a diameter of 38 mm. Unique to sports watches, it has solid functions such as a water resistance of 20 bar and a power reserve of about 60 hours.


Alpinist SBDC091

This “SBDC091” symbolizes the “alpinist”, which is a model for trekking and mountain climbing. At first glance, it looks simple, but in fact, the inner bezel on the outer circumference of the dial displays north, south, east, and west, and it can also be used as a simple azimuth meter that calculates the direction based on the position of the sun. In addition, the self-winding movement boasts a power reserve of about 70 hours and is practical enough!

▼ Line 5: Practical clock “Field Master” suitable for field work

If an “alpinist” is suitable for mountaineering, a “field master” will play an active role in all aspects of land such as outdoor leisure, survival, and everyday life. Sturdy and highly waterproof derived from the historic diver’s watch. And a simple and highly visible dial. It is not multifunctional at all, but because of its high basic specifications as a wristwatch, it can be worn safely even in harsh fields.


Field Master SBDY099

“SBDY099”, which appeared as a new work in 2021, is a field specification “turtle”. A case with a moderate presence of 42.4 mm in diameter and 11.7 mm in thickness is water resistant to 20 bar and has a scratch-resistant sapphire glass windshield. Along with the olive-colored design with a military feel, it enhances the tough impression. If it is a diver’s watch, it is also characteristic that the bezel part where the numbers are written is oriented.


Field Master SBEP011

What stands out is the digital solar model “SBEP011” supervised by Mr. Yuki Kajiwara, the representative of the creative consulting firm “LOWERCASE”. It’s a full-fledged sports watch packed with digital features in a tough case with an outer torso protector, but it also has a sporty and pop look. It is rare among the many Seiko Prospex models that it has a design that blends in with street fashion.

▼ Line 6: Prospex for running professionals. “Super Runners” that covers essential functions

Speaking of “Seiko”, it is an indispensable presence in the world of sports. In particular, he has a strong connection with athletics, and also serves as the official timekeeper for competitions such as the World Athletics Championships and the Tokyo Marathon. Such a “Seiko” running watch for runners actually belongs to “Seiko Prospex”. Among them, “Super Runners” is a digital watch equipped with essential functions for runners, and is a series loved by beginners to advanced users.


Super Runners Solar SBEF047

As a result of repeated brush-ups reflecting the voice of the real runner, the solar model has achieved the thinnest case thickness of 8.52 mm in the history. A stopwatch that can measure up to 1/100 second is equipped with basic functions such as up to 300 lap memory and timer function. It is the best choice for those who want to prioritize lightness and compactness over high functionality.


Super Runners Smart Wrap SBEH005

“Smart lap” is a function that can automatically take laps in conjunction with the mats laid on the marathon event course. Runners can concentrate more on running by being freed from the hassle of manually pressing buttons and forgetting to take them in the first place. If you are a more serious runner, this “SBEH005” is recommended.

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