Seiko, the treasure of Japan. Unravel its history and popular brands

The more you know about a wristwatch, the more you can understand its depth. Here, we will introduce the history and recommendations of such a “male of domestic watches”. Watch industry giant “Seiko” familiar to us “Seiko” started in 1881. Since “Rolex” was founded in 1905, its history is comparable to that of the prestigious Switzerland. In … Read more

Seiko’s hidden cospa clock. What is an alpinist?

“Seiko Alpinist” has both outdoor functionality and sophisticated design that suits the city. From its high cost performance, we verified the ability of a famous machine that is said to have more value than the price. It was born half a century ago. Do you know “Seiko Alpinist”? I can’t afford a watch that costs hundreds … Read more

Turnwatch technology into a wristwatch. A collection that embodies the passion for “accuracy” is born

“Seiko” has cultivated “accurate time measurement” technology for a long time. One of the turning points in its history is the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Appointed as the official timekeeper responsible for timekeeping for athletes, the company has developed a new stopwatch for the tournament. We realized high-precision timekeeping in 0.01 second units, which was impossible until then, … Read more

Grand Seiko Watches Reviews 2021

Grand Seiko

Before buying Grand Seiko. Know all about the pinnacle of domestic watches “Grand Seiko” is synonymous with domestic luxury watch brands. Introducing the charm of the brand, which is made by collecting the best of Japanese watchmaking technology. From Japan, world standard. Watch called “Grand Seiko” Switzerland is the home of luxury watches, which is an … Read more