The motif is ceramic tile. A new minimalist arrangement for the two classic Timex

American long-established watch maker “Timex” founded in 1854. The casual and reasonable wristwatch has been loved by many people over time. “Original Camper” and “Classic Digital” are popular as standard models, but this time, a new collection with stylish arrangements of these two models has been born. Let me tell you the whole picture as soon as … Read more

Timex is a permanent staple of casual watches. Dig deep into the present with popular models

American national watch brand “Timex”. We have a large lineup of eternal classic models, and we will thoroughly dissect the brand that reigns as a male casual watch. More than 150 years since its foundation. Keep an eye on “Timex”, which continues to expand in width Simple looks that can be worn by anyone, and a low … Read more