The next target is G-Shock white. 15 carefully selected items that will improve the freshness of your arms

Among the “G-SHOCK” that is attracting attention from various models this year, “white” that looks good on your wrist is the best solution if you choose it now. We have a selection of gems that are perfect for both appearance and practical use. Even if you look at it again, you will fall in love … Read more

If you are looking for a G-Shock radio solar model. Recommendations and precautions you want to keep

A radio wave solar function that automatically corrects the time difference and uses sunlight as a power source. Let’s introduce the recommended model from the machine equipped with “G-SHOCK” while touching on its advantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Know the features of radio-controlled solar clocks A radio-controlled solar wristwatch is equipped with a function that … Read more