Carefully selected highly waterproof watches! Popular model that you want to use in activities 10

Summer, when you spend more vacation outdoors. We have carefully selected watches with high waterproof performance for less than 50,000 yen, which are ideal as a companion for leisure and outdoor activities at the waterside. It is good that the wristwatch in midsummer has waterproof performance that you can enjoy without worrying about water. Whether you … Read more

That’s good! 20 fashionable watches. The definitive brand that is addicted to a man’s arm

Fashion does not end with self-satisfaction, but only when it is recognized by others. To be recognized as a “fashionable person”, you need a wristwatch that stands out at your wrist and can be liked. Three points of a wristwatch that can create a fashionable atmosphere that is different from usual Needless to say, a simple … Read more