That’s good! 20 fashionable watches. The definitive brand that is addicted to a man’s arm

Fashion does not end with self-satisfaction, but only when it is recognized by others. To be recognized as a “fashionable person”, you need a wristwatch that stands out at your wrist and can be liked.

Three points of a wristwatch that can create a fashionable atmosphere that is different from usual

Needless to say, a simple three-hand watch is not the only wristwatch. Of course, it’s a good idea to choose a watch like Patek Philippe’s “Patek Philippe” as the end point of a luxury watch, but since it’s an expensive purchase, get one that you can fully assert your commitment. I want to. It’s natural to want people to see and praise you because of the design that makes your eyes go to your wrist. However, it is illegal to be too eccentric. Here, I will tell you the points of the design that makes you feel the commitment.

Insist on design sense from “shape”

Insist on design sense from "shape"

Fashion is to have others positively recognize your personality. In the suit style, you can make a prominent claim about the pattern of the suit and how to tie the tie, but in the case of a watch, you have to be aware of the small presence of your wrist. To do so, let’s start with the shape. The first step is to change the shape of the case from the orthodox round shape. Just changing to a rectangular or tonneau (barrel) type like the “Long Island” in “Franck Muller” in the photo will change the impression.

Richness of color is also one of the appealing points

Richness of color is also one of the appealing points

The dial and case are getting richer in color. Blue and brown have become new standard colors on the dial, and nowadays, variations such as green are emerging. The case is also black or white, which is more attractive. Recently, bronze, which can be enjoyed over time, has become an option. For casual scenes, there is no taboo in color. Don’t just focus on gold and silver, try to find a color that suits you again.

Also pay attention to the high-tech materials and elaborate construction

Also pay attention to the high-tech materials and elaborate construction

The diversification of colors is not limited to plating and painting. Various high-tech materials such as ceramic, carbon and fiberglass are now used. And when the material changes, it is common to want to mess with the design and the mechanism inside. Carbon has a sportier and more rugged look, and ceramic has a minimalist and elegant face that makes the most of its lightness.

20 fashionable watches that will change the impression of your wrist

Different shapes, different colors, different materials, different structures. As I said from the standard, it is the individuality of a wristwatch to try to stick out a little. If it is a gem of a strong brand with a proper background, it will shine as a mirror that reflects your commitment to choosing one, not just eccentric. The 20 books collected here are all masterpieces with such power.

“Frank Muller” Casablanca

"Frank Muller" Casablanca

The barrel-shaped Tono Carvex, which curves along the wrist, is synonymous with the brand. As the name suggests, it has a highly visible index notation so that it can be used even in the desert of Morocco, and in particular, this is a model of a slenderless steel strap, which is rare even in the same brand. With the help of the index of Byzantine numbers, which can be said to be the symbol of “Franck Muller”, the presence is outstanding.

“Chanel” THE J12

"Chanel" THE J12

The case adopts a unique chromatic color that is like “Chanel”, which is made by adding titanium powder to ceramic and baking it, and then thoroughly polishing it with a diamond grinding machine. Although the design is minimal, the texture and stylish index give it a “Chanel” feel. It is one for adults off with a unique casual and military taste. In addition, unlike the basic “J12”, this is a specification with GMT mounted on the inner bezel. Recommended for those who don’t like to wear the normal “J12” with others.

“Hublot” Unico Titanium White

"Hublot" Unico Titanium White

The unique structure of sandwiching the middle case with the plates on the front and back and fixing it with bolts that penetrate from the bezel to the back cover is a unique feature of “Hublot” that was born from the idea of ​​constructing the case with different materials. “Big Bang” is an advanced series that created a trend to build by mixing multiple high-tech materials. This model has a sporty atmosphere reminiscent of motor sports while ensuring toughness with titanium.

“Hublot” Classic Fusion Titanium Oparin

"Hublot" Classic Fusion Titanium Oparin

An elegant Oparin silver dial with a unique luster. Originally the main model of “Hublot”, “Classic” is reinterpreted with the concept of fusion. A calm design with a chic atmosphere that contrasts with the dynamics of the “Big Bang”. However, Bis, which is also a brand icon, firmly insists.

“Bulgari” Octo Retrograde

"Bulgari" Octo Retrograde

Including “Bulgari Bulgari” which prevailed in the world with its characteristic bezel design, “Bulgari” which makes watch experts groan with a strange design that can not be found in long-established watch brands. Technological innovations will continue, such as the 2010 “Watch Maker Declaration” achieved by putting the case, bracelet, and dial workshop under its umbrella, and the announcement of the “Octo Finissimo” equipped with the world’s thinnest self-winding movement. But after all “Bulgari” is a design. This is a retrograde and jumping hour finish of “Octo” inspired by Roman architecture. Somehow, I feel the image of Mr. Gerald Genta.

“Ulysse Nardin” Freak Collection X

"Ulysse Nardin" Freak Collection X

“Freak” of “Ulysse Nardin” is the one that the unique complicated mechanism leads to the unique design as it is. The brand’s signature collection, which first appeared in 2001, is based on a mechanism called the Center Carousel, devised by genius movement designer Carol Forestier-Kazapi. The movement and the sama that itself rotates with the hands and ticks the time are truly unique. The collection, which has been constantly improved from its appearance to the present day, is becoming more reliable as the years go by, and its practicality as a wristwatch is perfect. Considering that there will be no brand that can follow for a long time, it will be a lifelong product.

“Cartier” Baron Blue 42mm

"Cartier" Baron Blue 42mm

When “Cartier” is made, the basic round model is also exceptionally good. This model also features a side view that looks like a streamlined disc. The crown at 3 o’clock seems to fit a sphere into the case, which not only prevents malfunction due to contact, but also serves as a unique design accent. It is one with elegance like “Cartier”.

“Cartier” Tank Anglaise MM

"Cartier" Tank Anglaise MM

From the country-specific series of the world’s most famous square clock “tank”, whose model name is derived from the shape that looks like a bird’s-eye view of a tank. With France as the image source, this “Tank Anglaise” has a particularly profound case design, and like the brand’s “Baron Blue de Cartier”, the crown guard structure with the crown embedded in the case is also unique. The case and breath are made of 18K pink gold, giving it a heavy feel.

“Jaeger-LeCoultre” Reverso Classic Medium Small Second

"Jaeger-LeCoultre" Reverso Classic Medium Small Second

It is a rectangular model that represents the brand, which has continued since 1931. The reversing case, which was devised to protect the windshield during the polo competition, is too famous. It is also possible to personalize by ordering engraving on the inverted back cover. Art Deco’s stylistic beauty and smartness are its greatest attractions. Also, the hand-wound type that you wind up with your own hands seems to be a clue for conversation between watch lovers.

TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph Caliber 11 Steve McQueen

TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph Caliber 11 Steve McQueen

A powerful square model “Monaco” that respects the F1 Monaco GP. A reprint of the fan coveted version with the caliber 11 that brought the chronograph to the era of self-winding in 1969. The punching leather strap, left crown and details follow the original. The blue dial model that Steve McQueen loved is still modern.

“Maurice Lacroix” Masterpiece Moon Phase Retrograde

"Maurice Lacroix" Masterpiece Moon Phase Retrograde

“Maurice Lacroix” cannot be removed as a brand that attracts gimmicks. The brand is divided into multiple lines such as the core “Pontos” and the popular “Icon” as an introductory machine, but among them, “Masterpiece” is highly popular among watchmakers as a line where you can fully enjoy transcendental techniques. It is gaining popularity.

This uses a mechanism called “retrograde” which means “retrograde” in French. The feature is that the hands on the dial, which means the date on the upper left and the day of the week on the upper right, move in a fan shape. Like the company that specializes in metal processing, even complicated parts have achieved a breathtakingly beautiful finish.

“Campanora” Mechanical Collection

"Campanora" Mechanical Collection

“Campanora” is positioned as a high-end brand of “Citizen”. We also have a lineup of mechanical models, which are rare for “Citizen”, which is the mainstay of solar watches. The movement to be installed is manufactured by La Ju Pele, a Swiss manufacturer specializing in the “Citizen” group. The three-dimensional structure and beautiful decoration of the dial are not to be noticed.

“Porsche Design” 1919 Globe Timer UTC

"Porsche Design" 1919 Globe Timer UTC

Strictly speaking, “Porsche Design” is different from the car brand “Porsche”. The founder is Mr. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the son of the founder of “Porsche”. A masterpiece of the design world that designed the “911”, “Porsche Design” was founded as his design studio. Therefore, we are still selling various products, not limited to watches.

In particular, there is a family word for models using titanium, and one theory is that the world’s first titanium watch was developed by the same brand. This also inherits the genealogy and is made of titanium. The unique design shines, such as a stylish hollow lug and a 2-time display that allows you to adjust the time with the pushers on the upper and lower sides of the right side.

“Jacob” Digital 5 Time Zone Ghost

"Jacob" Digital 5 Time Zone Ghost

A 5-time zone model watch that represents “Jacob”. It was the analog model that made the brand famous as a watch maker, but in this work, it has become an elusive design that looks like a “ghost” by digitizing it. This model is a black and white two-tone color, but the bezel also comes with a black type, so you can change it to all black according to the mood of the day. The drive is quartz and rechargeable. You can also adjust the time by connecting to a GPS or PC.

“Corum” Bubble 47 Dani Olivier Limited

"Corum" Bubble 47 Dani Olivier Limited

Even if you don’t know the name of “Corum”, you may have seen the “Admiral’s Cup” with the international maritime signal flag on the index. The brand is not limited to the “Admiral’s Cup” but has released many original models, and this “bubble” is one of them. The biggest feature is the sapphire crystal windshield that rises in a dome shape that can be clearly seen from the side of the case. The windshield with a thickness of more than 1 cm realizes transparency that does not make you feel the thickness due to the high technology of “Corum”. The index features a nude portrait by photographer Dani Olivier. It is finished in a highly sensitive design that goes beyond the frame of an art watch.

“Fortis” 2Π (pie)

"Fortis" 2Π (pie)

It looks like a toy, but it is a self-winding watch made in Switzerland. “Fortis” is a long-established store with a history of more than 100 years, and is a talented group that reaches out to the deep sea, the sky, and even the universe to develop products. In particular, if you like watches, you’ve probably seen the “Cosmonotis” collection, which has been the official equipment of astronauts flying from Russia since 1994.

The art model was announced by such a brand in collaboration with Mr. Rolf Sachs. This is the model announced at Basel in 2015, following the first one that made a big hit. To be honest, I don’t know how to read the index. But that’s what makes an adult playful when it’s on a reliable ETA movement with a water resistant case of 20 bar and a “well-made” watch.

“Victorinox” Inox

"Victorinox" Inox

Some brands pursue precision, while others pursue transcendental craftsmanship and jewelery beauty. Among them, “Victorinox” chose “Inox” for the pursuit of durability. Over 100 endurance test items include not only falling from high places, but also items that are not good for precision equipment to be stepped on by a tank. The 200m water resistant and anti-magnetic model is as heavy as a lump of metal, with a tightly woven cord strap adding a moderately active mood.

“Frederique Constant” Index Moontimer

"Frederique Constant" Index Moontimer

“Frédérique Constant” continues to show its charm even in relatively inexpensive watches, while the machines equipped with its own movement such as the tourbillon, which was originally developed, are expanding the variation. This model is a simple bar index, but with an open dial that shows the moon phase and escapement. It also insists on a mechanism to display the date in analog with the hands, and has a strong presence at the wrist. It is a dish that suits adults who can afford it, while retaining the classical elements and not forgetting the elements of hobbies.

“Seven Friday” SF-V1 / 01

"Seven Friday" SF-V1 / 01

It is a watch brand that is attracting attention for its industrial construction that imagines factory machines and engines, such as a powerful square case, a minute hand like a car wheel, and a dial that shows a disc that displays seconds and date. The three-dimensional dial and the details with good coloring are also interesting, and it seems to be very noticeable in the casual scene on the weekend. In addition to being unique as a wristwatch, it also has a gimmick that satisfies the desire for ownership, such as the chip that is set in the case is activated and the user can be registered on the dedicated application.

“Shauborg Watch” Mystic Black

"Shauborg Watch" Mystic Black

An emerging brand with a craftsmanship that is typical of Germany, “Shauborg Watch”. The Moon series, which literally puts a realistic image of the moon in the moon phase, is famous, but the brand has announced unique models with various tastes.

This “Mystic” also has a novel design in which most of the dial is covered with a windshield. The only red hand (hour hand) that looks into it is a mysterious wristwatch that shows the current time

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