Turnwatch technology into a wristwatch. A collection that embodies the passion for “accuracy” is born

“Seiko” has cultivated “accurate time measurement” technology for a long time. One of the turning points in its history is the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Appointed as the official timekeeper responsible for timekeeping for athletes, the company has developed a new stopwatch for the tournament. We realized high-precision timekeeping in 0.01 second units, which was impossible until then, … Read more

Carefully selected 12 solar radio clocks. Recommended from 4 brands that Japan is proud of.

For busy business people, the solar radio clock that always displays the accurate time without the hassle of battery replacement is a reassuring ally. We have carefully selected masterpieces from highly reliable Japanese brands. Crystal of technology, solar radio clock. Its features and merits to choose “Radio solar” has become a popular standard for choosing watches. For … Read more