Strong support for outdoor play. Thorough introduction of Casio's Pro Trek by line

Strong support for outdoor play. Thorough introduction of Casio’s Pro Trek by line

An outdoor watch that is gaining attention due to the unprecedented outdoor boom. If you buy it anyway, buy one of the “genuine” ones. “Pro Trek”, which brings together Casio’s wisdom, is the best option.

This functionality is like “now”. I want to rely on Casio’s “Pro Trek” now

The outdoor boom has been rekindling in recent years. In addition to the refreshing effect of coming into contact with nature, there are many merits such as eliminating lack of exercise, digital detox, and avoiding three cs. As a result, the number of people who awaken to the fun of outdoor activities such as camping, mountain climbing, and fishing is increasing rapidly, and gears are selling like crazy. With the help of such a boom, outdoor watches are drawing attention again. If you have such a wristwatch in the field, you can know not only the time but also the direction, barometric pressure, altitude, temperature, etc. It’s also resistant to water and shocks, and unlike smartphones, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery. Yes, a good watch is a good companion for outdoor men.

Casio’s “Pro Trek” is indispensable when talking about such outdoor watches. Its roots are in the model “Pro Trek ATC-1100” that debuted in 1994. Casio’s unique triple sensor of magnetism, pressure, and temperature made it possible to measure direction, barometric pressure, altitude, and temperature, and the wristwatch was well received by outdoor men. The following year, Casio branded “Pro Trek.” We announced one after another high-performance models equipped with tough solar that does not require regular battery replacement and radio solar that adjusts the time accurately by radio waves.

Many outdoor watches in the world sell toughness, but “Pro Trek” takes ruggedness as a matter of course and pursues high specifications as a measuring device. In addition, it is not to be overlooked that the operability is easy to use even for beginners of mountaineering, while having full-scale functions fed back from the experience of professional mountaineers. Obtaining excellent tools and experiencing their functions is one of the real pleasures of the outdoors. Pro Trek users should be able to experience the advantages of this watch in the field and immerse themselves in a sense of superiority.

Lineup in 6 categories. “Pro Trek” now available

There are various derivative models because there is only “Pro Trek” which has been 26 years since its birth. Including “Manaslu” which is positioned in the highest peak collection, “Multi-field line” corresponding to various fields, “Climber line” specializing in mountain climbing function, “Angle line” with fishing concept, evolved as a smart watch There are a wide variety of models and varieties that have achieved the “Pro Trek Smart” and high cost performance.

▼ Lineup 1: The first thing you should know is the “highest peak”. “Manaslu” that opens up the limit

Manaslu, a famous peak with an altitude of 8,163m, is connected to the Himalayas. Manaslu is a collection bearing the name of this mountain, which is revered by mountaineers all over the world. The biggest feature of this model, which was developed in cooperation with Hirotaka Takeuchi, a professional mountaineer who achieved the complete conquest of 14 seats of 8,000m peak for the first time as a Japanese, is high visibility. Climbing at high altitudes is often hit by heavy fog and snowstorms, and because oxygen is scarce, consciousness is often stunned. At such times, the information obtained from the wristwatch will be the key to survival. Therefore, “Manaslu” is designed with a black dial, white index and hands so that information can be read instantly in any environment. Furthermore, it is equipped with useful functions in the field such as “Triple Sensor Ver.3” which is an evolved version of Triple Sensor, Tough Solar, and Multiband 6 which receives radio waves of 6 stations in the world. Despite such a high spec watch, the design of “Manaslu” is really smart. The word “functional beauty” fits nicely in the appearance where the number of colors of each part is narrowed down and the extra decorativeness is removed.



The top model of “Pro Trek”, “Manaslu,” is tough because it is a model that aims for harsh full-scale mountaineering. Titanium material with excellent strength and light weight is used for the main metal parts. Furthermore, the wear resistance is improved by the titanium carbide treatment. It should also be noted that toughness is thoroughly pursued, such as the windshield of sapphire glass and the stainless bezel with DLC coating that enhances wear resistance. Water resistant to 10 bar. Resin x titanium x SS case, size 59.7 x 52.5 mm, quartz type.



The large white index and hands that shine on the black dial are also one of the features of “Manaslu”. By devising the layout and color scheme so that the other parts are not noticeable, it is easier to grasp the time and measurement data. This model has improved wear resistance by applying DLC ​​coating not only to the bezel but also to the band, crown, buttons, back cover, etc. Water resistant to 10 bar. Resin x titanium x SS case, size 59.7 x 52.5 mm, quartz type.

▼ Lineup 2: Break through various situations. “Multi-field line” that is active in multi

The concept of “Manaslu” was to climb 8,000m class, but “Multifield Line” is a collection that is supposed to be used in a wide range of fields such as mountains, seas and rivers. The emphasis was on waterproofness. It is equipped with the brand’s highest class waterproof performance of 20 bar so that it can be used not only for unexpected heavy rains but also for activities in water such as rafting, kayaking, and fishing. In addition to the triple sensor, which is the standard function of “Pro Trek”, it is equipped with a tide graph that shows the ebb and flow of the tide and a fishing time function that measures the time suitable for fishing. In addition, it is a multi-functional collection with multi-band 6 and tough solar installed.



The “PRW-70” has a metal layer structure in which the wristwatch body is sandwiched between metal bezels, and a lug-integrated case back that makes it easy to fit on the wrist. Operability is also improved by adopting a square side button with a special pattern that enhances the hold feeling of the finger and a button guard that prevents malfunction. Equipped with 20 ATM water resistant, triple sensor, tide graph, etc., it supports mountain, sea and river activities. Resin x SS case, 51.1 x 49.9 mm, quartz type.



The “PRW-7000FC” has an impressive black-based look. Visibility is enhanced by using a phosphorescent white index and a material that reacts to black light. The fan-shaped indial functions as an indicator for barometric pressure, altitude, tide graph, etc. Including triple sensor Ver.3 with improved measurement accuracy, tide graph function, fishing time function and equipment are also enriched. Water resistant to 20 bar. Resin x SS case, size 58.7 x 52.3 mm, quartz type.



“PRW-3510” has a rugged look that looks like gear and stimulates the man’s heart. It has high functionality, and a compass function that is easy to understand and practical is realized by combining the direction measurement function that can measure continuously for 60 seconds and the register ring that can easily store the direction. The uneven register ring has high operability. Triple sensor Ver.3, highly visible STN LCD, tough solar, and 20 ATM water resistant are also strong points. Resin x SS case, size 56.9 x 53.4 mm, quartz type.

▼ Lineup 3: Great for trekking. “Climber line” that enables various measurements

The main use of “Pro Trek” is mountain climbing. The recommended collection for such people is the “climber line”. While equipped with the special features of “Pro Trek” such as triple sensor that can measure barometric pressure, altitude and direction, multi-band 6, and tough solar, it realizes a new compact and thin structure that does not hinder movement in the field. Although it has enough specs for normal level mountaineering, it is also attractive because it is easier to buy than the “Manaslu” and “Multifield Line”. There are various designs, and you can choose from analog and digital analog types according to your taste and purpose.



The selling point of “PRW-30” is intuitive operability. A direct button that can measure the direction, barometric pressure, altitude, and temperature with one push is arranged on the right side, and the measurement result is digitally displayed on the STN LCD. In addition, icons indicating the direction, altitude, and barometric pressure are adopted near each button, making it possible to easily and intuitively obtain the necessary information even in harsh fields. Equipped with triple sensor, tough solar, multi-band 6 and so on. Water resistant to 10 bar. Resin x SS case, size 51.6 x 45.2 mm, quartz type.



If you choose “easy to wear without hindering movement”, it is definitely “PRW-60”. The size of the spring inside the crown has been revised, and the new structure and cross-frame structure that realizes the integration of the can and back cover that connect the case and band have realized a significant reduction in size. Still, the features that “Pro Trek” is proud of, such as triple sensor Ver.3, multi-band 6, and tough solar, are fully installed. Water resistant to 10 bar. Resin x SS case, size 50.5 x 47.2 mm, quartz type.

▼ Lineup 4: A reassuring ally of the water place. “Angle line” with water resistance of 20 bar

The “Angler Line”, which bears the name of Angler (fisherman), is a collection full of useful functions for fishing. In addition to the quad sensor with an accelerometer added to the normal triple sensor, the fish time function that displays the time suitable for fishing at the set location, the tide graph and other useful functions for fishing are enriched. The waterproof performance is also reassuring with the brand’s highest class 20 ATM water resistance. The reason for its popularity is the high cost performance of the mid-20,000 yen range, which can be linked to smartphones via Bluetooth.



The carbon bezel is an icon of the angler line. The lightweight, abrasion-resistant carbon bezel is designed for fishing, which is often rubbed at the cuffs. The design is also excellent, the dial is printed with a pattern reminiscent of waves, and the high-quality blue that is spread over the outer circumference of the sapphire glass is reminiscent of a spinning reel. The retrograde dial is also tightened in blue, and the stylish image stands out. Practicality such as triple sensor, multi-band 6, tough solar is also high. Water resistant to 20 bar. SS case, size 51.1 x 47.0 mm, quartz type.

▼ Lineup 5: The wave of “Sumawo” is also here. “Pro Trek Smart” supports the outdoors

A smart watch boom with GPS function, which was pioneered by Apple Watch. The genre that fully demonstrates its functions is “mountain climbing”. Casio, who noticed such a point, debuted the first model of the smart watch “Pro Trek Smart” with GPS function in 2016. The “WSD-F20”, which is supposed to be used for mountain climbing, is a smart watch that can measure the distance to the destination such as the mountaintop and the required time by the GPS function, and can also know the approach of rain clouds by using the application. The essential toughness is also super first class, and it has excellent water resistance and impact resistance, and conforms to the mil-spec standard set by the US Department of Defense. It also has Wear OS by Google for watch-type devices, so you can use various apps such as email and LINE. Currently, the production of “WSD-20” has been discontinued, but the successor model “WSD-F30” with improved functionality and “WSD-F21HR” with heart rate measurement function will be released. “Pro Trek Smart” continues to evolve. A smartwatch with a tough look that looks like a gear and has various functions should bring many benefits not only to outdoor men but also to city dwellers.



“WSD-F30” has improved the stamina aspect, which is the weak point of smart watches. With the newly installed extend mode that reduces power consumption, you can use offline maps and record location information by GPS even for 3 days of activity on a single charge. In addition, Casio’s original double-layer display has also evolved, and maps and information are displayed in detail on the organic EL screen. Another point is that by reviewing the mounting, we have succeeded in reducing the size by 3.9 mm in both length and width and 0.4 mm in thickness. Equipped with Wear OS by Google, you can use various apps. Resin case, size 54 mm.

▼ Lineup 6: In addition, one after another. “Pro Trek” that you want to enjoy casually

“The high-end model is a little over-engineered for me …” “The budget is over.” For such people, we also recommend “Pro Spec” in the 20,000 yen range. Despite the affordable price range, there are a lot of excellent models equipped with triple sensors and tough solar. I want to push it as one of the introductions to “Pro Trek”.



The “RPG-330” is equipped with a triple sensor Ver.3 that can measure the direction, altitude / atmospheric pressure, and temperature with high accuracy, even though it is in the affordable price range of the mid-20,000 yen range. This is one with a bezel colored in the vivid metallic color found in gears such as carabiners. The aluminum bezel whose surroundings are protected by resin is resistant to scratches. Also equipped with tough solar. Water resistant to 10 bar. Resin case, size 56 x 47.1 mm, quartz type.



The popular model with triple sensor Ver.3, tough solar, water resistance to 10 bar and basic functions of “Protrek” features a large direct button that is easy to operate even while wearing gloves. Based on past barometric pressure data, it also has a function to notify you with an alarm when there is a noticeable barometric pressure change. The high cost performance of 20,000 yen with this function is also noteworthy. Resin case, size 54.6 x 52.4 mm, quartz type.



A cross-band model of the “RPG-30” developed for light users who enjoy trekking and camping. While equipped with functions such as “triple sensor” and “tough solar”, it realizes a feeling of size that fits perfectly on the arm. A thick font is used for the inverted liquid crystal display, and it has excellent visibility even when the light is on. The military color based on khaki is also a reason for its popularity. Resin case, size 51.6 x 45.2 mm, quartz type.

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