Seiko, the treasure of Japan. Unravel its history and popular brands

The more you know about a wristwatch, the more you can understand its depth. Here, we will introduce the history and recommendations of such a “male of domestic watches”. Watch industry giant “Seiko” familiar to us “Seiko” started in 1881. Since “Rolex” was founded in 1905, its history is comparable to that of the prestigious Switzerland. In … Read more

The lineup is expanding. Seiko 5 Sports, from 2022 renewal to the present

“Seiko 5 Sports” has a reputation for being able to enjoy “Seiko” mechanical watches at a reasonable price. In 2019, we will thoroughly introduce the current model of this model, which officially started domestic expansion. Resurrected in 2019. “Seiko” is a world-class masterpiece mechanical watch “Seiko 5 Sports” was renewed in 2019 and officially re-deployed in … Read more