My favorite machine becomes more lovable. Choose your watch case wisely for a good watch life

The place to put your watch is surprisingly troublesome. It doesn’t look good to put it in that area, and I’m worried about scratches and loss. Get a watch case that fits your favorite watch.

Let’s not leave it. A single watch case will deepen your attachment

Let's not leave it. A single watch case will deepen your attachment

Does anyone leave their watch around after returning home? If it’s an important watch, it’s not a wise habit. Needless to say, a wristwatch is a precision machine. If you accidentally drop it on the floor or hit something else and it gets scratched, it may cause a malfunction and require a high repair cost. Invisible minute dust is also a great enemy of watches.

Therefore, I would like to recommend a watch case. Used by many watch enthusiasts, this item not only protects your watch from the risks mentioned above, but it also looks great as a room interior if you choose the right design. Even if you don’t own a lot of watches, you can set up a “fixed position” called a watch case to prevent problems such as missing a watch in the morning.

Let's not leave it. A second image of attachment that deepens with one watch case

There are various types of wristwatch cases, including a “collection case” with a partition inside, a “carrying case” that is convenient for traveling, and a “stand type” that allows you to display your wristwatch like an object. , “Winding machine” that keeps the mechanical watch working. There are so many design variations! You can choose according to your taste and purpose. It is an excellent product that protects the condition of the wristwatch and also plays a role as an interior. If you have a watch that you cherish, it’s well worth the investment.

Covered in 4 product categories. 12 watch cases that you want to arrange by application

As mentioned above, watch cases can be roughly divided into four categories: “collection case”, “carrying case”, “stand type”, and “watch winder”. There are a wide variety of designs, materials, and storage numbers. Choose a model that matches your taste, the atmosphere of the room, and the number of collections.

▼ Case 1: Stored together without being covered with dust. “Collection case” is the basic

▼ Case 1: Stored together without being covered with dust. "Collection case" is the basic

The most popular type of watch case is the collection case. The inside is partitioned so that multiple watches can be stored, and many watches are lined with a soft material to protect them from impact. In addition, the lid is mostly covered with a transparent material such as glass, so you can see it while the watch is stored. Especially when storing a solar-powered wristwatch, the type with a transparent lid is recommended.

▼ Case 1: Stored together without being covered with dust. "Collection case" is the second image of the basics

There are various types of collection cases, as there are only mainstream watch cases. Not only storage and display, but also unique cases with “special skills”. When it comes to expensive models, there are models equipped with a security lock function and models that are two-stage so that many watches can be stored. It is also convenient to have a case with a space for storing important parts such as replacement straps and extra pieces of the belt.

When storing a mechanical wristwatch, it is recommended to put a desiccant in the case to prevent moisture. Also, if you store it near a TV or smartphone, you can rest assured that you can choose a case made of aluminum or aluminum alloy that does not allow magnetism to pass through.

Item 1

“Verona” Watch Box

"Verona" Watch Box

A wood collection case with a glossy surface and wood grain that creates a luxurious feel. The combination color of brown on the exterior and off-white on the interior enhances the elegant image. The interior is lined with a soft brushed material so as not to damage the watch, and the lid is made of glass that can also charge a solar watch. Can store 10 watches. W27 x H7.5 x D21 cm.

Item 2

“STEYK” Aluminum Black Watch Case

"STEYK" Aluminum Black Watch Case

Electromagnetic waves emitted by personal computers and televisions can cause time shifts and malfunctions of mechanical watches. An aluminum case that does not allow electromagnetic waves to pass through is useful there. In addition to the manly look of matte black parts, the large glass window that makes the wristwatch shine and the adjustable partition that can be used with big-faced wristwatches make it easy to use. W29 x H8.5 x D11 cm.

Item 3

“King Star” watch case

"King Star" watch case

If storage capacity is important, how about a two-stage case? Twelve watches can be stored in the upper tier with a lid with a glass window, and glasses and accessories can be stored in the lower tier. It is also convenient for storing parts such as replacement straps and extra pieces of belts. The exterior is made of high-quality synthetic leather, and the lid that can be fixed while it is open is also a point. W30 x H13 x D20.2 cm.

▼ Case 2: If you want to take it to your destination, this is it. It is convenient to have one “carrying case”

▼ Case 2: If you want to take it to your destination, this is it. It is convenient to have one "carrying case"

At hotels and gyms on the road, there are times when I’m wondering where to put my removed watch. If you put it in your pocket or bag, you will be worried about scratches and loss. A portable watch case is useful in such cases. The outside is made of durable materials such as nylon and leather, and the inside is often made of cushioning material such as sponge, which protects the watch from impact. You can also close the case with a zip or flap to protect your watch from dust and dirt. However, in the case of a big-faced wristwatch, the case is too small to store. When buying online, check the size to see if you can store your watch.

▼ Case 2: If you want to take it to your destination, this is it. Convenient to have one "carrying case" Second image

Most of the carrying cases are of the type that can store one wristwatch at a time. With button-fastened flaps and round zips, you don’t have to worry about your watch popping out if you drop it. In addition, there are also elaborately designed mobile phone cases such as a simple design like an eyeglass case and a tubular type reminiscent of a tie case. It will be a great success when you take it on a trip, so if you travel a lot, please give it a try!

Item 4

“MOD” watch case

"MOD" watch case

A carrying case for one that is useful for short trips and gyms. “MOD” has a hard nylon body that is resistant to dirt and scratches. Since the surface is embossed, it also has the advantage of being non-slippery. The lining is a soft, cushioned brushed material that protects the watch from shocks. The round zip that opens wide makes it easy to put in and take out. W10 x H5.7 x D10 cm.

Item 5

“Vag Watch Company” x “Porter” Watch Collection Box

The case created by the collaboration of “Vag Watch Company” and “Porter” is a first-class tough product. The front side is ballistic nylon made by DuPont, which has excellent scratch and tear strength, and the inside is made of polyester, artificial suede, and leather. The watch case is designed to be wrapped when stored, so it’s safe! Holds two watches. W15.5 x H4.5 x D8 cm.

Item 6

“Banks & Sloan” Watch Case

The watch case “The Campbell” by the Austrian watch accessory brand is made of leather with a distinctive grain that gives it a luxurious feel. Furthermore, the inside is decorated with micro suede that gently wraps the wristwatch. The interior is composed of a cushion material that wraps the wristwatch and a thick partition, and each is fastened with a snap button. W22.5 x H10 x D7.5 cm.

▼ Case 3: If you like “show storage”, “stand type” will shine in your room

▼ Case 3: If you like "show storage", "stand type" will shine in your room

The stand type is useful when you want to keep your watch handy, such as when working remotely. Unlike the collection case, it is exposed, but the stand type is superior in that it can be picked up smoothly. It is useful for storing watches that you use every day. If you put it at the front door, it will be easier to put on and take off and store it in the morning or when you come home. You need to be careful about dust and falling, but if you choose one with a high design, you can display it like an objet d’art.

Item 7

“Watch Life” watch stand

"Watch Life" watch stand

A simple watch stand made of domestic walnut wood used for luxury furniture. It is characterized by a rich luster on the surface, and the taste will increase as you continue to use it. From assembly to sanding and painting, it is done by hand by skilled Japanese craftsmen. This is a type for 2 pieces with a clasp stopper that makes it easy to hook the metal band. W10 x H9.5 x D6.5 cm.

Item 8

“Kikaya” Display Frame for Watch

"Kikaya" Display Frame for Watch

A wooden frame that can display a wristwatch like a photo or painting. A technique called tome processing used for lacquer ware boxes is used to accurately cut the adhesive surface of wood and create a neat impression by not showing the seams. In addition, this frame also has the effect of protecting the wristwatch in the unlikely event of a fall. The pedestal is fixed with an inner pin and is easy to put on and take off. W85 x H11.6 x D7 cm.

Item 9

“Cawaii french” watch stand

"Cawaii french" watch stand

If you’re looking for luxury, this watch stand made of leather cushions and marble plates. The cool color scheme of black and silver goes well with a room with a modern atmosphere. Although it is simple, it is also skillful to make, and the marble has a great sense of stability due to its weight. The cushion that wraps the wristwatch is also easy to see the time, and the angle is such that it does not easily slip off. Cushion W14.5 x H2 x D7 cm, plate W15 x H1.5 x D7 cm.

▼ Case 4: A good friend of mechanical watches. “Winding machine” should be tried once

▼ Case 4: A good friend of mechanical watches. "Winding machine" should be tried once

If you take it off on Friday and leave it, it’s almost stopped on Monday morning. There is a mechanical watch, but if you don’t want to set the time each time, we recommend using a winding machine as a wristwatch case. If you set the watch, the automatic rotation of the winder will wind the watch’s mainspring and prevent the movement from stopping. In addition, by continuing to move it, the circulation of machine oil inside is promoted, and there is also the merit that bias is reduced. Since it is a tool for lovers of authentic mechanical watches, there are many things with a high-class design, and it is also useful as an interior that upgrades the atmosphere of the room.

Item 10

“HOKUTO” winding machine

"HOKUTO" winding machine

A winding machine that is particular about ease of use. Equipped with a one-touch lock function that allows the holder to be easily attached and detached, a high-level silent design with a silent low-vibration motor, a function that automatically stops the rotation of the holder when the door is opened, and a remote control that can be operated remotely. The direction of rotation and the number of rotations can also be set, making it compatible with a wide range of watch makers. W37 x H20 x D21 cm.

Item 11

“Laport London” The Optima Time Capsule

"Laport London" The Optima Time Capsule

The British watch brand, founded in 1898, is also known as a pioneer of watchwinders. With the motif of a retro-futuristic time capsule, you can see not only the wristwatch but also the winding of the winder’s gear from the glass window of the body. The mode setting that allows you to choose the direction of rotation and the quietness that can be placed in the bedroom are also popular reasons. W14.9 x H17.4 x D27.9 cm.

Item 12

“Royal Hausen” Watchwinder

"Royal Hausen" Watchwinder

The winding machine that can store up to 6 bottles is made by “Royal Hausen”, which has a reputation for its luxurious design and performance. The outer material with a gloss like a piano is MDF (medium density fiberboard) made from wood fiber, and Mabuchi Motor made in Japan is used for the motor. In addition to being able to set the direction of rotation and the number of rotations, an easy-to-operate LCD panel and remote control are also included. W38 x H31 x D21 cm.