Seiko, the treasure of Japan. Unravel its history and popular brands

The more you know about a wristwatch, the more you can understand its depth. Here, we will introduce the history and recommendations of such a “male of domestic watches”.

Watch industry giant “Seiko” familiar to us

Watch industry giant "Seiko" familiar to us

“Seiko” started in 1881. Since “Rolex” was founded in 1905, its history is comparable to that of the prestigious Switzerland. In 1911, it will grow to account for 60% of domestic watch production by improving its technological capabilities in a short time after its founding. After World War II, challenged Switzerland, the home of watches. In the field of mechanical watches, the inexpensive “Seiko Five” became a big hit all over the world, and it achieved good results in the famous watch competition, increasing its presence not only in Japan but also in the world.

The second image of the watch industry giant "Seiko" that is familiar to us

It was Seiko that launched the world’s first quartz wristwatch and created the trend toward digitization of wristwatches. Although it is not flashy, its advanced technology and sincere attitude toward manufacturing have been recognized in Switzerland, a watch powerhouse, and there are many “Seiko followers” all over the world. Since then, he has made many innovative achievements in the wristwatch industry, such as the announcement of the world’s first GPS solar watch “Astron” and the development of “Spring Drive” which has quartz accuracy while driving a royal fern.

A review of the feats that “Seiko” has achieved

Why has Seiko made such a leap forward in the wristwatch industry? The answer lies in its history of well over 100 years. Here, let’s introduce the feats of “Seiko” that remain in the history of watches in three topics. Your “Seiko” brand that you casually use was actually an amazing wristwatch with a history unparalleled in the world.

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Quartz shock party that shook the watch industry

Quartz shock party that shook the watch industry

In 1969, “Seiko” released the world’s first quartz wristwatch “Astron”. This is a revolutionary event in watch history and is called the quartz shock. It boasted an unprecedented high accuracy of keeping the daily difference of about -5 to +8 seconds on average even for chronometer standard products set by Switzerland within ± 3 seconds per month, so it was a shock at that time. Was considerable. As “Seiko” released the patent for quartz, this electronic wristwatch became explosively popular, and the traditional mechanical watch industry in Europe centered on Switzerland, which had continued for hundreds of years, was temporarily forced to decline. increase. With this quartz shock, “Seiko” will be forever engraved in the history of watches.

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It’s not just quartz. Even mechanical watches are thin in Switzerland

It's not just quartz.  Even mechanical watches are thin in Switzerland

Before the quartz watch became the main character, the source of power for Swiss watches was the highly accurate mechanical move. The Swiss Observatory Chronometer Competition was endorsed. “Seiko” participated in the New Charter Observatory Competition in 1964. The ranking gradually increased, and in 1968 it broke the record of No. 1 in the previous year, but the competition itself was canceled. It is said that this is because the Swiss watch industry feared Japan’s breakthrough. Therefore, I participated in the Geneva Observatory competition, monopolized the top ranks in mechanical wristwatches, and became the number one in the world in terms of technology. In 1998, we established the “new GS standard”, which is stricter than the Swiss chronometer standard, and the “Grand Seiko” move complies with that strict standard.

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1964, official timekeeping at the Tokyo Olympics

1964, official timekeeping at the Tokyo Olympics

The protagonist of the shadow in the Olympics is timekeeping. Being an official timekeeper is a heavy burden and an honor at the same time, as athletes measure the time they are competing in the world of commas. At the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, “Seiko” was in charge of this major role, which had been monopolized by Swiss groups such as “Omega” and “Longines”. For the Olympic Games, we have developed a measuring crystal clock and a large display device that will be connected to later quartz wristwatches, and will play a great role in this. As a result, “Seiko” has become a world-renowned manufacturer.

Only world-class high-performance models. Check the brand of “Seiko”

Seiko develops a wide range of brands, from the highest peak “Grand Seiko” that brings together the best of technology to “Seiko Prospex”, an outdoor watch for professionals. Let’s introduce the lineup.

▼ Brand 1: A high-end machine that represents Japan. “Grand Seiko” which has expanded further in recent years

“Grand Seiko” was born in 1960. The line started with the high aspiration of making the world’s finest domestically produced watches, and is characterized by the combination of the latest technologies of “Seiko”. And in 2017, the logo “SEIKO” disappeared from the dial, and it became an independent brand called “Grand Seiko”. It has become a product that Japan is proud of, with fans all over the world.




This model, which belongs to the “Elegance Collection” with the motif of the Japanese natural world, adopts a movement called “Spring Drive”. This movement is a hybrid of a traditional mechanical type that uses a balance spring and gears and a modern quartz type that is driven by a battery, and it is the only transcendental mechanism in the world that has been put into practical use. Not only the mechanical charm with such a unique mechanism, but also the prestige atmosphere is the charm of this model. With a case carefully polished by craftsmen and a luxurious crocodile belt, it boasts a perfect presence as an upgraded watch.




The “Heritage Line” has faithfully followed the design code of “Grand Seiko” since its birth. This model also has an extremely simple design that eliminates waste, and boasts a sense of stability that should be called a timeless classic. Therefore, it is a model that can be enjoyed for a long time without being influenced by fashion. And it can be said that it is a big topic to be equipped with a quartz movement called “9F series” which is not an exaggeration to say that it has the highest performance in the world. The accuracy of this movement is an error of 10 seconds a year! Not only is it an elegant appearance, but it is also a premium model inside.




The “Sports Line” has a more active taste while maintaining the design of “Grand Seiko”, which is based on simplicity. The biggest feature of this model is the indexed bezel that uses zirconia ceramics, which is a favorite of luxury sports models that dominate the world of watches. By offsetting the crown to the 4 o’clock position, the balance between elegance and activity is wonderful, such as ensuring the mobility of the wrist.

▼ Brand 2: “Seiko Prospex” with more variations and more momentum

The series where you can feel the innovative attitude of “Seiko” most is the outdoor watch series “Seiko Prospex” that can withstand professional use. Among them, the diver’s watch is the world’s first “world’s first” such as the world’s first saturated diving specification with a titanium case and the world’s first quartz type saturated diving specification, and is informing the world of the high technology of “Seiko”. Divers, nicknamed “Tuna Cans” because of their unique tubular looks, are highly favored by watch lovers and fashion lovers around the world.


Marine Master SBBN045

Marine Master SBBN045

A diver’s watch with specifications suitable for full-scale professional use, such as 300m water resistance, reverse rotation prevention bezel, saturated diving specifications. However, the biggest feature is the outer torso protector that covers the case. The nickname “tuna can” was given because this shape resembles a can of tuna. With a design that emphasizes its presence at the wrist, it is gaining popularity not only from watch lovers but also from fashion clusters around the world. It is also equipped with a date / day of the week display function, which is surprisingly convenient for daily use.


Diver scuba SBDN075

Diver scuba SBDN075

Even with the same diver’s watch, the “Diver Scuba” series has a lineup of many models with a standard look than the Marine Master introduced above. Although it does not support saturated diving, the waterproof performance is 200m, which is necessary and sufficient. Of course, the specs required for a diver’s watch, such as a reverse rotation prevention bezel and a screw-down crown, are fully equipped. In addition, it is very eco-friendly with a solar battery that does not require batteries. Also, I have the impression that divers are rugged, but the case size of this model is small with a width of 38.5 mm. Since it also has a date display, it is convenient not only for the sea but also for everyday use.


Diver Scuba Street Series SBDY091

Diver Scuba Street Series SBDY091

Among the diver scuba models, the one that you can enjoy the “tuna can” taste at a low price is the “Street Series” that incorporates military elements and matches casual fashion. Although it is designed for fashion, it has the performance of being waterproof to 200m, which is typical of a diver’s watch. The movement is equipped with a traditional mechanical system and has a power reserve of 41 hours. The strap is made of silicone, which makes it supple and comfortable to wear.


1959 Alpinist SBDC149

1959 Alpinist SBDC149

“Seiko Prospex” has professional watches in various fields, but “Alpinist” is literally a watch for mountaineering. Inspired by the design of the first model released in 1959, the 38mm case diameter simple watch is very fresh even in today’s trend of small size. The case is polished with hairline and polish, and the dome-shaped windshield of the past is reproduced with sapphire glass. It is also a big attraction that it is equipped with a mechanical movement with a power reserve of about 70 hours and a power reserve of nearly 3 days.

▼ Brand 3: Wearing Japanese beauty on your wrist. The conscience of domestic mechanical watches “Seiko Presage”

In most of the history of today’s general watches, where the hands move to indicate the time, the mechanical type that moves the gears by the unwinding force of the mainspring has been the mainstream. “Seiko”, one of the oldest watch makers in Japan, has a history of mechanical watch development for more than 100 years, and “Seiko Presage” is a line where you can easily enjoy the mechanical movement of the same manufacturer. It has become. It is a perfect design and mature, and it is a guarantee that you can create a sense of trust even in the business scene.


RIKI Enamel Model SARW055

RIKI Enamel Model SARW055

This model, which belongs to the upper “Prestige Line”, features a minimalist look inspired by the masterpiece “RIKI STEEL CLOCK” by Riki Watanabe, a leading product designer in Japan. The dial is made of enamel and was designed by Mitsuru Yokozawa, an enamel craftsman. The beautiful luster that makes you feel even warm is just one point, and it is ideal for creating a personality that does not suffer from others. Of course, the movement is mechanical. The power reserve is about 70 hours, which is a design that allows the hands to still move at the beginning of the week without wearing a watch on weekends. It is a nice specification that you can enjoy the beautiful movement from the back cover of the see-through back.




One of the basic lines where you can enjoy mechanical watches at a lower price. However, its dressiness is notable. The open heart and striped guilloche where you can see the movement beating from the dial, the applied index of Roman numbers, the calf belt, etc. are perfect for on-style partners because of their matureness and “good feeling”. .. The back cover is see-through, so you can enjoy the movement that moves with tick tack not only from the dial side but also from the back.

▼ Brand 4: “Seiko Astron” bearing the name of “the world’s first” connects Japan and the world

“Seiko Astron” was born in 2012 as the world’s first GPS solar watch. Seiko Astron, which has been developed with the mission of keeping accurate time no matter where you are in the world, automatically receives GPS satellite radio waves and adjusts the time, so you are concerned about the time difference when traveling abroad or on a business trip. There is no need to do it. Even though it is equipped with GPS, which consumes a lot of power, some models continue to operate for about 6 months on a full solar charge, making it tough. It will be the best partner for those who need tight time management.




A solar GPS watch that automatically receives GPS satellite radio waves twice a day and points to the correct time at your location. You can display the home time on the main dial and the second time zone on the indial at 6 o’clock at the same time. Equipped with a solar function that can be charged with sunlight, it can be driven for 6 months on a full charge. Furthermore, when the power save function is activated, it can be driven without charging for up to 2 years. A high-tech watch that brings together the best of modern technology, such as a buckle that allows you to adjust the length of the strap with a single push, and a case with an ultra-hard coating.




“Seiko Astron” with the mission of displaying the exact time. This model, which is not equipped with GPS, receives standard radio waves from Japan, China, the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and automatically adjusts the time. It is a dual time watch that displays the second time zone on the sub dial at 6 o’clock, and can be operated for up to 9 months with a full solar charge. The windshield is coated with a highly visible super clear coating, and the case is treated with a strong diamond shield, making it a great choice for everyday users. Made of pure titanium, it is ideal for people with metal allergies.

▼ Brand 5: If you want a solid one. “Seiko Brights” can be loved for a long time

“Seiko Brights” is a series aimed at business people who have crossed the globe. Therefore, we have a large lineup of models equipped with world time, dual time, and radio clock functions. From standard round watches to stylish models with sharp edges, you can choose from a wide range of products to suit your taste.




This watch has all the information about the hour, including the regulator’s day of the week at 10 o’clock, the second time zone with the subdial at 6 o’clock, the date at 3 o’clock, and the world time that can display 25 time zones around the world. You can get it with one. In addition to having a solar function that does not require battery replacement, it is equipped with a radio wave function that receives standard radio waves from Japan, China, the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom and automatically corrects the time to the correct time. It is also waterproof to 10 atmospheres (about 100 m), and the finish is perfect in terms of specifications.




“Seiko Brights” boasts high functionality, but if you prefer a simpler model, we recommend a model with less information. It features a neat design with a date display on the 3 hands and a city name printed on the outer circumference. It is full of techniques that make you feel elegance, such as sunray processing that the light spreads radially when reflected, and guilloche. Of course, since it is “Seiko Brights”, it is equipped with radio wave solar, and although it looks simple and elegant, its functionality is perfect.

▼ Brand 6: The royal road of reimported watches. “Seiko Five” and “Seiko 5 Sports” are truly unique!

Originally developed as a low-priced version in the market centered on Asia, “Seiko Five”. However, Seiko’s mechanical watches are available at a reasonable price, and the design is also good, so the popularity among Japanese watch lovers has exploded! The phenomenon of being reimported has occurred. In response to such popularity, the new model is officially released in Japan as “Seiko 5 Sports”, and its presence is increasing more and more.




“Seiko 5 Sports” has been updated in a modern way. Lumibright is applied to the maximum index of the dots that emphasizes the diver’s taste along with the bezel, and it is excellent in visibility even in the dark. The bracelet is a sportier and more fearless triplet, giving it a more casual look than the reimported version, which was a bit more dress-oriented. Of course, the movement inside is a traditional mechanical type with a day-date function.




On the other hand, this is a reimported model. It has a standard round case that matches anyone’s arm, and a comfortable 5-strand bracelet. The dial is engraved with “5” on one side, and there is also a heart-warming effect that you can glimpse it when it is exposed to light, and even at a price of less than 10,000 yen, it is quite particular. And what attracts watch lovers is the adoption of mechanical movements. The self-winding movement with a convenient day-date function can be enjoyed from the back cover of the see-through back. The small case diameter of 37 mm that matches the trend is also attractive.

▼ Brand 7: “Wired” updated to urban & street-like

Megacity TOKYO unlike any other in the world. “Wired” is a brand that puts that culture into the world as a wristwatch. It was born in 2000. The edgy design has been popular among young people, and since then it has continued to release exciting timepieces. With the birth of a new “WW” line that is closer to the street, it is becoming more and more present.




Although it is a classic round type, the three-dimensional and polygonal bar index, the straight and edgy bracelet, and the circular processing have established a certain design and individuality. In addition, it is quite functional, such as water resistant to 10 bar, solar charging, and date display. The navy color is fearless and clean, so it works well not only when it’s off but also when it’s on.




The “WW (Two Dub)” line has a slightly retro taste while having a pop rooted in the street. The design that insists on the wrist is ideal for creating a personality that is different from others. In addition to the design aspect, it also features unique functions. By installing Bluetooth, it is possible to link with a smartphone and adjust the time from the smartphone. “WW” is an edgy line that looks and functions edgy.

▼ Others: “Dolce” “Aruba” “Soma” …… Introducing brands with abundant faces

“Seiko” has a lineup of various other series. “Dolce” is a series made with the concept of a pair model. However, it is not always necessary to buy it in pairs, and you can buy it only for men’s models. In the “Aruba” brand, we have prepared inexpensive models, and have realized many collaborations with big names such as Ghibli works. And, under the “Soma” brand, we are developing high-performance running watches.


“Dolce” SADA039

"Dolce" SADA039

A model full of luxury, with plenty of classical taste such as crocodile embossed belt on Roman index. It is also a high-performance watch packed with all kinds of functions such as dual time with 24-hour counter subdial, chronograph, world time that can display 25 time zones, fully automatic calendar valid until 2099, radio solar, etc. It is also a characteristic of “Seiko” that it has solid basic functions that affect usability, such as magnetic resistance and super clear coating.


“Aruba” AEFD557

"Aruba" AEFD557

“Aruba” has a lineup of watches with outstanding cost performance. This is a simple model with the theme of a military watch with an Arabic numeral index and a nylon belt. Although it looks like an analog watch, it is easy to use because it does not require a battery due to solar power generation, and it is unusual for this price range to be able to display not only the date but also the day. It can be said that the COSPA brand has a lot of fun.


“Soma” DWJ090001

"Soma" DWJ090001

“Soma” has a lineup of many practical running watches. The angle of the case like a diagonal bag is to avoid the ankle of the wrist while considering the visibility when worn on the arm. Equipped with all the functions related to running such as chronograph, lap time, data recall, etc., it is also attractive that it is light enough to forget that it weighs only about 38 g. Running demand is increasing due to the health boom. If you use a watch for measurement, it is better than a specialized model.

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